9 Little Changes which will Turn Your House into Smart Home!

A smart house is a right place for a smart home maker like you. You may shudder about this new-age home concept that making a smart home or converting your existing home into a smart home will attract a hefty expense. Initially you have to invest in implementing the changes, but its worth spending money.  With a few little changes, you can improvise your home into a smart, cool zone with added safety, convenience, and energy efficiency.

A few years ago, this was similar to a fairy tale or a science fiction movie, but today, automation has converted the fiction into reality. Smart houses are emerging as the next generation houses providing people with the facility of advanced luxury, safety, comfort, and energy efficacy.  According to the report published in 2017, all the appliances and devices in the smart homes are controlled and managed through the internet or mobile phones effectually from any other location. But it’s not the whole idea of a smart house.  A home becomes smart when it is easy to manage, safe to stay, and comfortable and healthy to use the improvements.

How to Make a Smart Home?

Here we have suggested nine changes that can make a marked difference for your smart home with organized outlook and awesome user experience.

01. Install Smart Locks with Bluetooth Padlock Keys

Smart Locks with Padlock Keys

What if you arrive at the main door of your home and you find out that you have misplaced the keys? The fear of robbery would constantly perplex your mind. Internet of Things (IoT) has come up with a technical solution to all the blunders that would take place due to the misplacement of the keys.

Installation of the smart lock is an ideal replacement for the mechanical locks and keys. The keyless technology keeps your home safe, and it secures not only when you are in, but when you are out of the house too. The smart padlock keys function with the synchronization of your mobile device with the help of the Bluetooth. The smart keys made with strong IoT dimensions built by famous brands are proven hi-end products in the market. Apart from providing you with the facility of safe entries and exits, they also keep a track record of the people who have used the smart locks. If you wish you can control that access too.

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02. Install a Smart Security Cameras  

Smart Security Camera

When it comes to the security, restriction to entry is not the whole safety priviledge you need. Monitoring the premise in your absence is a smart move you need. A smart security camera can help you in getting this virtual monitoring advantage, no matter if you are in office, in a friend’s party, or in an official tour. In the form of hidden cameras, these gadgets can be placed in the houses anywhere you wish.

The advanced modern device is capable of sending alerts when any suspicious activity is detected in the rooms or at the door. The smart security camera also provide you with the facility of two-way audio linking to other products regarding home automation inside the house. Such security cameras can keep a record of the trespassers and intruders with any evil motive.

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03. Smart Energy-Efficient Lights Helps Making a Smart Home

Smart Energy Efficient Lights

Energy-efficient lighting includes change (or re-lamping) of traditional lamps (such as luminous lamps) with energy efficient options such as fluorescent lamps, CFL lamps and LED lamps, etc. It also comprises proper lighting controls arrangements such as timer controls, PIR as well as ultrasonic sensors based controls, etc.

The system includes turning off lights robotically when they are unused, especially during daytime. It uses electronic chokes as an alternative of ballasts as used with conventional lighting and also with the use of electronic circuit; it can offer the facility of dimming the lights when necessary.

These schemes not only reduce the energy bill but also improve the illumination quality, safety and thus moderate the environmental impacts.

04. Smart Wallpapers for Your Future Smart Home

Smart Wallpapers

Want to change the designs of your walls with the help of creative technology? Are you planning to adjust the glaring brightness of the room? No need to change the colour of the entire room or work on dimming the lights. The smart wallpapers are now available in different background effect in the market. You can use them for working on the ambient lights that help in dimming the brightness with the help of Nano texturing technique.

05. Smart Mattress to Monitor Your Sleep is a Unique Smart Home Feature  

Smart Mattress

The smart sleep mattress is the next smart home system that can add a unique luxury to your sleep. The smart mattresses are designed with pocket springs which eliminate all types of disturbance with amazing back support. The foam of the mattress adjusts according to the shape of the body with even pressure distribution, deep sinking, along with adjustable equalization of temperature.

There are advanced mattresses with some special features for customized adjustment. Such mattresses can track the pattern of breathing, the rate of heartbeats, and much more, which improves your sleep quality and cut off the interruptions. Lastly, the mobile app integrated to your smart mattress would provide you a detail report about your sleep pattern, history along with some healthy suggestions too.

06. Smart Kitchen Appliances

Smart Kitchen Appliances

What if your refrigerator alarms you about the veggies that are to be purchased? Or the refrigerator would suggest the eatables you should include in your diet? Yes, surprisingly, the revolutionary phase of the IoT has provided you with a wide range of smart kitchen appliances and devices to help you to improve your way of living. There are particular smart kitchen appliances that can help the users in proper cooking, baking, or steaming of the ingredients for cooking healthy and tasty meals. Some of the advanced devices and appliances used in the smart kitchens include Intelligent Oven, Refrigerator, Behmor Brewer, etc. Want to improvise your kitchen for smart food management.

07. Control Your House Appliances with Voice Systems

Smart Voice System

Don’t want to get up every time for adjusting the thermostat? Or looking for an excellent way to change the television channels as well as CDs in your sound system? Don’t worry; you can now do all these merely by giving a command to the smart appliances like Alexa or Cortana. These are the intelligent voice-activated systems from Amazon and Google that work through the speech recognition technology.

With the help of such Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence systems, you can control various functions like adjusting thermostats, water leaking sensors, changing channels, and much more.

08. Universal Remote – A Future of Smart Home Automation    

Universal Remote Control

How many remotes do you use at your home? Three, four, or five? Be it the television, air conditioners, speakers, lights, or any other electronic appliance; a remote is quite essential to use and control the devices.

But why to use different remotes when you can manage everything with a single remote! Yes, a Universal Remote controls all your devices through your mobile phones, including dimming the lights, window control, Thermostat control, and much more smoothly and effortlessly.

09. Smart Air Conditioner  

Smart Air Conditioner

Most of the People live in apartment and flat without automatic central air conditioner system as they are expensive. Hence they need to use window or split AC in order to keep their house cool specially, when temperature rises. In the past few years, smart air conditioners have added to the smart home system and you can control these air conditioner units by your Smartphone or Tablet. So when you are in home and away from the AC remote, you can use your Smartphone from any room of your house.  Further, most Smart Air Conditioner can work with either Alexa or Google Assistant, that means you can control this air conditioner by voice, provided you have a smart speaker.

Final Thoughts

The advancement of technology in smart home automation has rapidly brought innovative changes. The systems not only help in protecting the houses but also managing and controlling it quite effectively. Again, the systems, sensors, or software are cost-effective and rewarding on a long-term basis. According to the ‘Michael Miller’ (the author of My Smart Home for Seniors),  in the residence heating and cooling is contributing to 45%, lighting and appliances contributing 34% of your total home energy cost. So, if you can cut even a little bit from heating and lighting cost, it will result in big saving of money by making a smart home.

It’s now high time to upgrade your home according to the best available technology.  A one-point control for your exiting gadgets and appliances will save your time and improve your home management skill surely. The organized upgrades not only make your life simple and streamlined, also it will help you to acquire more command on your homemaking talent.

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