Tips to Maintain Paint Consistency During The Paint Job!

Who would not like the new paint in their house to have a perfect appearance? In fact, the non-uniformity in paint is the first thing that will ruin the beauty of any house.  In technical terms, the paint must be consistent through the entire house to achieve the perfect look. The paint consistency should remain same during the entire paint job.
For small works, it is easy to maintain the paint consistency during the application. It is because you can complete your paint job within one drum or bucket of paint and in a shorter time. However, for painting large areas, several litres of paint are required. In this case, there are chances of variations in paint colour, paint sheen and paint consistency. The colour and sheen variations are normally observed after completion of paint job.

If the paint consistency is not maintained throughout the paint job then, one part of the wall or surface may look slightly different from the rest of the wall. There are various factors, which affects the consistency of paint. Here we have given some tips to maintain the paint consistency, which would help you to get the perfect look of your house.

Tips to Maintain Paint Consistency:

  • It is important to purchase all the paint you require from the same store or shop at the same time. It is recommended to buy the paint of the same manufacturer and brand to ensure uniformity. Always buy paint, accounting a little more than you need. This little extra paint will help to give final touch to the walls and for hiding stains, patches, etc.
  • Nowadays paint is available after computerized mixing to get specific hue. However, sometimes there might be an error in calibration of the equipment. Even a slight deviation from formula changes the hue of the paint. Therefore, always buy all the same type of paint at the same time to minimize such risks.
  • Get the right tools for the paint job, as sometimes due to faulty or wrong tools; there is difficulty in maintaining the paint consistency.
Get the Right Tools
  • Before starting the paint job, prepare the surface to be painted. Remove the dirt and grease and use primer paint before applying the paint. It improves the adhesion of paint and therefore increases durability and life of paint film.
  • If a big paint job is to be done then it is recommended to a buy a big bucket and mix all the paint that you need in it. This will help in eliminating any slight shade variation in the colour.
  • Plan your paint job in such a manner so that there is no need to open a new can of paint in the middle of the painting a wall. Even the paint of same colour from different looks slightly different. This difference can be easily seen on the same wall rather than two different walls. The reason is that, the colour on every wall looks slightly different depending upon the nature and amount of light it receives and from the direction from which it receives light.
  • Divide and plan the paint job such that the paint applied evenly and consistently. Professionals start with the trim, and then paint the ceilings and finally the walls, to get the perfect finish.
  • To maintain paint consistency, apply the same number of coats on every wall. An extra coat of paint always looks rich, one less coat of paint looks dull, and consistency of colour may suffer.
  • The technique of painting a surface is very important to achieve the best results. Apply the paint in the same manner i.e. straight down towards the floor. Give the consistent pressure to the brush or roller rather than trying to stretch your paint here and there.
  • Avoid roller marks or brush marks while painting. Make sure you overlap the previously painted strip before the paint starts drying. Otherwise, it can lead to inconsistent paint showing brush marks defect. If you are using roller brush to paint, wash it properly before using it so that all the rough fibres and flakes are removed.

These all factors are very important during the paint job to achieve uniform look of your house’s paint. We spend so much money for painting our house but if the appearance of the house is not attractive, it will lead us to regret, as it would not be worth money spent. So observe all the precautions to get uniform paint consistency all throughout your house.

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