Top Techniques to Decorate a Small Apartment and Make It Feel More Spacious


Apr 28, 2021

Maximize space in a small apartment

The bigger the city, the smaller the average house. It’s the easiest solution to limited space and a constant increase in the number of people living in the same area. For many people, a small apartment is all they can actually afford.

Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Apartment

However, just because you have a small apartment doesn’t mean it has to look or feel small. There are several tricks you can do to improve the feeling of spaciousness. Here we share some ways to maximize space in a small apartment:

01. Minimalistic Design for Small Apartment

Minimalistic Design for Small Apartment

The first thing is to consider what furniture you really need and what you don’t. In effect, you should be aiming to eliminate any clutter in your home, maximizing the available free space. Of course, this is a delicate balancing act as you don’t want your house to be devoid of furniture. If you do this it won’t feel spacious, it will feel cold and not like a home.

Consider your furniture wisely!

02. Add Bright Colours to Your Small Apartment

Bright Colours to Your Small Apartment

You probably already know this but pale colours brighten any space and make it feel larger. If you have a small apartment stay clear of darker colours, paint the walls and ceilings white, and add color through the soft furnishings. This will make the space feel larger and focus attention on the colorful furnishings detracting from the space in the room.

03. Plants


Plants are very beneficial to your home. They are effective at purifying the air, making you feel more positive, and helping you to de-stress. You should learn more about the best plants for your tastes and skill levels.

The greenery of the plants also makes you feel like you are outside, which helps you the space to feel larger. But, the real trick to plants is to get ones that hang down and then put them on shelves that are at least halfway up the walls, ideally in the corners.

This catches people’s eyes and draws them upward, creating a feeling of space by using the ai above the furniture. It’s a clever and very effective ploy.

04. Open It Up

Open-plan spaces

Open-plan spaces will automatically look larger than the same space separate by walls. You may be able to remove some walls to help create an open-plan look. If so, focus on ensuring you can see one end of the apartment from the other. The best place to stand is the doorway and see how many outer walls you can see. This creates a feeling of space as the apartment will feel bigger than it is.

You should also consider the flow of the apartment; the easier it is to move around the more spacious it will feel.

05. Light Mirrors  

Light Mirrors

Finally, you need to make sure there is plenty of light, even if you don’t have many windows. The secret is to position mirrors in the right spots, where they can bounce natural light around your apartment. It will instantly feel brighter and larger.

You can use artificial light to amplify this effect but natural light works best and is cheaper.

To know about more tips for decorating small spaces effectively, here we share an article with you:

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Final takeaway

Small apartment does not necessarily mean lack of spaciousness. The great news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to transform your small apartment into a much larger feeling one. You just need a little imagination.

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