How to Style Your Home with Exciting Mirror Decor Ideas?


Mirrors are our best buddies, whether we realize it or not! We adore checking ourselves out before leaving the house and just after entering the house to see if we’re ready to go out or how we’ve looked the entire day, respectively. A mirror is an essential daily item to have not only in our homes but in our workplaces as well.

So, mirrors are much more than just a commodity for daily use. It can be a great piece to jazz up a dull-looking space and impart unmatched aesthetics. The versatile use of mirrors and designs ranging from embellished retro frames to sleek and contemporary ones are the ultimate statement-making decor items in a home.

With endless styling options and utility in every nook you place it, let’s look at mirror decoration ideas and hacks to spruce up any space.

18 Playful Mirror Decoration ideas

Contemporary ideas let you play around with the placement of mirrors in space, from tiles adorning the walls to stand-alone mirror frames. Spruce up your home decor with these 18 playful mirror decoration ideas with a one-of-a-kind statement embedded in each.

01. An Offset Mirror

Rather than typically fixing the mirror in the center of the wall, make it off-centered. While the traditional placement of the mirror is also good, a little offset in the mirror can impart a striking look to the space.

Inject elegance into the space by adding sleek-framed mirrors in an unconventional position. Don’t be scared to explore an off-the-beaten-track design option when it comes to adorning the house with a mirror.

02. Balanced Interiors with Window-like Mirrors

No space for windows? No problem. You can curate a design with mirrors cut in the form of windows, creating the illusion of having windows in the space. This decor idea is best for the living room because it can neutralize the entire design and bind together the different design elements composing the room. These mirrors will not only keep the room light and airy but also keep the entire home decor balanced.

03. A Reflective Wall

Are you bored of plain walls? Why not make it an element of surprise and cover the entire wall with a mirror? Rather than taking the traditional approach of painting or covering a wall with wallpapers, let these reflect and speak.

Mirrored walls will not only let you admire yourself all day but also help make the space brighter. Reflection through this surface will lighten up the entire space and make it look spacious and airier. Mirror wall ideas give the best results when incorporated into an open plan to make the space look bigger and magnify the enticing elements. Opt for metallic decor items to complement the decor theme.

04. Flaunt with a Slant!

No fixed rule says mirrors must always stand straight. Let these lean against the wall for a unique appeal. The best part about this decor idea is that you don’t have to fix the mirror; you can simplyplace it with or replace it with any artistic decorative item.

A slanting mirror also means no commitment to a fixed mirror. You can simply place it in a nook of the room and enjoy the full-length view it shows. However, make sure to pin it up with two anchor points to prevent it from falling and cracking, just in case someone bumps into it. Maximize the flow and connectivity of our transitional halls with leaning mirrors.

05. Curve and Shine!

Why always opt for boxy designs when you can mellow down the feel of the space with curved mirrors? Rather than a single mirror covering the entire wall, place a cluster of mirrors with a curvy form for an appealing pattern.

This mirror wall decor idea with organic frames and shining surfaces can make the whole space more conversational and comfortable with its brightness. This decor idea works best in a living room,but can be introduced to private spaces like bedrooms as well.

06. Fringed for Boho

Make a chic statement with a Boho design of mirrors. Go for an organic look with curved mirrors and let the dazzling fringes hang from the bottom to make a statement. This modern and elegant design goes well with an earthy décor following minimal design language.

07. Mirror on a Black Wall

Don’t we all love the colour black? Are you tempted to paint your room black but fear the overpowering essence of boldness? Well, then here’s the good news: a simple addition of a mirror on the black wall can balance it all out.

Let an oversized mirror fill the room with brightness while balancing the depth added by black decor. The contrast with the silver or golden accents will make the entire room speak of a sophisticated design language, making it one of the trending mirror wall ideas.

08. DIY mirror idea -The Staircase Collection

Why only hang paintings on the stairwell when you can have mirrors? Showcase your mirror collection and experiment with different shapes and sizes for added glam. Rather than owning a dull staircase, make it look interesting with mirrors adding life.

This DIY mirror idea works best for narrow staircases, as bouncing light from the mirror surface will make it look less tight and enhance the brightness of the transitional space. For budget-friendly decor, you can add smaller sizes or opt for inexpensive and simple pieces.

09. Of Conventional and Modern

If you miss the essence of vintage in modern decor, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with this brilliant idea. Adorn the wall with mirrors placed in an intricately carved vintage frame. Go for an optimum size that stands out amongst the sleek modern decor.

10. A Smart Kitchen

No matter which corner of the house you’re in, you will be tempted to take a glance in the mirror to check how you look. An unconventional space to add a mirror would be the kitchen. Well, why not take the road less travelled and curate a one-of-a-kind design?

Enhance the sleek look of your kitchen with a reflective surface. Rather than the typical backsplash with tiles, place a mirror to make the space even more interesting and for a final glance before leaving the house. It is one of the most excellent mirror decor ideas for your kitchen.

11. Enter the Mirrored Dimension with Tiles

Gone are the days of ceramic tiles covering your walls. Curate an eccentric design with mirror tiles forming the background in bathrooms or kitchens. The major advantage of this technique is that the space gets eye-catchy details, making it livelier.

12. The Infinity Effect

How calming does the idea of forming an infinity effect in a minimal setting sound? This design idea suits bathrooms with sublime décor the best. An infinity mirror is a phenomenon that creates an optical illusion of an infinitely long tunnel that consists of two mirrors. One is a regular mirror and the other is a one-way mirror with LEDs sandwiched between them. The infinity mirror acts like a regular mirror when the LED lights are off, and when the lights are on, the set up looks like a brightly lit tunnel stretching out to infinity. They are designed to create the illusion of lights within them continuing to infinity and beyond.

13. Smooth yet Textured

Go for frames with embellished textures to add some glitz. The best design would be a round mirror at the centrewith rustic textures bordering it. Don’t stay minimal with the texture. Rather, let the entire piece induce a sense of eclecticism in the room.

Intricately carved frames have ruled retro decor trends, and their precision in details is so fine that they never went out of fashion. Place a heavily ornamented mirror in your dining room and compose the entire palette of the space to induce a sense of nostalgia with decor elements hinting at old times.

14. Large Mantel Mirror

There is something enticing about mirrors placed above the mantel. A large mirror adorning the wall suddenly amplifies the aesthetics. Add hand-picked artistic items right in front of the mirror to create some drama as well as interest.

Make sure that the accent of the mirror frame goes well with the background to achieve a well-blended look. The shape of the mirror must feel harmonious rather than out of place.

15. The Talking Gallery Wall

Along with your favourite art collection filling up the gallery wall, why not place a vintage mirror in the middle? While the artwork of photographs might reflect memories, a contrasting mirror will keep you in the present.

Opt for a heavily ornate frame to complement the whole setting. Make sure that the background for the gallery wall is subtle enough to let the ornamentation shine.

One of the stunning mirror wall décor ideas is the gallery wall.When one size isn’t enough to do the magic, play with variations for an interesting composition. The key to an appealing design is to make sure that the proportions of each mirror match well with the rest for a neatly composed look.

16. Shiny Closet

How convenient would it be to take out the outfit for the day and try it right away in front of the mirror? One of the wall mirror ideas is to go for mirrored cupboard shutters and save yourself the hassle of trying the outfit and rushing to check it in the mirror to again sneak into another pair of clothing.

Whether you make the entire shutter reflective or only a section, either way, you’re promised a bespoke closet with high utility. With reflective and mirrored shutters, the interior compartments of the closet can be designed as per your needs to create the best fashion wardrobe.

Advantages of Adding Mirrors to the Home Décor

You might be wondering, why add mirrors tothe home decor when there are so many other elements to bring in? Let us take you through the major advantages of having mirrors as decor items in a space.

01. Activate the Room

One of the major advantages of adding a mirror to a space is the energy and aesthetics it brings. Whether it’s a residential space you’re adding a mirror to or your workplace, this small addition can activate the whole space and accentuate its aesthetics.

02. Enhance the Lighting

The reflective surfaces of mirrors bounce back the light and make the entire room look brighter.

03. An Illusion of a Big Space

The infinity effect or just the brightness of mirrors can make even a tiny room look airy and spacious. A workplace can strategically adopt mirrors in its decor to minimize the sense of claustrophobia.

04. The Feng Shui Remedy

FengShui recommends the placement of mirrors for various reasons. According to Feng Shui principles, mirrors can attract positive energies. Strategic placement of mirrors can be beneficial for career and wealth. In the words of Anjie Cho, “Mirrors are used frequently as FengShui adjustment objects, as they bring clarity and focus to your work. They expand your view, eliminate bad energy, and add positive energy. For example, you can put a mirror on the wall in front of your desk. Rather than looking at a wall representing a block in forward movement, the mirror will expand your view and allow you to move ahead in your career.”

Do’s and Don’ts: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Adding a mirror to space sounds fun, but most people commit mistakes while doing so. Let’s look at the common mistakes that need to be avoided for beautiful decor.

  • Don’t add mirrors to a space without assessing its location. It’s tempting to fill nooks and corners of the room but evaluate which view is reflected from the chosen location of the mirror.
  • If you want longevity for your mirrors, make sure they aren’t in direct contact with sunlight, as excess light will steal away their sheen.
  • Rather than adding a mirror in front of your bed, it’s better to have it above the headboard for minimal distractions.

Types of Mirror Decor and their Set Statement

From small to large, rectangle to curved, each mirror decor has a unique character. Let’s look at the common mirror decorations and understand the statement that each one makes.

01. Large Mirrors Concealing Flaws

There are several mirror ideas that can conceal any flaw on your walls. These will create the illusion of the space being larger and at the same time, transform the entire look of the room.

02. The Intricacy of Framed Hanging Mirrors

The precision and detailing in mirror frames can add a strong character to the space. Hang a detailed mirror and let its patterns speak for the design. It is one of the best wall mirror decorating ideas to implement.

03. Grandeur with Body-length Mirror

Induce a sense of luxury with full-length mirrors. These impart unique aesthetics to a space. The grand scale and appealing frame can make a bold statement in the decor.

04. The Antique Glitz

Jazz up the glam quotient with statement-making antique mirrors adorning your walls. Place these above the mantel and decorate them with metallic accents for a cohesive look.

05. A Black Mood

Dress up a moody black decor with a mirror to balance the intensity created by the dark walls.

A World that Shines!

We all love a little touch of glitz and glam in spaces where we will be spending most of our time, whether it’s your living room or your work desk. Add mirrors to the common or personal spaces to curate a shining design that’s functional and extremely elegant. Pick from the ideas that blend well with the design language followed in your home decor.


01. How to make a space look bright?

The easiest way to lighten up a room is to strategically place a mirror so that it reflects the light into the room and makes it look brighter.

02. What type of mirror can be installed in hallways?

Opt for full-length mirrors for the hallways, but make sure to anchor them well to prevent any mishaps.

03. Which shape of mirror goes well in the decor?

There’s no hard and fast rule here. This decision is based on the design language you’re trying to follow. For an edgy look, opt for linear geometries, while you can add curves for a softer appeal.

04. Can a mirror be installed in the kitchen?

Yes. A contemporary choice would be to pick a mirror backsplash instead of tiles.

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