15 Outdated Interior Designs Which One Shouldn’t Apply!

Outdated Interior Designs

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of disastrous interior decoration?  Well, we all have. With old-school tips like “use the same metal finish throughout a room”, “all wood stains should match”, “paint small rooms white” and so on, we have always been confused and puzzled. Come on, it’s 2020 and we need not stick to the rules set by our ancestors in 1940s.

Decorating and furnishing our house is one of the most important tasks that we need to shoulder. There were times when an antique furniture-set advertised on TV would excite us. We wished we had the same in our house. Sometimes, we even go to the extent of purchasing what appears attractive and captivates our attention, instead of thinking if they will at all fit in our apartments.

Interior designing needs an understanding of how colour, room size, placement and lighting affect the look of your room. However, it is alright if you do not have a sheer understanding of these, we are here to help you out.

Disasters Caused by Choosing the Outdated Interior Designs Concepts

Keeping in mind an affordable budget and all the aforementioned rules of interior designing, we will focus on the things that you should have and the things you can do away with. To begin with, do away with the following things and then make space for the trendy necessities. Listed below are the outdated interior designs that you avoid adding in your homes:

01. Ancient Paintings

Ancient paintings for Interiors
Mural Fresco paintings

If you are planning to revisit the 17th century France and England, you must be thinking of decorating your house with ancient paintings and wall art. Do not do that!

Mural paintings like Fresco was a brilliant way of painting pictures on walls. It is a permanent way of painting walls, using paints on plaster and raw cement. Only experienced artists can paint a fresco wall. There is a whole lot of processes that the artist needs to follow. In case, they fail to do so, the plaster should be scrapped off. Since frescos are typically on walls and ceilings, they cannot be rearranged or moved from one place to another, like other paintings. So, wave off the idea of renovation if you are going to paint a fresco wall. Also, it will cost you a bomb.

02. Fake Plantings for Interior Decoration

Artificial Plants in Living Room
Artificial Plants

As children, we would always find it satisfactory to pinch and squeeze the rubber grapes. It was fun, but the layer of dust that piled upon them wasn’t.

Many of us have a fetish for handmade plastic ferns and creepers, silk flowers, and fruits made of clay. These are very difficult to maintain. The dust easily collects on them, making them look dirty and dusty.

Also, you do not want to stuff your room with whatever you have. Try to keep it simple and real.

03. Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo Flooring
Terrazzo Flooring for Interiors

Okay, maybe you are quite professional and are fond of corporate spaces. You love your office. We know that, but do not ever think of turning your house into a corporate place. Come on, why do you want to be that ‘kill-joy’ person? There is a whole world out there, try coming out of the spheres of your corporate building.

Terrazzo tiles were popular in the U.S. from 1930 to 1970. Office buildings and corporate sectors still have terrazzo flooring. So, if you do not want to transform your living room into an office chamber, keep a safe distance from terrazzo.

04. Macramé Artworks

Macramé Artworks
Macramé Artworks as Wall Decor

Macramés made in the 1970s were perfectly geometrical and best of their kind. With time, because of inexperienced skills that we put to use, these have become just ‘messy’ knots of threads.

The Chinese cords which are used in making macramés eventually fade in sunlight. The thickness makes the small beads almost invisible. Hence, it is advisable not to congest your walls and ceilings with messy and improper macramés.

05. Glass Block Windows

Glass Blocks as Partition Wall in Shower Area
Glass Block Windows

Glass Block Windows were cool things in the last few decades. They were also used in shower areas to let the light shine without compromising one’s privacy. They might as well look cool in 2020, but it is advisable to use a skylight or innovative glass designs that offer privacy. Also, we personally do not find glass block windows quite fashionable. Instead, they look boring and outdated.

06. Chandeliers of Candles

Chandeliers of Candles
Candle Chandelier over the Dining Area

Chandeliers of candles are beautiful, but let us just stick to classic movies and Romcoms from the 70s with beautiful chandeliers. Yes, it is better not to transform them into reality.

Firstly, because chandeliers require proper maintenance and regular cleaning owing to their intricate details and delicate glass structures. Otherwise, they will have a pile of dust collected on them. While cleaning the chandeliers one must be careful enough to handle it properly. A sudden slip might break the whole thing. They are also really heavy and bulky.

Secondly, candles look dreamy and cinematic, but let’s not forget that lighted candles can be a potential cause for fire breakout. It is advisable to bid goodbye to your dreamy classical European antics.

07. Artificial Lamps

Tiffany lamps
Butterfly Painted Tiffany lamps

It is better to do away with artificial lamps like Tiffany lamps. A Tiffany lamp actually makes your room feel quiet, if not too outdated. You just have to embark on the right market search for the right lamps. There are a lot of elegant lamps available in the market. Decorate your living room with these pieces of elegance.

08. Built-in Media TV Unit

Built-in Media TV Unit
Wooden TV Cabinet

With the inception of flat LED TVs, it is the right time to do away with built-in TV units. Honestly, they do not serve any purpose and instead appear outdated. They also consume a lot of space.

Get rid of built-in TV cabinet if you have one at your home. If you are planning to purchase one, think twice before purchasing it!

09. Tile Kitchen Countertops

Tile kitchen countertops
Tiled Kitchen Countertop

Yes, we know that tile kitchen countertops were a thing in the 1970s. The clean white and floral tiles also served the purpose of letting the light shine all over the small kitchen space. It would make the kitchen space look bigger and protect the walls from water and oil stains.

However, with the advent of plastic-coated walls and chimneys, it is better not to go for tile countertops. These tile countertops not only look outdated but also are difficult to clean and maintain. Why waste your time in it when there is a wide range of cool and protective options available?

10. Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper borders for Interiors
Wallpaper borders for Living Room

Yes, these are quite visible in nursery schools. The borders run all along, horizontally separating the one-fourth part of the wall at the bottom from the rest of the wall. I know this was a popular thing in the 90s but if you still have it on your walls, it is high time you should get rid of it.

Wallpaper borders not only look extra and unnecessary but also make the room appear smaller and unnecessarily congest the walls. Do you like unnecessary and unwelcomed guests? No? Neither do the walls of your room.

11. Lace Tablecloths and Doilies

Lace Tablecloths
Lace Tablecloths

Lace tablecloths would be placed with and over plastic in order to protect the furniture. However, they now look outdated especially when there is a wide range of bright and colourful, printed tablecloths.

Lace Doilies should also be done away with, especially when you are using a floral tablecloth. They appear unnecessary and extra.

Anything made with lace is quite delicate and intricate. If not handled properly, it might tear off. Also, since the colour ranges from white to light shades of peach, pink and yellow mostly, they also become dirty and dusty. Let’s just do away with grandma’s antics.

12. Window Valances

Window valances
Window valances

Window valances were a thing in the Victorian age. They were often praised for their elegance and the royal touch that they carried. Almost all the wealthy households of 19th and 20th centuries had window valances.

They were a thing of the bygone era. In this 21st century, valances seem to be too outdated. They look extra and unnecessary. Cleaning them is another burden that you need to shoulder. The best thing to do is to get rid of them so that the windows do not have to carry the weight of your valances and you do not have to shoulder the burden of cleaning those. Let’s just keep it simple.

13. Coloured Kitchen Cabinets

Green Coloured Kitchen Cabinet
Yellow Coloured Kitchen Cabinet

You do not need to experiment with colours when it comes to your kitchen cabinets. The pop-up bright colours like green, red, deep pink and orange just completely distort the overall look of your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets should be restricted to white (not really advisable, since white space might get stained with oil and dirt) black and the regular wooden tint. While in the kitchen, experiment with your food, not with your cabinets.

14. Heavy Window Treatments

Heavy Window Treatments

There are generally five types of window treatments. These are curtains, blinds, shades and shutters.


Curtains in Living Room

Curtains and drapes are different from each other. Whereas drapes are always made of soft and light fabrics, heavier curtains are generally made with thick fabrics.


Vertical blinds in Living Room
Horizontal blinds in Living Room

Blinds, both horizontal and vertical, can be made with slats which are composed of rigid materials.


Printed Shades for Living Room

Shades come with pulley systems and can be rolled up and down. They are made of rigid materials but are actually very flexible. Presently, the use of shades has increased owing to their lightweight and flexibility.


Timber Shutters for Window Treatment

Shutters are usually made of timber or any other rigid material. These shutters can either be widely opened, just like doors or they come with slats which can be adjusted according to the light levels, without completely opening the shutters.

If you want to know which of the above-mentioned can be the correct choice for you homes, read here to make your choice easier:

Window Curtain Vs Blinds vs Shades: Make the correct choice
Window Blinds vs Curtains: Choose the Right Window Treatment

A modern and minimalist home must have lightweight curtains, without drapes and valances. Curtains can also be replaced with blinds and shades. Earlier, heavy curtains used to rule because of their capacity to block light thereby providing thermal insulation. With the advent of ‘honeycomb’ or cellular shades which provide thermal insulation, curtains are slowly getting replaced. Also, if you do not want to compromise on privacy, shades and blinds are the best since they completely block the view from outside. However, if you are okay with a little transparency, pick up lightweight and soft Do not overstuff your window with valances and long and heavy curtains. They appear quite extra and outdated.

15. Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceiling, also known as acoustic, cottage cheese and stucco ceiling were highly popular in Canada between 1930s and 1990s. These generally have a textured look created by sponge painting, hooper gun spray of a special mix or Styrofoam.

These popcorn ceilings have become outdated. Smooth ceilings with a more polished and cleaner look appear soothing to the eyes. Also, popcorn ceilings are really difficult to clean. They also require regular maintenance and clean-up sessions since cobwebs, dust and smoke particles get caught due to the bumps and rough texture. As a result, they get stained and dirty. Moisture can also damage these ceilings as water particles collect in the bumps. If you can, do away with them.


Your home reflects your personality. Do the interiors of your home to reflect your personality. Remember, a beautiful and well-decorated home always captivates others.

Do not feel frustrated if you are still away from unlocking the level of perfection. We often fail to notice what we should not do and rather focus on what we should do. It is advisable to identify the stuff that you can easily trade off with and then add the necessary elements.

Follow these tips for outdated interior designs and you are good to go! If you still need help, consult a professional interior designer.

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