Why Wallpaper Is More Popular Than Wall Paint These Days?

Wall painting is undoubtedly the commonest practice in terms of household decoration while wallpaper is a relatively newer addition to Indian households. Be it decorating a lacklustre wall or experimenting with different artistic features, the wallpapers can be an easy yet creative solution to revamp the four walls of your nest. When you ask whether wall paint or wallpaper will be the best option, the answer varies according to your requirements and budget.

Wallpapers vs Paints

If budget is not an issue i.e. you are not on a tight budget, the wallpapers can be your durable and easy maintenance options over paints. Wall paints do not last as long as wallpaper and you will notice chipping or peeling within a few years. Besides, regarding resale, the wallpapers will be better options as the paints are often hard to remove and not everyone will be able to connect with the colour as you do.

Why People Prefer Wallpapers Over Paints?

Deciding the correct wall treatment is not an easy task and that too given a choice between wallpaper and wall paints. So, here we give you the reasons why people prefer wallpapers over paints:

01. Installation of Wallpaper is Quicker Than Wall Painting

Installation of Wallpaper

Although you need professional help with proper tools, the installation of wallpapers is easy and time-saving with respect to days and often weeks of applying paint. There is no need for perfect finish or accurate painting in edges as the wallpapers come with even finish all over and can be cut easily according to the wall design.

02. Lasts Longer Than Wall Paints 

Wallpaper vs Wall Paint

While even the premium-quality paints will last for about ten years before fading or chipping, the standard-quality wallpapers last for over fifteen years and often longer. Both wallpapers and wall paints are vulnerable to direct sunlight, but paints tend to fade within five years, unlike wallpaper that has a slower fading rate under sunlight.

03. Ease of Maintenance in Wallpaper

housewife nerd retro cleaning chores equipment

Once you have applied the paint, there are a few maintenance necessities such as regular cleaning, keeping oily or sticky materials away and touch-up in the interval of a few years. The wallpapers, on the other hand, do not need much maintenance as regular wiping with a damp towel will keep those intact.

04. Wallpaper Has More Extensive Customization Choices Than Wall Paint

Customization Choices in Wallpaper
Wallpaper Decor

Each paint supply company comes with only a specific set of colours and there is not much scope of creating different colours by mixing. As for wallpapers, there are numerous colours, patterns and combinations available. Choosing paint for a room is more difficult than wallpaper as you have to consider the room setup and colour of the decors. But each room generally needs one type of wallpaper and choosing one from the extensive selection leaves much space for creating drama with the decor.

05. Replacing and Removal are Easier Than Wall Paint

Removing Wallpaper

Removing wall paint needs scraping and stripping off the old paint before sanding the wall for smoothening –the entire process for the entire house takes a few days. The wallpapers are pasted during installation and can be peeled off easily. For regular papers, scraping off parts will work –it takes a few hours to remove the wallpapers of an entire household and the walls would be as good as new one.

06. Wallpaper Can Be Installed on Imperfect Walls More Easily

Wallpaper on Imperfect Walls

In case of painting, you need to coat primer in case a wall is stained, cracked or uneven before applying paint and this often needs a few coats of base paint for a perfect final finish. The wallpapers do not need any such rectification for imperfect walls and these are applied evenly like band-aids on a wound.

07. Wallpaper Looks More Aesthetic Than Paint – 3D Views Possible

3D Wallpaper

You can argue that nowadays paints can be customized with rolls, sponges and stencils to create different stripes, murals, tiles and chevrons. The wallpapers do not need additional labour to create those patterns as you will get a wide range of solid, glossy, pastel, metallic, matte, textured, flocked with custom graphics. 3D wallpapers are capable of adding a depth to your room.

To know more about them, read it here:

08. Wallpaper has Wider Material Choices Than Wall Paints

Material Choices in Wallpaper

Wall paints are available in the limited types of materials namely water-based, oil-based, eggshell finish, gloss, semi-gloss and matte. Some paints, although not recommended, come with lead and allergenic materials. Wallpapers, however, are available in extensive material options like vinyl, solid sheet vinyl, vinyl-coated fabric, grass cloth wallpaper, pre-pasted, embossed wallpaper and nonwoven.

09. True to Appearance Than Wall Painting

Aesthetic appeal of Wallpaper

You might often choose a colour from the shade card of the paint supplier and on application halfway through, find that the colour does not look like what the paint template showed. This not only affects the overall aesthetics of the room but also costs money in rectification. Wallpapers are true to the appearance i.e. what you see before the application is nearly or the same as seen online, in the shop or shade card.

10. Wallpaper – No Mess, Odour or Time Needed for Drying

Wallpaper - Easy Application

Wallpapers come in rolls and all you need to do is to stick those evenly without bubble formation – therefore, there is no chance to be messy to time-consuming. Wall painting, on the other hand, can get messy if the surrounding is not covered properly. The benzene or other materials in the paint can cause discomfort in some people and you need at least twelve hours to let the fresh paint dry before touching it.

11. Easy Way to Get Rid of Normal Painting Defects

Wallpaper Hiding Defects

Wallpapers can be great substitutes for paints, not the other way around. If the painting is uneven or you have made some mistakes in it or the painted wall has some non-removable stain, applying wallpaper over it can hide all the defects. If you find the wall paint chipping off or no longer charming, wallpapers can be applied on any surface instead of spending on repainting or removing paints.

12. Art – Including Abstract Art as Per Your Liking Can Be Easily Displayed

Wallpaper - Abstract Art

Wallpapers can be combined with wall stickers or paintings to create creative art like abstract, optical illusion, floral, geometrical and natural effect. Glossy painted or oily pattern finished walls are not suitable for hand painting and wall stickers –therefore, wall paints only allow limited types of art like tiles, stencils etc.

13. Get Rid of Dusting & VOC

Get rid of Dusting & VOC

If you apply a wallpaper, you also get rid of dusting due to cleaning of paint or even dusting while finishing putty over new surface. Similarly, you also get rid of harmful volatise organic compound inputs.

On a final note, while many people find wallpapers costly due to the cost involved in professional installation, the durability will make it up for you. Innumerable patterns are there for you to choose and the papers do not peel off easily. However, if you live in a humid area, it is better to take dehumidification measures before installing wallpaper. If you take proper precautions against tears and exposure to sunlight, the wallpapers will be worth every penny while enhancing the style statement of your household.

GORGEOUS WALLPAPER DESIGN recommendations for you to adorn your walls.

We hope you found the reasons why people prefer wallpapers over paints. Since you are riding high on wallpapers, and want to know about tips for choosing wallpapers, here you go:

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