Embossed Wallpaper: To Hide Defects on the Walls!


Oct 27, 2018

Nowadays wallpaper is a common wall covering material used instead of paint. Wallpaper is used to décor interior walls of the homes. In the recent years, wallpaper is very popular across world because they give an amazing look to the interior wall. Home wallpapers are available in a variety of colours, patterns, materials and textures.

In the market different types of wallpapers are available such as vinyl, textile, grasscloth, hand screened, foil/metallic, flock, mural/photo, natural bamboo, embossed, paintable/anaglypta, woodchip, lining, liquid, cork etc.

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Here we explain embossed wallpaper in detail.

Embossed Wallpaper

Embossed wallpaper is basically an embossed colour patterned wallpaper with a decorative finish. Embossing is a process of imparting a specific pattern or raised effect to the surface by pressure or embroidery. Thus it name itself explain its type.

Embossed Wallpaper
Courtesy - quarespace

This wall covering is the oldest type of embossed wallpaper which is found by Frederick Walton in the 18th century. In 20th century also embossed paper such as Lincrusta and Anaglypta is sold in the market continuously.

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Did you know What is Lincrusta Wallpaper and Anaglypta Wallpaper?

Lincrusta was old type wallpaper and it was invented in 1877 and still it is a leading this type of embossed wallpaper. Lincrusta wallpaper is the types of embossed paper, and it is deeply embossed wall covering material. This wallpaper is made with the combination of wood flour and linseed oil which is printed onto a paper backing.

Lincrusta Wallpaper
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Design of Lincrusta wallpaper is produced using a steel roller. Lincrusta is extremely durable and scrubbable if done carefully.

Lincrusta Wallpaper Production
Courtesy - designinsiderlive

Second type of embossed paper is paintable wallpaper or anaglypta. Anaglypta is a thick embossed paper which is normally painted over. This wallpaper is paintable which means you can paint this wallpaper after installation. This wallpaper is made with various materials such as paper, glass fibre, synthetic or textiles.

Paintable Wallpaper
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So both lincrusta and anaglypta wallpaper can be installed over damaged wall or any room.

Embossed wall covering is quite similar to the anaglypta or paintable wallpaper, but it is coloured with the pattern as a decorative finish rather than plain paper finish.

You can paint the embossed wallpaper either at a later time when the patterns get faded.

The most common colour of embossed wallpaper is white, cream or grey etc. Those options are very popular.

Embossed Wallpaper Roll
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Embossed wallpaper or textured wallpaper is three-dimensional wallpaper designed to hide imperfections with its slightly raised and textured effect. This wallpaper can be installed over damaged walls and can hide the wall defect like cracks, scratches, wall roughness and small unevenness in walls.

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Embossed wallpaper is used on walls as well as ceiling and also in the service area.

Embossed Wallpaper Install in Ceiling
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It is also used as a border (A decorative wallpaper strip, commonly used to trim a wall at the ceiling or around doors and windows.) in the home.

Embossed Border
Courtesy - benishop

Embossed wallpaper is easy to install. But this wall covering is very hard to remove from the wall.

Embossed wallpapers are a stylish option for all kinds of room in the home. When you are looking for any exciting texture in your walls or ceiling, embossed wallpaper is a great choice.

Embossed wallpaper has a unique quality, i.e. design is embossed, and this quality of embossed wallpaper makes it different from other wallpapers. So, wallpaper gives you an endless option when you find out the right wallpaper for your home.

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