Know the Properties of Ceramic Tiles

While selecting ceramic tiles, attention should not only be paid to its aesthetic look and qualities such as colour, structure, style and prints, but attention should also give to technical properties of ceramic tiles. It has various ranges of properties such as durability, dirt resistance, water absorption, frost resistance, heat resistance, slip resistance which are very important for usages, future life and maintenance point of view.

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Properties of Ceramic Tiles
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Following are some important properties of ceramic tiles:

01. Durability:

Ceramic tile is more durable as compared to other types of tiles that are used as floor and wall tiles.

02. Strength:

It has a high strength at high temperature.

03. Dirt Resistance:

Ceramic tiles do not retain dust or residues as easily as many another flooring It can be cleaned with common household materials.

04. Colour Permanence:

Ceramic tile that is exposed to sunlight will not lose their colour or began to fade. Due to this property, it helps to ensure that it will remain in original condition for their entire lifetime.

05. Slip Resistance:

Unglazed ceramic tiles have greater slip resistance than glazed ceramic tiles and are recommended for areas subjected to high water spillage. Many glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles also feature an abrasive grit on their surface, increasing their slip resistance significantly. These tiles are best suited to public areas with direct access to the outdoors. Ceramic tiles for bathroom are more popular as it is more slip resistant.

06. Fire Resistance:

Ceramic tiles are completely fireproof at any temperature.  The surface will not alter, nor will it give off any toxic gases, smoke or fumes during a fire. Also, tile has also been found to protect structural surfaces during fires.

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07. Heat Resistance:

It has low electrical conductivity, low thermal conductivity, low and poor thermal expansion.

08. Hygiene:

The surface of ceramic tiles will not retain liquids; absorb fumes, odours or smoke. They are also easy to clean and this helps in achieving good hygiene. This tile is suited for any environment where hygiene is necessary, i.e. ceramic tiles for bathroom.

09. Chemical Resistance:

Ceramic tiles are highly resistant to chemical agents. It has better resistance to alkalise and acids.

10. Stain Resistance:

The stain resistance of ceramic tiles depends on its capacity to absorb moisture. It has a low resistance to stain. Glazed ceramic tiles are stain resistant. Ceramic tile stain is difficult to remove if the oil drops on the floor.

11. Water Absorption:

It is very porous and hence absorbs water easily. So the tiles may get damaged quickly.

12. Frost Resistance:

These types of tiles have less frost resistance because it absorbs water easily.

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