Pros and Cons of Straight Stairs For Your Home!

The primary function of stairs is to provide excess to another floor. Straight stairs are the most commonly used stairs with single flight or two or more flights with intermediate landing. These are the stairs along which there is no change in direction on any flight between two successive floors. Before construction, a homeowner must consider the pros and cons of straight stairs. Here we have given some pros and cons of straight stairs.

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Pros and cons of straight stairs are as follows:


  • Straight stairs are very common, easy to go up and down – ascend/ descend as compared to other stairs.
  • These are one of the simplest stairs to construct among all stairs. These stairs work well with minimalist designed houses due to their inherent simplicity.
  • Straight stairs are relatively cheaper to construct, because the construction process is much simpler. However, sometimes, cost can increase depending upon level of detailing in design.
  • Straight stairs are very easy to construct and takes less time as compared to other types of stairs.
  • The person travelling up and down the stairs has a clear view of the entire flight, thus there is lower risk of bumping into someone going in the other direction.
  • By selecting open riser, thinner treads, thin metal stringers can make the stairs look more transparent and open compared to other stairs.
  • There are several options with wide variety of materials to make the stairs look elegant and attractive.
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  • There is no visual barrier between two floors, which creates lack of privacy. This sometimes becomes awkward in houses where multiple families live on different floors.
  • Straight stairs consists of stairs in one direction. As a result, if a person falls from the top of the stairs, it can be quite severe and result in serious injuries.
  • Lack of a landing can be difficult for elder people (senior citizen) who have to climb all the stairs at once. Hence, it can be tiresome for them to climb these stairs.
  • Straight stairs require more space as compared to curved or platform staircases, therefore this option is not always suitable for houses with scarce space.

Although, they require more space, straight stairs are most popular type of stairs, as they are very simple to design and construct. After considering the pros and cons of straight stairs, the homeowner should take the decision according to his convenience and budget!

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