Quarter Turn Staircase For Your Home Interior!

A staircase is a vital component of a home, as it provides a way of transition from one-way floor to another.  A good staircase should be designed to provide a quick, easy and safe mode of communication between the floors. Sometimes as per the functional requirements of stairs, there may be a change in direction of the stairs. Quarter turn staircase is such type of staircase where the flight changes its direction. Here we have given the brief information on quarter turn staircase, which a homeowner should know before planning staircase for the house!

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Quarter turn staircase
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Quarter turn staircase is provided when the direction of flight is to be changed by 90 degrees to connect two different levels. It is a type of turning stairs in which the turn is taken either left or right. The change in direction can either be obtained by introducing quarter space landing or by providing winders. The landing can be provided at various positions like base, top, midway, etc. to create a different configuration of the stairs. These stairs are also called as L shaped stairs.

These stairs are recommended where the walls are to be used as supports. A quarter turn staircase is often supported by one or two walls, which means that a balustrade is only needed on one side. L shaped stairs are quite convenient and elegant in appearance.

These stairs are sub-divided into two types:

1. Newel Quarter Turn Stairs:

These stairs have the conspicuous newel post at the beginning and end of both flights. At the quarter turn, there may be either quarter space landing or winders. These stairs are very convenient and elegant in appearance. These stairs are commonly used for public buildings such as colleges, hospitals, railway stations, etc.

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Newel quarter turn stairs
2. Geometrical Quarter Turn Stairs:

The geometrical quarter turn stairs are in the form of some geometrical curve.  This type of quarter turn staircase is visually very elegant. The purpose of these stairs is aesthetic rather than providing an excess from one floor to another. Geometrical stairs have its stringers and handrails continuous without any newel post at landing. It is commonly used in the central hall of palatial building, a studio or such other buildings.

Geometrical quarter turn stairs
Courtesy - This Carpentry

Quarter turn staircase is a little difficult to construct, but once made provides an elegant look to your interior. L shaped stairs maintain the privacy between the floors. The landing also provides rest when ascending. Many homeowners prefer this type of turning stairs to give a modern and stylish look to their interior!

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