5 Irish Home Decor Ideas to Display Your Irish Heritage at Home


Keeping a connection to your heritage doesn’t end when you leave home or finish school. In fact, the impact of your culture and roots is evident in how you live, dress, eat and express yourself at any stage of your life. Here, we bring ideas for Irish home decor, to bring Irish culture home.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have parents or grandparents who still reside in Ireland, or you have friends or relatives with homes there – it’s important to find ways to keep that heritage alive. Here are the five best ideas of Irish home decor to display your Irish heritage at home.

Irish Home Decorating Ideas

The inspiration of Irish decorating style comes from cozy Irish cottage interior. Cozy Irish cottage interior is inviting with soft and natural tones as it uses majority of natural stone and wood.

1. Decorate with Irish Home Decor Objects

Decorating with Irish home decor is a great way to help preserve your heritage. If you have an Irish living room, consider using the traditional colors of green and gold or the shamrock as wallpaper or a decorative item to enhance Irish decorating style of living room. These Irish home decorations always remind you of your roots.

You can also hang a large family portrait or photo on the wall and display some traditional artefacts in your home to give it that authentic feel. If you don’t have a large enough room for such items, consider purchasing online some smaller Irish decorations for home like four leaf clover frame, Irish vintage hat or Ireland flag fridge magnet and it will just do fine.

Irish home decor objects

2. Cook and Serve Irish Food

The Irish are known for their food. They’re often seen as a nation of great foodies and have some of the best cuisines in the world – especially in Dublin and Cork. You can find great food at all hours of the day, whether in a pub or a restaurant, so be sure to get out and try some authentic Irish cuisine.

If you don’t have time to go out to eat, you can always order take-out from your favorite restaurant or cook it at home. There are plenty of Irish recipes you can find online. Also serve it in traditional Irish plates and bowls. One can avail them online by searching Irish decorations for home and kitchen.

Irish cuisine

3. Get a Personalized Wall-Hanging Plaque

A plaque featuring an Irish flag will be a great Irish decor if you want something small and cute to put on your wall. You can get one that features the Irish flag with a map of the country, or you can go for something more unique and less traditional Irish decor. While all are minimalistic home décor items, it all depends on what you want.

Wall hanging for Irish Decor

4. Learn About Irish Heritage at Home with Books

Just having Irish home interior is not enough. Irish home interior backed up by learning of Irish culture makes perfect sense. If you have children or grandchildren interested in learning more about their heritage, buy them books about Ireland, both fiction and non-fiction. Several books about Ireland make for great reading for kids on all topics related to Ireland: history, geography, music, and sports. You can later use these books to glam your bookshelf.

Read books on Irish culture

5. Get an Irish-Themed Throw Blanket or Throw Pillow

Irish home decorating ideas are incomplete without having an Irish blanket involved. But, if you’re not a fan of the traditional Irish blanket, you can always buy an Irish-themed throw pillow. They’re a great way to add some color and fun to your home that will surely be appreciated by your guests and family members. If you want to get one for yourself, remember that a wide variety of designs are available. You can get something that looks like the national flag or something subtler and fitting to your style.

Pillows for Irish home decorating


Keeping your Irish heritage alive at home doesn’t have to be difficult. Even in the smallest of spaces, Irish home decor ideas help you to find ways to showcase who you are and where you come from. Whether through DIY projects or finding creative ways to incorporate important symbols into your everyday life, displaying and preserving your Irish heritage can be as easy as you want it to be.

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