10 Amazing Bookshelf Organization Ideas!

For a reader, books are beyond just a hobby; they are a vital part of a reader’s life! An ardent reader’s biggest pride is a library, source of tons of information, engaging stories and so much more. Every reader is always looking forward to buying more books and setting them up in their home library. That’s where our bookshelves come into the picture. Bookshelf organization is an elegant way to present your collectibles in the reading journey. Let’s explore the amazing bookshelf organization ideas. They are an easy and efficient way to arrange your books. It is a kind of a dedicated space for your books where they can thrive while also bringing an eclectic aspect to your homes. The types of bookshelves and their engaging arrangements also say a lot about your personality, your style statement, and of course, your favourite genre.  

There are numerous bookshelf organization ideas. Some prefer to go with aesthetics, arranging them as per colour scheme and sizes, while some go with functionality considering the weight and functionality, whereas some prefer comfort and interest. Thus there are various ways of arranging your bookshelves depending on the style that reflects with you the most. The practicality of the quantity and type of books you have defines the way of styling them in your spaces.

Home Décor & Bookshelves

‘Andrea Crowley’ (author of an article – Our favourite Bookshelf Organizing Ideas. Published on marthastewart.com) says, Bookshelves are for more than just storing your favourite reads: They’re also a great way to show off your personality and sense of style.

However, what is most important is the functionality rather than the aesthetics. The organization of books is crucial not just for the presentable and decorative look but also for its efficiency in usability. For any book lover, it should be easy to locate whichever book he/she prefers to read in no time. Thus the most important thing is that it should be easy and comfortable to function. However, it can be of any style or arrangement, minimalistic, cluttered, stacked, eccentric, or orderly.

Every bibliophile knows the importance of a well-organized bookshelf. This systematic storage not only makes it easier for you to search for your next read but will also look more visually appealing. A well-organized bookshelf can act as a centerpiece of any living area, and the good part is there is a numerous variety of ways in which you can organize your books (both aesthetically and as per function).

If you have started with a habit of just blindly and carelessly placing your books wherever you find an extra inch of shelf space, it is time to wake up and set up your bookshelf. It not only helps in aesthetics and efficiency but also plays a crucial psychological role. Once you arrange it thoughtfully, you would develop a habit and fond of picking up a book and reading, and also maintain the shelf in a good condition.

Home Decor and Bookshelves

Bookshelves tend to occupy a feasible space in any house. They are not space occupiers, instead, they can be thoughtfully arranged such that they contribute to the overall decor of the house. They are often the center of attraction of any room, thus being an eye-catchy element, whether you intend for that or not. And they are not just a medium of aesthetics but also of functionality. But always pay attention to what to put up and whatnot, because less is always more when it comes to bookshelf décor ideas. You might have lots of books, but make sure you do not clutter them all.

Decorating and styling the bookshelf should be as important as any other part of the house. You can even combine books with elegant art pieces, creating not just storage space but a marvellous work of art to look at. Also have a look on Easy And Unique DIY Floating Shelves For Your House! For making the shelves interesting in your home.

You can have a variety of books as per your themes. For example, you can have magazines or coffee table books. Or else there can be a basket filled with books on the lower shelves thus avoiding cluttering. You can choose great accessories to add up with the books, and much more. It is a simple yet elegant way of adding a personal touch to your home decor. You can even put LED strip lighting into your shelves for highlighting the accessories.

Organizing your bookshelf is not as complicated or time-consuming as you might feel. You can easily do it without any professional help with the help of the smart solutions mentioned below. You might have an expansive library or just a small collection that you want to highlight, there is a creative idea for everyone.

Julia Seales’ (author of an article – 10 Fresh New Ways To Organize Your Bookshelf published on bustle.com) says, as every book-lover knows, it is important to have a system for organizing your bookshelf. Whether you prefer to sort by author, title, or the Dewey Decimal system, you should always maintain order — that way you’ll always know where your favourite books are at all times.

Following is a list of 10 brilliant and unique solutions to organize your books sourced from expert interior designers and professional organizers that would help you revamp your library, DIY bookshelf, or reading nook, making it efficient and beautiful. Hopefully, you find an ideal way for your bookshelf.

10 Ways to Organize your Bookshelves and Books

If you want to know about the ways to organize bookshelf, how to arrange books in shelf, how to organise bookshelf, how to arrange bookshelves and bookshelf organization tips, here’s to know:

01. In Order of Standard Library Practice (Subject First, Author, Title)

Standard Library Practice

If you want to have a formal library space and have hundreds of books, you can go with this idea. Your books can be easily organized as per subject, author, and title format. It would be beneficial to locate a book quickly and easily whenever you require it. If you have a huge library then having an arrangement like this one, would be an asset to locate your favourite reads in no time.

If you are feeling like reading science fiction today, then you can straight away head to the dedicated section and find the one for you.

02. Segregate Your Hardcover and Paperbacks

Segregate Your Books

Many of you might be preferring alphabetical organization or grouping by subject or genre. Everyone has their own organizational choices. However, you can segregate the paperbacks and hardcovers to create a sense of visual balance.

You can place your paperbacks on the bottom shelves, and hardcovers over the top shelves. This will help to create a better organization as well as balance the weight evenly.

03. Arrange as per their Size and Weight: Place Heavier Objects on Bottom Shelves

Arrange as per Size

You can also go with the thumb rule that is place the heavier books below such as the art books or storage bins. The lighter stuff like paperbacks and magazines can be placed at the top.

04. Stacking


Do not be afraid to stack your books. It will give a nice rustic vibe to your space. 70% of books can be stacked vertically and the other 30% can be stacked horizontally. The horizontal stacking of books can be used as a platform to showcase the accessories just like layering.

05. Blend Your Books with other elements

Blend with Other Elements

You do not need to dedicate your whole shelf to books. It is not necessary to create a full-fledged library. Even though you do not have ample space to store your hundreds of books, you can just display your favourite collection, or you can also keep altering them as per your preferences from time to time. This will give an organized and elegant look rather than plain stacking.

Bookshelves are not just for books, you can always keep mixing objects between books. This solution would be apt if you have a lesser amount of books.  It creates a minimalistic approach allowing you to mix a few of your favourite books with other stuff. It can be anything, photo frames, statement bowls, small vase with blooms, propped-up plates, thus creating a variety.

You can also place a few travel souvenirs and pair them with relatable travel books. For example, a travel book about Greece will go well with rocks from an Aegean beach. You can even add potted plants between the books, or maybe stacks of books can act as a base for your potted plants or other decorative bowls and stuff. Have a storage idea under staircase on The Best Storage Ideas below the Staircase!

06. Follow the Two-Thirds Rule

Follow Two-Third Rule

If you want to avoid overcrowding, you can go with the “two-thirds rule.” You can keep every shelf two-thirds occupied, offering a few empty spaces to place some objects. In every bookshelf, open space is vital and recommended. It helps your eyes to rest and calm.

07. Storing Separately For Each Language

Separate as per Language

When you have lots of books with multiple languages, it is better to arrange them as per language. This would be comfortable for everyone, as they can choose the book as per their taste and comfort.

If you have visitors for reading who enjoy a certain language or are comfortable only in a certain language to read, this method of arrangement can be the best way. It also helps when you are a versatile reader. On some days you might feel like reading a book in French whereas, on other days, you need to read one in your regional language. An arrangement like this can be a section of wonderment. It can showcase to your guests the versatility and diversity in your collection of books.

08. Place Them as Per Usage: Day To Day Use and Needed Once A While

Place them as per Use

This method is very convenient as it helps you to find a book quickly. As you know your tastes, you can segregate and arrange them as per usage. The ones you need in your day-to-day life can be placed within easy reach, such that it is easily visible and accessible. On the other hand, the books which you do not need often can be kept on top shelves, so that whenever required, you can take them down.

09. According To your Tastes

According To Your Taste

You can simply ignore all the rules and standards and just go crazy and decorate it as per your wish, after all, it is your space and you should love it. You can always highlight the books you are fond of. You can place your favourite collection in the center of the bookshelf. It will somehow depict your personality, your likes, dislikes, goals, ambitions, etc.

If you feel like creating a merge of vertical and horizontal arrangements, you can create the same. If you are more driven towards mixing the arrangements from time to time, purely on an aesthetic agenda, this style is the best. It has a bold statement, while also depicting your crazy side of merging palette – a bit of your own abstract art indeed!

10. Arrange Them Alphabetically

Arrange them Alphabetically

When you have an extreme and large collection of books and need to be referred to often, then having a better organization of books would be very helpful. One of the most popular ways of organizing an expansive collection of the book is alphabetically by author’s last name, or title, or genre/subject. This is an easy and convenient method to look for the book you need quickly.

It is an ideal way for the readers looking for a streamlined and uncomplicated way of organizing the books. Alphabetizing helps to ensure that you will exactly know where the exact book you want is kept. But one dilemma can be how to handle all the books starting with “A” and “The.”

Alphabetizing by genre is a way that is recommended for the reader who does not always know exactly which book they prefer to read next, but is completely clear on what kind of book they are searching for. Organizing by genre is also perfect for someone who prefers to make book recommendations or borrow from their library because similar titles will be shelved together.

4 Types of Bookshelves Ideas

Listed below are the varied book organization ideas or ways for decluttering bookshelves:

01. Standard Open Shelves

Standard Open Shelves

The open shelves are the traditional bookcases and have been in trend for centuries. These types of bookcases do not have any kind of backing, front or rear. They are a good way of organizing your books. Moreover, they have affordable prices. Here is more storage tips on Top 12 Self-Storage Tips You Must Know to Do Storage Work!

02. Bookcase with Glass Shutters

Bookcase with Glass Shutters

Glass shutters will allow you to show off your favourite books and decorative items. It will give an alluring look to the bookcase, making it a focal point of the room.

03. Modular Bookcases

Modular Bookcase

Modular bookcases are found in the forms of cubes. They may be available with or without backs and can be utilized individually or in clusters against the walls. They come in various sizes and can be arranged in endlessly creative ways. It is a very handy bookshelf organizer.

Stacks can be horizontal or vertical creating a conventional look. The cubes can also be arranged into tall towers or low-height horizontal units. This type of bookshelf can be hung over the wall or freestanding. The most popular materials used for this type are plastic, metal, and wood.

04. Wooden Open Bookshelves

Wooden Open Bookshelves

Wooden open bookcases are very much popular in the markets. And such wooden shelves are available in various styles and designs and would never go out of fashion.

All Set for Decorating Your Bookshelf?

All Set for Decorating Your Bookshelf?

There are lots of ideas for organizing your bookshelves, from simply stacking to well organize as per themes. However, it also depends on the type of bookshelves you have, open or closed with glass panels or shutters, etc. based on that, you will decide what, where, and how to place them. Hopefully, these ideas inspire and encourage you to decorate and organize your bookshelves and form an interesting space to release a calm, happy and knowledgeable vibe.

Have a more storage ideas on 10 Great Ways to Add Additional Space to Your home.

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