8 Staircase Decorating Ideas For All Types Of Staircases


We all like to renovate our houses with time and consider the latest trends in the market. We have plenty of thoughts about our kitchen area, living area, bedroom area, and others. But there is a small space we probably overlook while designing and that is the staircase. Using the most recent staircase decorating ideas, you can make your home marvellous.

In many houses, staircases are mostly the first thing you see when you enter. Different types of staircases are straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, winder, spiral, curved, cantilever, and split, and each one has its aesthetic value.

Staircase Area Decoration

Staircases are the areas with a natural drama of levels with them, so you adding anything will only enhance the look, be it a wall hanging, wallpapers, paneling, or just a play of paint. They are most likely not a part of the house and are considered as just a passage to go up or down from Point A to Point B, but if designed and finished well, it can be the most alluring area of the house.

Take a look at these modern staircase decorating ideas that will make your home stand out.

8 Creative Ideas For Staircase Area Decoration To Liven Up Your Home

1. Add Colors For Staircase Area Decoration

a. Paint:

Paint The Staircases

Paint the staircases with a bolder color to make a big difference and a larger impact. Counterbalance with a warm or light color on the walls. Lighter colors always make the stairway area look brighter and bigger.

Painting the staircases with different patterns, stencils, textures, dark with a light background provides a very chic look to the space.

b. Wallpaper:

Have a small print party in your house. Play with different textures and prints that will brighten your stairway without even touching the actual staircase.

Use Wallpaper

c. Stencils:

Step it up with a cool stencil in your favorite color and with light color as a base.

Stair Decorate With Stencil

d. Texture Paint:

Paint the walls of the staircase with an oceanic, ombre or, scenic texture to get a feel of nature.

Stair Decorate With Texture Paint

2. Consider Staircase Decoration With Different Flooring Materials

a. Tiling:

Place patterned tiles or two-color tiles on your staircases to make it a play of motion while moving upwards or downwards.

Patterned Tiles For Staircases

b. Wooden:

Different textures of wood, well-polished give a very elegant look to that space and enhance the stairway. You can also paint the wood in your favorite color.

Wood Stair Floor

c. Mix Tapes:

You may place different colors of tapes and create a waterfall look on the staircases.

Use Colour Tapes

3. Take Into Account Creative Staircase Wall Decorating Ideas

a. Paintings:

Using different types of framed paintings, different sizes of framed artworks will give a very sophisticated look overall.

Stair Wall Paintings

Click the link below for more hanging arts staircase wall decor ideas that will definitely transform your stair wall –

b. Pictures:

Convert the staircase wall into an exciting visionary wall with framed family photographs, pet photographs, travel destinations photographs.

Stair Wall Pictures

c. Landings:

Placing planter, flower pots, vases or, sculptures on the landings with unique designs creates drama while moving up and  down from the staircases.

Placing Decorative Things On The Landings

d. Hooks:

Place different designer hooks on the staircases and use them for hanging your daily and cool stuff. You may also hang wind catchers, strings with small sculptures, bags or accessories.

Place Different Designer Hooks

4. Lighting Ideas For Staircase Area Decoration

a. Hanging:

Having a long lighting fixture in the center of the staircases draws the eyes up and creates interest in the space.

Hanging A Lighting Fixture

b. Wall Lights:

Having niches in the staircase wall and placing small ambiance lights, not only lights up the space, but also creates a beautiful feature wall.

Add Wall Lights

c. Lights In Railings:

Having niches in the railings and placing small lights or strips or lights will create the drama of following the way up and down the staircases.

Lights In Railings

d. Lights In The Risers:

Placing lights under the treads and lighting up the risers help in easy movement and flow, creating a delightful feeling.

Lights In The Risers

5. Think About Runners For Stairs Decoration

a. Simple:

Try adding a modern yet simple staircase runner for a graceful look. Just like any other upholstery in your house, staircase runners should reflect your dignified style.

Adding Simple Staircase Runner

b. Stripes:

Having stripes patterned runner helps in keeping the eyes attentive while moving upwards or downwards, minimizing the risks of falling off when in a hurry.

Adding Stripes Staircase Runner

c. Textures:

Playing with colorful patterns and textures, will illuminate the stairway. You can use linen, jute, cotton, anti-skid material for your runners.

Adding Colorful Patterns And Textures Runner

d. Size:

The wider the runner, the wiser it is. It is very easy to slip off the stairs if runners are not of proper width and are not placed properly. Opt for correct sizes and pay attention towards proper placement to avoid any such mishaps.

Adding Full Size Runner

6. Railing Design Ideas For Staircase Decoration

a. Glass:

Using glass with gold or silver stripes is a very good design option for a sleek railing. Etched glass, decorative antique glass can also give the space the drama it requires.

Glass Railing

b. Wooden:

Wooden railings are the most vintage options till date. You can mould the design in your favor whenever you want to make it look royal or sheen, according to your style.

Wooden Railings

c. Metal:

Add height to the staircase by placing metal rods up to the ceiling. Wrought Iron railings are also a good option in terms of elegant and classy designs in metal works.

Metal Railings

d. Concrete Or Brick:

Having a niche as a railing inside the walls along with strip lights makes it look modern. This technique also helps you save money that will otherwise be spent on the fabrication and finishing of the railings.

Concrete Railings

You’re aware of the various types of handrails, but you’re confused as to which one is best for your staircase. To clear up any stair handrail confusion, read the following guide –

7. Include Stair Decoration Accessories

a. Mirrors:

Placing a mirror in the staircase doubles the play and helps in making the stairway look bigger.

Placing A Mirror In The Staircase

b. Stickers:

Place stickers of numbers or animals with size and height details on the staircase to make it a fun play for the children as well as adults.

Place Stickers Of Numbers Or Animals On The Staircase

c. Anti-Skid Tapes:

Anti-skid tapes placed on the treads help the elderly and visually impaired people to recognize the level differences.

Anti-Skid Tapes Placed On The Treads

8. Consider Decorating Ideas For Under Stairs

Are you wondering what to do with space under stairs? Let’s look at it.

a. Pet House:

Make a small and comfortable space for your pet under the staircase.

Pet House Under The Staircase

b. Work From Home:

Place a workstation under the staircase without compromising other spaces in your house.

Workstation Under The Staircase

c. TV Unit Under Staircase:

A small living area with a TV unit is always better than a big room with distant couches.

TV Unit Under The Staircase

d. Bookshelf:

Place all your books under the staircases and make a small library of your own.

Bookshelf Under The Staircase

Apart from the aforementioned, follow the link below for under stair storage ideas, which will undoubtedly give your space a whole new look.

Summing up, with all these stairs decoration ideas for home, you should be able to turn the otherwise boring flight of stairs into the most admired spot in your house. Start ideating, go creative, think out of the box and let your staircase become a reflection of your personality.

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