Can I Start Construction Without Permission From Local Authority?

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Before one can start any new construction or even start renovation/ addition/ alteration work, to one’s house one has to take permission from a Competent local authority like  Municipality, development  authority, Municipal Corporation, village, Tehsil/ blocks or District Panchayat etc. This is must under the Town & Planning act of state.
Any construction or addition without permission is the particular considered as an illegal construction.
Grant of ‘Development Permission’ shall mean acceptance by the authority of the following proposals related to your house:


01. Permissible land use i.e. Residential use is allowed
02. Right to approach road: You have a right to enter from the road.
03. Location and boundary of the plot: Your four boundaries are in confirmation with the legal land records.
04. Variation in area from recorded area of a plot: If area on site and area on record are different, it will get reflected in permission.
05. Margin from road: The distance that you ought to leave permanently open to sky from road as well as other boundaries.
06. Alignment: Proposed road alignment for road widening or land proposed to be acquired by Government authority, normally known as “road line”.
07. Ground coverage – footprint: How much area you have proposed to cover on ground and you are not exceeding permissible limit.
08. Height of a building: Height that you can build and you are not exceeding permissible limit.
09. Services connections: Service / Utility like water supply and sewerage if shown on map are available for you.
10. Storm water drain: Service / Utility like Storm water drain if shown on map are available for you.
11. Open spaces: It shows in how much area of your land, you can’t do any construction for ever.
12. Parking: You have provided minimum parking as required under local laws.
13. Permissible Built-up area: Total area of construction which you propose and it does not exceed permissible built up area.
14. Permissible Floor Space Index (FSI): Total area of construction which you propose and it do not exceed permissible FSI.
15. Setbacks: Setbacks which you propose.

Internally :

01. Room Sizes: The room size satisfies the minimum required under local laws, which are minimum for one to live.
02. Light and ventilation: It has adequate light and ventilation in all rooms.
03. Passages: The width of passages are as required under laws.
04. Stair width – location: The width of staircase are as required under laws.
05. Structural design: The structural design has been done as per codal provision and hence it will be safe.
06. Minimum space for sanitary facilities: You satisfy minimum standards.
07. Projections: The projection does not exceed permissible limit.
08. Lift: You have provided as per laws.

09. Distance from common staircase
10. Balcony width
11. Fire safety

This all satisfies the bylaws.

Permission for carrying out any development shall be granted by the competent authority only on payment of service and amenities fees for execution of works.
This fees and maintenance charges may be revised or review by the competent authority from time to time.
If you do not give all particulars necessary to deal satisfactorily with the development permission application, the application is liable to be rejected.
Permission means you are complying all the provinces relating to development control regulations.
However what it does not certify:
01. Title to the property i.e. ownership of the property
02. Easement Rights over the property

Example copy of ‘Development Permission’

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