10 Simple Steps for Setting Up Your Meditation Room!

We all need a special dedicated place where we can escape from the daily rush of routine life and connect with our own self, consciousness and higher power. Meditation keeps us balanced and helps to bring back our energy after a long tiring day or boost energy at the beginning of the day. You therefore need the meditation room which helps you to disconnect from rest of the world and gives you your own personal peace and calm space!

Meditation rooms were not common until recently! Today in this fast-paced era, life demands some break and, what is perfect than having a personal meditation room to give our body the desired break and connect with inner, our soul! It’s not only yoga and meditation, but you can also use this space to sing, dance, read and more.

Meditation is beneficial physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. From reduced chronic pain to better cognitive function, meditating every day or even a few times a week is a brilliant way to boost-up your overall well-being and happiness.While creating a meditation room, there are no hard and fast rules that one needs to follow. From yoga mats to cushions in various shapes, many things can give your meditation space a complete look!

01. Choose Meditation room or Space That Makes You Feel Good!  

The very first step is to find the perfect space. It is not at all a difficult task. Pick a room that gives you a good feeling and brings a smile on your face whenever you enter that room. The only thing to keep in mind is that this room should be away from the noise and should be away from the traffic area in your house. The best option for the meditation room is to pick a room that receives a lot of natural light and air!

Your meditation space should be a dedicated space. Even if it’s just a tiny corner of your bedroom, or somewhere in your garden by adding a bamboo screen to create the feeling of a separate space, that area should be reserved exclusively for the meditation!

Choose a Room or Space that makes you feel Good

02. Keep your Room Clean & Clutter-free!

Keep your meditating space away from extra items to give it an uncluttered feel. Choose a few items that brings you the peace and serenity. Some basics things like few floor cushions/pillows, a small table, a mat and maybe a nice throw rug.

Keep your room Clean & Clutter-free

03. Bring Nature into Your Room!

Mediation is all about connecting with nature and your surrounds. By adding an element of nature, your space gets filled with balance and harmony. You can give your meditation space a touch of nature by adding small plants, vases with flowers, seashells, sand jars or a small water feature or whatever else it is that you find beautiful in nature!

Bring Nature into your room

The presence of these natural elements in this space will lend you calmness and serenity. If you have a backyard, no place is better than that to take up as your meditating area!

04. Fresh Air is an Important Factor!

An airy and well-ventilated meditation room is surely going to make you enjoy your meditation in a better way. You would want to experience the feeling of cool breeze coming through the windows and caressing your face as you enjoy relaxing after a long day or rejuvenating in the morning.

Fresh Air is an Important factor

Fresh air has many benefits, including boosting your brainpower, improving your overall health, and helping you feel refreshed. If your space is in outdoors, this will not be difficult to obtain. However, if you are in indoors, you have to make sure that the room is well-ventilated!

05. Warm Lights For Your Meditation Room! 

Lights play a very important role in the meditation rooms. If the room receives no natural light, install both warm and bright lights according to your mood!

Add Warm lights

06. Make it Comfortable!

It is impossible to meditate when we are not physically comfortable! The two basic elements necessary for comfort are the pleasant temperature and something decent to sit on!
Ideally, the meditation space should have an average temperature, not too cold or drafty and not too warm or stuffy! You will also need an acceptable seat which could be with a firm cushion or yoga bolster on the floor, or it can be an ordinary straight-backed chair. You have to sit up straight so you can breathe freely and won’t become so relaxed that you fall asleep.

Make it Comfortable

It is a real truth that the meditation does produce the effect of relaxation, the process itself requires an alert mind to consciously focus on a chosen feeling or thought. For this reason, it is not a good idea to meditate sitting on an overstuffed chair!

07. Personalise your Space!

While creating your meditation room, you definitely want to include some of your personal touches! There can be any element, sound, smell or object that particularly soothes your body and relaxes your mind. Think of items, such as bells, wind-chimes, crystals, a statue of Buddha, affirmation stones, beads, and artwork. Any of these are great elements for creating a serene and peaceful environment for you to focus solely on meditating!

Personalise your Space

08. Soothing Paint Palette!

Aside from the physical elements and sensory objects, you also want to take into consideration the colour of the room. Regardless of the colour you choose, room colour affects your mood, so decide on one that calls to your meditative needs, and makes you feel calm and relaxed.

Soothing Paint Palette

The pastel shades are more soothing and relaxing and better option for your room where you meditate! Experts usually oppose bright or darker shades and suggest to go for tints and pastels. Pastel shades give you a soothing feel compared to the dark or bright colours.

You may choose a room which has either white or light shade walls that help you to relax, or you can also add a wallpaper of your choice to give you a similar soothing effect! Similarly, the curtains for the windows should also be of fabric which will help to get more light, depth and space to your room. White silky and shiny curtains with white silky bed sheets will be just wonderful.

However, You can also get the room painted in your favourite colours. Sometimes people also prefer a very dark paint palette thinking of using dark colours which make the room feel warm and envelope them in relaxation. It all depends on your personal choice and likes, but experts suggest using light colours!

09. Create a Beautiful Aroma (Aromatherapy)!

Nothing is more relaxing than aromatherapy. You can put some incense, aromatic oils or candles with meditative scents in the room for relaxation. If you use candles, it can be very meditative just to watch the flame flicker. The use of essential oils from plants, such as lavender, chamomile, and peppermint, can soothe the soul, the mind, and the body.

Create a Beautiful Aroma (Aromatherapy)

10. Sooth Your Soul With Meditation Music! 

Natural sounds, Wind chimes or soothing music can help you to create a beautiful atmosphere to meditate. If you opt for meditation music or pre-recorded visualisations, be sure to vary them to prevent being tied to one particular theme or exercise for too long!

Sooth your Soul with Music

When it comes time to choose the meditation music, it usually recommended that you choose music without lyrics. It is not necessary that you have classical music only, you can have any sounds you find soothing, such as birds chirping, ocean sounds, or the whistling sounds of the wind. You can play it!

Only make sure that the tracks are long enough to continue playing through your entire mediation session. This is particularly beneficial for those who live in a busy/noisy city area, where the sounds of traffic, trains, and sirens are constantly coming through the walls!

The meditation music quietly played in the background, can help to drown out all the other distractions with-in the home, allowing you to gain a serene and peaceful state while meditating! Alternatively, you can also add a small fountain in your meditation room, the crisp trickling sound of water will make the room soothing and serene!

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