5 Tips to Keep Your Tiny House Cool in the Summer!

The tiny house movement is sweeping America and other developed countries. According to the Charlie Kilman, tiny houses are homes that are less than 400 square feet. Most of the time, they are small enough to travel on trailers. They are compared to RVs (Recreational Vehicle) but are more aesthetically similar to traditional houses.

People are purchasing tiny homes for a variety of reasons. One of the most popular reasons is because they allow people to travel. Another reason is that the homeowner wishes to live a life of minimalism. And, finally, tiny homes can be less expensive.

If you are ready to jump on the tiny home movement, there are certain things you will want to take into consideration. For example, you will need to figure out how you are going to keep the temperature of your tiny house comfortable. Traditional HVAC units are impractical because of cost and space.

If you are planning on travelling to locations that are hot in the summer, here are some tips on how to keep your tiny house cool.

5 Ways to Keep Your Tiny House Cool

01. Install a Window Unit

In a traditional home, you would need several window units to keep your home cool. In a tiny home, however, usually one or two window units will meet your needs. Window units are handy for if you need a fast and inexpensive way to cool your tiny home.

Installing Window Unit in Tiny House

Window units can be purchased at most stores. You can install them directly without the help of a professional. And while they may obstruct your view from your windows, they don’t take up any physical space within your tiny home.Similar to how you might by a compact fridge or compact stove for your tiny home, there are compact window units available. These units are just as powerful as traditional models but are meant to fit comfortably in smaller windows. Some models also have features that can help heat or dehumidify your tiny home.

02. Purchase a Wall-Mounted Unit

Installing Wall Mounted Unit in Tiny House

If you’re looking for a unit that won’t take up space in your windows, consider installing a wall-mounted unit. These units are ductless but do require installation from a professional. If you are in the process of building your tiny home, take the time to install the wall-mounted unit during the building process.Some wall-mounted units tend to be noisy when they run. If you’re sensitive to noise, it is a good idea to read reviews before purchasing a unit. This should alert you to any noise concerns with the unit. Most wall-mounted units will cost more than window units, but the price is worth it if you don’t want the bulk of a window unit hanging from your windows.

Wall-mounted units are ideal when you’re living in a climate that remains hot all the time. If you live in an area that experiences a range of seasons or you are planning on traveling to areas with different climates, you may want to consider investing in a mini split system instead.

03. Invest in a Mini Split System

Installing Mini Split Unit in Tiny House

Depending on where you are travelling, one of the most convenient options might be a mini split system. These systems come with functions that allow you to both heat and cool your tiny home, which is beneficial if you are planning on experiencing a range of climates. They do not require the traditional ductwork needed for HVAC units. They are compact enough that they won’t take up too much room in your tiny home and can be easily installed with the help of a professional.There is a wide range of models available. The most basic options require you to adjust the temperature manually, while more advanced models can be adjusted from your phone. Don’t miss this guide, which contains info on recommended split systems (as well as a few other small AC units).

The initial cost and installation of a mini split system can be expensive, but many find the investment worth it because they don’t have to buy separate heating and cooling system. One unit should be enough to keep your tiny home at a comfortable temperature.

04. Use Oscillating or Ceiling Fan

Oscillating Fan in Tiny House
Ceiling Fan in Tiny House

Sometimes, you don’t need a powerful AC unit to keep your tiny home cool. Oscillating fans and ceiling fans creating enough of a breeze to keep a tiny space comfortable.Oscillating fans are ideal for when you have multiple people sleeping in your tiny home that prefers different temperatures. For example, if there is someone who tends to sleep hot, the fan can stay near them to help keep them comfortable. The only potential downside to oscillating fans is that they take up valuable surface space that you may not have in your tiny home.Ceiling fans are great when you don’t want to clutter your floor or tables with oscillating fans. They make compact models that are ideal for tiny homes because they are energy-efficient and small. However, some people stay away from ceiling fans if they have a loft area. Ceiling fans are installed similarly to how a light fixture would be installed.

05. Open Your Windows

Open the Windows in Tiny House

And, finally, if you live in a climate that doesn’t get overly hot, you may be able to get away with just opening up your windows and allowing a natural breeze to cool your home. Keep your windows open at night to allow the breeze in, then close the windows and shut your shades during the day to keep the heat out.Most people end up pairing this method with an oscillating fan. They keep their windows open at night to capture the cool air, then use their fan to circulate the air during the day. This method may not keep your house as cool as some of the other methods, but it can at least keep your house at a comfortable temperature.


The five methods above are some of the most common ways available to help keep your tiny home cool. Choose the method that works best for your climate and your budget. And, depending on what method you go with, you will also have a way to keep your tiny home warm in the winter.

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