Top 10 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger!

Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

When life throws me lemons, I make a lemonade stand. I will show you easy to follow steps to make lemonade out of your small bathroom. These tips are surefire ways to make your small bathroom look bigger.

Here are 10 tips to make your bathroom look bigger

01. The right layout

02. Use mirrors to bounce light

03. Use corner pieces

04. Install floating fixtures and vanities

05. Invest in proper lighting

06. Easy on the deco

07. Use materials with similar styles

08. Use many glass panels

09. Hang things on your walls

10. Use one colour

Knowing what to do is very different from learning how to do it. Continue reading to find out how these tips can help you actualize the bathroom of your dreams.

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

01. The Suitable Layout of Bathroom

Choose Suitable Layout of Bathroom

The first step in making a small bathroom space seem bigger is the optimal utilization of the space available. It would help if you used a custom layout that makes it easy to fit the bathroom essentials while leaving enough floor space to move around easily. You can achieve this by installing a shower bath combo; here are shower bath ideas for everyone that might be sceptical.

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02. Use Mirrors to Bounce Light

Use Mirrors to Bounce Light

The very nature of small bathrooms means you might have a limited number of windows. As such, very little natural light saturates the room. You can circumvent this issue by using mirrors to bounce the light around your bathroom.

03. Use Corner Pieces

Use Corner Pieces

You cannot afford to be picky when it comes to maximizing small spaces for your bathroom. Every inch of space must contribute to the bathroom taking shape, and one way to ensure this is with the use of corner pieces. Of the many ideas to make your bathroom look bigger, very few are straightforward and practical.

04. Install Floating Fixtures and Vanities

Install Floating Fixtures and Vanities

Storage has always been a tricky subject for people using small bathrooms. There just isn’t enough space to be creative or expressive about the storage options. The answer to their storage problem is to install floating vanities and fixtures that almost miraculously creates extra storage space.

05. Invest in Proper Bathroom Lighting

Invest in Proper Bathroom Lighting

If your bathroom is not situated in the part of your house that gets enough natural light, you need to take responsibility for lighting up your bathroom space. Simple, bright, intelligently placed lights can be as effective as natural lights. The result is nothing short of magical when they are used in tandem with large mirrors.

For small bathroom lighting options, you should look here – 7 Riveting Lighting Ideas for a Tiny Bathroom!

06. Easy on the Deco

Bathroom Decoration

There are more tips to create the illusion of space in your bathroom, but not many are as counterintuitive as using less deco. You probably thought putting all the decoration pieces you can lay your hands on was the way to go but take a step back and look at your bathroom space. I’d bet it is all clustered and probably looks smaller than before you added all the deco.

07. Use Materials with Similar Styles

Use Materials with Similar Styles

When designing and fitting a small bathroom, you want to ensure the fittings and fixtures are similarly styled. These give the impression of continuity and make your bathroom look bigger. Using different styles makes it easier to pick out the individual components and betrays the illusion of space you are trying to create.

08. Use Many Glass Panels

Use Many Glass Panels

Utilizing several glass panels in your bathroom design achieves the same result as using materials with a similar style. Using glass panels means fewer visual obstructions, and you will see more of your bathroom at any instant than you would have if you used opaque options.

09. Hang Things on the Walls

Hang Things on the bathroom Walls

One part of the bathroom that is very commonly overlooked is the walls. The walls are not just there to hang paintings or artworks. You can suspend a shelf on the wall to create more floor space.

10. Use One Colour

Use One Colour for Bathroom

When you paint the wall one colour and choose your fixtures and fittings to be the same colourway, it gives the room a sense of continuity that makes your bathroom space look bigger. Colours like white, grey, cyan are excellent options if you are looking to use one colour.

The rest is history

There you have it. The above-listed small bathroom design tips are all you would need to make that small bathroom look twice or thrice its size. You can use the tips as described above or add your spice or artistic flair. Happy remodelling!

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