Top 14 Architectural Trends: Shaping the Future!

Architects are the pioneers in improving our quality of life by building beautiful houses, developed cities and spaces. According to ‘Diebedo Francis Kere’ (one of the famous Architect from Berlin, Germany) he stated the quote “Architecture is not just about building. It’s a means of improving people’s quality of life.” For them, it is of paramount importance to stay updated periodically to survive in the fast-moving industry. It is the time of the year when architects will look forward to setting their future goals in accordance with the current architectural trends.

Therefore, I have compiled a few trends that are sure to influence urban architecture globally in the coming future.
Let’s dive in!

Trends Influencing Urban Architecture

01. Small Homes with Huge Spaces

Small homes with huge space

In the last few decades, contracting spaces in urban areas gave rise to the trend of accommodating in tiny houses. As a result, architects are focusing more on the development and innovation of small houses. You can find out more ideas on “Tiny House Nation” series, started on Netflix.

02. Architecture for Varied Age Groups

Earlier, it was observed that architecture designs were more focused on children. But recently, architectural designs have shifted its focus on the elderly. Architects are striving hard for creating vivid designs and functions related to improvement and maintenance of the mental health of the aged.

03. Digital Infrastructure to Gain Importance

The work culture on the construction site is changed with the introduction of emerging technologies to improve efficiency. With the use of modular construction, prefabrication, etc. the offsite processes can be managed with ease. You can’t even imagine how artificial intelligence, automation, and 3D printing will change the roles of human intervention at the construction sites.

04. Transportation at the Center of Architecture

The ease of public transport will be a key factor owing to seamless mobility (for private vehicles) in the coming years.

05. Recycle to Reuse

Recycling and reusing have been in debate since quite a few years. And this discussion has also found its place in the field of architecture. Some architects have tried to come up with solutions to create a sustainable environment, promoting degrowth with the help of renovation.

06. Cost-Effective Solutions will be on the Rise

Time now will witness a preference for local methodologies and affordable materials. We will also see an interest in detailing each aspect of a project and its successful completion.

07. The Concept of Smart Houses

Technology related to automating the functions at a home will surge in 2019. Also, with the inclusion of robotics, architectural designs will focus more on how to bring comfort within our homes.

Smart houses

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08. The Use of Renewable Energy

We all know that sustainable energy and carbon emissions have been a matter of concern for architects. So, the upcoming architectural models will not only be based on renewable energy sources but will also look forward to generating renewable energy. Here’s when the concept of “Power house” comes into picture. These energy-positive constructions generate more electricity than it consumes in order to achieve an adequate comfort level.

09. Modular Living

Architects will design homes utilizing spaces for multiple purposes., This means a room in the house can be used for different purposes as per requirement, rather than limiting it to one. Sliding doors, dividers, etc. will make room for more space and eventually allow the transition of spaces within the rooms. Keeping the traditional build-ups for new buildings, the new age house owners are welcoming this method with open minds.

10. A Healthy Living

Sustainability has gained momentum in several sectors including architecture. The rising awareness has made the masses shift from convenient living to sustainable living. People are now willing to loosen up their pockets for lifestyle, technology, products, designs, etc. that support the environment. They are becoming conscious and are transforming living styles willingly. Switching off the power when not required, recycling products, etc. are some of the activities driving to implement change. This attitude is inspiring the architects to devise new designs and methods to create a sustainable environment.

11. Work from Home Offices

Though it is not much in use right now, working desks at home will surely become a rage, considering our work patterns, flexible working hours and latest work mechanisms. Don’t you think this will eventually lead to working from the comfort of our cozy homes?

Work from home offices

It will not only lead to designing innovative home offices but also will ensure how to satisfy the customers whose home and work are interlinked.

12. Co-Living

I feel architecture is a profession, which can turn a simple wall into a charismatic beauty. It can totally change the way we think and live. One such emerging trend is co-living where people share their accommodation. These kinds of buildings include shared laundry, lounges, gyms, etc. at a monthly rent. This will create an opportunity for architects to create homes which are specifically built to rent.

13. Bathroom Space Making its Place

Traditionally, what comes first to your mind when you think of designing a bathroom? I guess, flooring and secondary bathroom fittings.

Bathroom space

But now, people are making a gradual shift in their expectations from their bathroom. From a space used for bathing to a place of relaxation, bathroom designs resemble an art installation rather than mere bathtubs or shower area.

14. Charging Plug Points all Over the Place

As I mentioned before, work from home is seeking a rising trend line, integrating the office and personal space at home. This generates the need for an adequate amount of power plug points. So, static designs are out of the game and people working on laptops sitting on their couch or even in the bathroom are quite possible. Thus, it creates the need for charging plugs all over the place.


While saying so, architecture is among the profession where the architects will not like to stick to the trends; instead, they will create new ones during different phases of construction with upcoming architectural trends. Adding to it, this characteristic of an architect makes the job more exciting, changing the viewpoints of their roles in our lives. As said by Frank Gehry, “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”
They are not limited to the “how” of a project. Instead, they extend their knowledge to “why” of a project when it comes to building a residential design or a commercial one. This paves their way to create more trends for others to follow in the future!

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