Basic Information of Trussless Roofing System

Trussless roofing system is also known as self supporting roofing system. It is a unique and attractive alternative for a building. Architects suggest this type of roof because they allow for a wide scope of innovative design and aesthetically pleasing.

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In the trussless roof, roofing sheets do not require intermediate supports like purlins or trusses. This roofing system is also cost-effective roofing solution for a variety of applications. Few such reasons, the self supported roofing system is a revolutionary system.

Self Supporting Roofing System

Trussless Roofing System consists of profiled roofing sheets that are directly fixed to the supporting structure at the sides and provide stability due to its geometry, i.e. curved shape. The general requirement of the roof is strength and stiffness, lightness and economy, easy in handling and erection and leak proof joints which are satisfied by the shape and size of roofing element.

Trussless roof is a light in weight and covers large span. It provides column-free space without an intermediate column. It permits large clear span up to 35 meters. It provides larger enclosed volumes allowing free movement & effective handling of goods and higher flexibility in space utilisation. These factors make them ideally suited for a variety of applications like warehouses, malls, manufacturing industry, parking facilities, & pharmaceutical industry, sports complex, etc.

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The trussless roof is environment-friendly, as well as cost-effective roofing solution. The material of roofing sheets is recyclable. It is leak proof as the system is free from holes, nuts and bolts. Trussless roofing system requires less maintenance. The life such as a roof is estimated nearly 40-50 years. This roofing sheet is used to resist the heat and leading to cooler temperatures in the building.

The panel assembling of the self supported roof is carried out on site. The self supported roof has an incredible installation speed, which allows completion of the project at very fast pace with great flexibility. Quicker installation of the trussless roof can reduce the overall construction time & cost.

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