Types of Ventilation for Your House

Any home will be in need of ventilation. If the ventilation is natural, then it is very good but if your home is not having any natural ventilation then you have to take steps and workout for improving ventilation to your home. It is one of the essential features for any home.
There are different types of ventilation which you can use to ensure that your home is properly aerated. The type and need of installation of home ventilation system depend upon the outdoor temperature, wind and several other factors.

There are mainly two types of ventilation:

  • Natural Ventilation
  • Mechanical Ventilation or Artificial Ventilation

01. Natural Ventilation:

In Natural Ventilation, air changes occur in a house naturally through doors, windows, louvers, roof ventilators and skylights. They should be located to admit fresh air only and not near sources of smoke, dust, odours or polluted air from the house. Discharge vents should also be provided to eliminate vitiated air from the building. It is suitable for residential buildings and the small house.

Through this ventilation system, the ventilation can be achieved naturally but will depend upon the direction of the house and the wind effect. This ventilation of house depends on climate, house design and human behaviour.

Natural Ventilation

The following points should be considered while providing natural ventilation in a room:

  • Doors and windows should be so located that they provide maximum in-flow air.
  • The height of room should be sufficient to allow air movement.
  • Inlet opening should not be obstructing.

It is not useful for big building, offices, conference halls, auditoriums, large factories, etc. It is economical as no equipment are required for keeping room ventilated.

02. Mechanical Ventilation/Artificial Ventilation:

In some buildings, natural ventilation is insufficient or impossible, so mechanical ventilation system must be used.  This is the most common home ventilation system. Mechanical ventilation is the one in which some mechanical arrangements are made to increase the rate of air flow. Air movement is produced with the right system of fans, vents, and duct.  It is most suitable for large buildings, assembly halls, factories, theatres, etc.

Mechanical or Artificial Ventilation

It is used to control indoor air quality. Excess humidity and odours can often be controlled by replacement with outside air. Though this ventilation system is costly but is very effective and efficient. There are following systems of mechanical ventilation:

Exhaust System:

This system is based on the creation of a vacuum in the room by exhausting the vitiated inside air by means of propeller type fans.

Supply System:

In this system, fresh air is forced into the room and vitiated air is forced to leave through ventilators.

Exhaust – Supply System:

This is an extension of supply system in which exhaust fans are used for the exit of the vitiated air from the room along with forced fresh air.

Air Conditioning:

This is the best system of mechanical ventilation in which provision is made for filtration, heating or cooling, humidifying or dehumidifying, etc. they create the most comfortable working condition.
The whole home ventilation system is designed to provide households with healthy indoor air all the year. Therefore good ventilation system is essential for maintaining air quality and removing excess moisture from your home.

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