5 Major Signs That Your Vacuum is Going Bad!

Is your vacuum cleaner acting strangely? Sometimes, these vacuums won’t turn on or vacuum making loud noise, and you start wondering if they’ll start again. Other times, these gadgets mostly die slowly. The 3 broken vacuums the have sat in your cupboard waiting to be fixed are probably a good example of this.

Maybe your vac vacuum lost suction, or vacuum brush not spinning at times. Some machines heat up faster, which can also be vax vacuum cleaner problems. According to Clean That Floor, there are plenty of explicit and implicit signs you should pay attention to, especially if your vac is a few years old robotic helper in your ready access.

Vacuum Cleaner Problems

Some machines may work for ten to fifteen years or even more, while others don’t last longer than a few years. Both high-quality and low-quality vacuums show signs that they’re going bad. Let’s take a moment to check the five major signs that may indicate that your vacuum cleaner is probably going to be a quality and performance compromised gadget.

Vacuum Cleaner Problems

01. Vacuum Making Loud Noise

If you observe that a strange and unusual noise is coming out of your vacuum cleaner. It is one of the most common problems that indicate something is definitely wrong with the gadget. Even though some vacs are normally louder than others, these noises sound unusually loud for people to notice them. However, what is your repercussion when you notice strange and weird excessive noise from your gadget you’ve never heard before?

The first thing you should do is to check your gadget’s service manual. Some manuals feature detailed and problem wise troubleshooting section where you can find an answer to your question. Luckily, there are a few other things you can do.

Check the hose and brushes of the noisy machine to verify if an object is stuck there. Sometimes, if a larger object cannot go through, it gets stuck somewhere, and the passing air starts making weird noises around it.  If this is the problem, it is an easy problem to fix… you can be rest assured.

Another issue that can make excessive noise out of your vacuum cleaner is its belt. Belts may get detached from their place, and that can be one of the reasons behind the horrendous noise.

However, if your belt is alright and you found it with no clogging issue, the reason for the noise is probably a dying motor. If this is the case, there’s hardly you can do apart from getting a new vacuum cleaner machine.

02. Hoover Wind tunnel Overheating Problems

If your vac starts but won’t stay on, it might be due to the problem of overheating. It’s among the most annoying things when you begin cleaning but you cannot finish the job due to unexpected shut down of the vacuum cleaner.

In most of the cases, vacs that start but won’t stay on for long may be due to unusual overheating. This may happen if you’re using the machine for an extended period. What you should do is to unplug your vac and wait for a little and allowing the machine to cool off. You can even consult your user manual if you have it readily available at your access.

If it happens again and again even if you’ve let it cool a little, then it might be time to replace a thermal fuse in built. You should get a professional to get this job done, so it is wise to look for a local vacuum store where they could help you better. Replacing a thermal fuse shouldn’t cost you much either and your machine will be back in its performing condition.

03. Vacuum Lost Suction

Loss of suction power is another common issue for vacuum power malfunctioning in general. In most of the cases, it can occur for several different reasons, some of which are complicated than others.
In order to detect the triggering issue, the first thing you should do is to run a check for the filters, bags, and the dust canisters. All the components you can wash and empty carefully, and you should do it now. Dirty filters and full bags can cause the vac to lose suction to a large extent; so make sure to wash and empty them whenever it’s needed.

Another thing you should check is the height setting of the gadget. If your vac has height adjustment setting facility, and if the setting is too high for the floor you’re cleaning, it really won’t do a great job as you expect usually. Check with your user manual to see which setting is the best for high-pile carpets, area rugs, and bare floors, and set the gadget accordingly.

You should also check if the hose is somehow clogged. If you think something is stuck in your hose, make sure to remove it from the vac. Straighten it out and try to find if the clogging is cleared. Use a blunt object to push to check what was blocking the airflow. However, be ultra-careful with this checking method because you can damage the hose.

Check your brush roll to see if it’s spinning. If it’s not, you might have a problem with the belt. Make sure to clean all the hair and debris stuck to it before you check the spinning power.

04. Vacuum Cleaner Smoking or the Vacuum Cleaner Is Smelling Bad

Releasing funky and unpleasant smell is one of the alarming signals from your vacuum cleaner that something serious is brewing inside.  It might be a sign of your machine dying, it might also be a sign of a less severe issue.

Make sure to empty the bag and canister regularly. It’s one of the most important things you should check and verify if you sniff a weird smell coming out of the gadget.

The next thing you can do is to check the air and exhaust filters of the vacuum cleaner. You might feel that it is the right time to clean or even replace them depending on the condition of the filters or the intensity of your use.

If your vac still smells bad, you should take it to a professional mechanic for its complete checking up. It might not be a serious issue, but it is better to rest some responsibility of final checking of the gadget to an experienced person.

While a funky smell of dust and dirt is an alarming sign, a smell of burnt is even a worse possibility. It’s a sign that something might not be functioning properly. Keep in mind that these machines should not be operated in high temperatures, so it would be quite risky to run it when you notice a burning smell.

05. Vacuum won’t Turn on or Vacuum Cleaner Turns itself off

If your machine is not turning on, you should try some tricks to test the gadget.
The first thing you should try is to plug it into another socket. Maybe a power outlet in your house is broken and there is no problem in your vacuum cleaner. Checking the socket will be saving your time on fixing a vacuum that if it is actually broken.

If the socket is flawless, you may check the on-off switch with an ohmmeter or another checker. Consider getting one new if you don’t have already. These can be quite handy around the house for more than just checking vacuum cleaners and other similar gadgets.

If you are sure that the machine is getting power, but it’s still not running, the problem is probably about the motor. The best thing is to verify the issue with a professional since the underlying problem might be a bit complicated. You may need a replacement motor or another component replaced for the vac to work.


Summing up, there are many vacuum cleaner problems that you can fix yourself. Study the above written tips, refer the user manual or search internet for DIY solutions of vacuum cleaner problems. If you are still confused to fix the vac issue, visit the professional service centers. Ultimately your vacuum cleaner is important for your health and happiness.

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