5 Vintage Bedroom Design Looks for Your Home

There is no denying that technology, innovations, and other modern appliances have taken over our lives. While they’ve made our lives so much easier, there’s something delightful and nostalgic about having a rustic, vintage-style home. If you’re unable to commit to an entire house that is evocative of the 1940s and 1950s, why not create a unique and elegant vintage bedroom design? Here are some tips and ideas for creating a luxurious and comfortable vintage bedroom design ideas replacing your old bedroom.

If you love that chic, classical vintage style, then these 5 vintage bedroom design ideas will leave you gagging for more. The kitchen might be the heart of the home, but the bedroom is built to relax in. If your old bedroom is not designed in a way that makes you feel comfortable, warm, and relaxed, then it is not doing its job properly. Bedrooms that are not doing their job properly require immediate redecoration. What better way to redecorate that all-important room than with an authentic vintage style. Vintage bedroom design ideas is big this year and it shows no sign of slowing down as we move into the new one.

The 5 Vintage Bedroom Design Ideas for Your Home

If vintage bedroom design is something you crave, take this advice and create the bedroom of your dreams.

01. Think About Your Vintage Style Bed

Think About Your Vintage Style Bed

Your bed is the focal point of the bedroom. As such, it is the primary target for a vintage makeover. How do you give your bed a vintage makeover? With two things: the headboard and the footboard. A vintage rattan headboard adds a class and elegance which you just don’t find in a modern bedroom. Added to a matching footboard, your bed could be the picture of vintage decorum, ready for you to sleep in and give you a vintage style bed.

02. Use Old Wood

Use Old Wood

Reclaimed, upcycled, and old wooden furniture from old bedroom, all creates a wonderful antique, vintage, classical feel to your home. In the bedroom, team exposed wood rafters, skirting, or coving boards, with an old apothecary chest. Add a vintage wooden chest as a clothing chest for the foot of the bed. Don’t forget about the wardrobes either. Long dressing tables complete with integrated mirrors help build that vintage feel you seek.

03. Try 70s

70's Home Decor

Nothing says truly vintage like choosing a time period and sticking to it. If you like bold prints, bright colours, and patterns that remind you of your granny’s house, then the 70s style is a throwback you need in your life. There is an eclectic sort of recklessness that comes with 70s décor. Team mustard yellows with greens, blues, and pinks, to create a vintage feel in your bedroom. Moss green is in this year.

Add a bold custom wallpaper to complete the look. A word of advice? Don’t match that paper to the bedspread or curtains. Choose a colour to match, instead of a pattern. Also, two different patterns can jar the eye.

04. Vintage Bedroom Decor – or Antique Bedroom Decor?

Vintage – or Antique Bedroom Decor

If you ask Etsy, anything made 20 years ago is vintage. If you ask an antique’s dealer, anything made 40 years ago is vintage. Decide if your view of the new bedroom you want to design falls into one or the other category before you begin. For vintage bedroom decor, collect pieces of the same era. For antique bedroom decor, feel free to add pieces from all areas of history. There are multiple resources available for vintage bedroom design ideas.

05. Try Rough Décor

Try Rough Décor

When an interior designer tells you to try a rough look in your bedroom, they mean go for exposed. It could be exposed brickwork – 90s vintage. It could be exposed concrete – 80s vintage. It could be exposed rafters and beams – timeless vintage. Whatever you do, keep it exposed to the open air which is a good vintage bedroom ideas. Décor mistakes are not décor mistakes if you own them.


Bedrooms can be one of the most difficult rooms to decorate in the house. You don’t want to sacrifice the room’s function for non-functional design, but you also want it to be a safe haven to relax and unwind after a long day. Fortunately, the vintage bedroom design provides both comfort and decorative elements that work together to create a calming, functional sanctuary.

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