6 Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Keeping a bathroom clean can feel like a never-ending task. It sometimes seems like everything in the bathroom is conspiring to keep this room from feeling clean, from the hand towels to the toothpaste, to the soaps.

If you are trying to keep up with a bathroom which is used by more than two people, you might be facing what feels like an impossible task. Thankfully, there are some easy solutions to your struggles that will make your bathroom feel like it’s cleaning itself!

This blog post will get you set up with the right countertop option to help you save time cleaning and doing maintenance on your bathroom surfaces. Sometimes most of your struggles with bathroom cleaning are being caused by your current countertop surfaces.

Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

There are some easy and straightforward ways to make keeping your bathroom in tiptop shape that much easier. Many of them have probably been right in front of you all along, but you just didn’t think of them. This article will get your bathroom maintenance schedule pared down to something simple and totally doable.

01. Choose Good Quality Countertops

Cleaning Quartz Bathroom Countertop

Dirty or water-spotted countertops are a consistent theme with time-consuming bathroom clean-up. This is often related to poor-quality countertops that make cleaning much harder than it should be. The perfect bathroom countertop should clean readily and resist water-spotting and other signs of use.

Quartz is the perfect countertop for your needs in the bathroom. It is durable, affordable, and needs no special care to keep it looking great every day. Imagine being able to wipe down your bathroom counter a few times a week and have them stay beautiful and sparkling in between cleanings! Quartz can make this dream a reality for you.

02. Fix That Grimy Shower Door

Shower doors and shower surrounds are a pain to clean and no one enjoys this task. This means that soap scum and water-spotting can build up on your shower surfaces until the glass looks gross and unwelcoming.

Cleaning Grimy Shower Door

Prevent this struggle by coating the glass surfaces in your shower with a water repellant like RainX. This will make them shed water and soap easily and will make it a simple task to wipe off what little residue clings to them.

You can also add a squeegee to your shower for the simple removal of lingering water droplets after your shower. This will stop water spots from happening in the first place. It takes a few moments to use this handy tool and saves you hours of clean-up later.

03. Use Liquid Soap for Bathroom Cleaning

Use Liquid Soap to Prevent Stain on Bathroom Sink

Nothing looks or feels dirtier than a yucky bar of soap in a dish near the sink. Liquid soaps smell better and clean off surfaces readily without leaving stains or smudges behind. Even better, your guests will not have to pick up and handle the same grimy bar of soap as your family.

Pick clear liquid soap to prevent even the slightest hint of soap residue on your sink, especially if your sink is white or a light colour. If someone in your family needs to use bar soap to remove tough grime, it might be best to have them do this at the kitchen sink or the garage sink. No more soap dishes to clean and no more soap stains and grime!

04. Invest in a Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrush Holder

This might feel a bit dated to you, but there is no better way to ease bathroom clean-up than to get toothbrushes out of the way and off the edge of the sink. Toothpaste residue can be hard to remove from sink or counter surfaces and if you think about it, washing your hands near someone’s toothbrush is kind of icky.

Putting the toothbrushes into a cup or a toothbrush holder will make it easy to keep them away from dirt and grime and away from other people’s hands. You will be able to pick up the whole container to clean the counter and you will save yourself from dealing with toothpaste on everything every time you clean.

05. Prevent Shower Curtain Scum using Shower Cleaner

Shower Curtain Cleaning

If you are sick of looking at the sludge on the bottom of your shower curtain, you are not alone. Shower curtains can be a source of stress and annoyance for anyone trying to clean a bathroom. Prevent build-up on your shower curtain by spritzing the curtain with an all-purpose bathroom cleaner that has bleach in it. A soap-scum combatting cleaner can be a big help as well.

Let these shower cleaners sit on the curtain for a few minutes and then simply wipe off the mess! Stay on top of this cleaning task by keeping a bottle of the all-purpose cleaner that you used in the corner of the shower and spraying it onto the curtain and rinsing it away at the end of each use. Prevention can make clean-up so much easier.

06. Buy Dark Hand Towels

Dark Coloured Hand Towel

Sometimes colour choices can matter and light-coloured hand towels can make your bathroom feel dirty when it’s clean. There is really no reason to choose a light-colored set of towels for your bathroom unless you feel you can wash them almost daily. Plus, light towels tend to fade and look grimy even when they are clean.

Picking out a dark-coloured hand towel set will help to make your towels look fresh for longer and will keep you from having the feeling that the bathroom isn’t clean as soon as you walk in. Plus, most dark towels will actually wear better for longer so you will be saving money while you are at it.

Bathroom Clean-Up Can be Easy

Using these tips and tricks can help you to make your bathroom maintenance process simple and painless. Updating your counters will save you tons of time and other above given solutions will improve your bathroom cleaning experience. Don’t dread cleaning your bathroom! Do a few updates and use these clever tips and tricks and you won’t hate cleaning this room of the house ever again.

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