Why Batching of Concrete is Important?

Batching is the process of measuring and combining concrete ingredients as per mix design. Batching accuracy is very important. A High and uniform quality of concrete can be achieved by measuring concrete ingredients accurately for each batch.

Concrete batching is a facility for mixing and blending concrete ingredients skilfully to produce a uniform quality of concrete with desired strength. The durability of a structure highly depends on the quality of the concrete used in it. So, if you require high and durable quality of a concrete you need to select concrete ingredients with a lot of precision which can only be produced by a concrete batching.
It is important to maintain the water- cement ratio constant at its correct value. To allow for the variation mass of aggregates due to variation in their moisture content, suitable adjustments in masses of aggregates shall also be made. A concrete is made on site and aggregates are natural materials, uniformity of concrete is very important.
Proper batching of concrete ingredients rectifies the confusion and errors.
Following are some interesting points that show you the importance of batching of concrete ingredients.

  • Proper batching of concrete improves the workability of fresh concrete because concrete ingredients batched precisely.
  • Concrete mix made by the batching process is very cohesive. Batching of concrete ingredients also rectify the bulkage correction because excessive water can cause loss of cohesiveness and can also lead to segregation or bleeding in concrete which results in poor quality of concrete.
  • If any batching errors in cement and fine aggregates (sand), the mixing of concrete ingredients is not well and this can lead to poor finish and variation of texture.
  • By choosing proper batching method we can increase the speed of construction as well as save the time and cost
  • By batching of concrete ingredients, we can also minimize wastage of concrete ingredients and we can save the project cost.
  • Batching becomes very very important where you do concreting for exposed concrete work.

Now a days automatic batching plants are used for major projects and on ready mix concrete plants.

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