Why Black and White Interiors Look Classier than Colour Trends?

Colours can change our mood. They can inspire, cheer, calm or improve our mood. So, before you choose any particular colour for your house, you should realize how important it is to feel-good vibes.When it comes to picking colours, we often consider various factors. Will the colour suit our design? Will our house look better and more unique than it does now or compared to that of our neighbours’? Will each from family be able to choose their colours? Yes, choosing specific colours for different parts of the house is such a big challenge, that we all become interior designers while choosing colours for our home.

Black & White Interior

When choosing colours we tend to pick those that complement the different rooms. For example, warm colours for the living room, crisp colours for the restroom, exotic colours for the bedroom and bright colours for the kitchen. Nowadays, there is an overwhelmingly wide range of colours available, causing one to get confused.

Colourful combination in Interiors
Minimalistic Interior of Black & White Combination

Some interior designers beautifully combine primary, secondary or tertiary colours, thereby giving rise to a fascinating collection of colours.

Choosing a colour is thus tricky, but if you use only black and white, it solves half of our problems!

Black and white colours are classic colours and always bring out the best in other colours. A combination of the two makes us forget about all the different colours. White often symbolizes integrity, purity, and new beginnings while black usually indicates strength, confidence, luxury, sophistication.

Black & White Living Room

“A tiny line of absolute black granite at the base of a white wall is like the perfect eyeliner.” – Lauren Rottet.

When these two colours come together, they make an extraordinary pair. There was a time when all prints, media used to be in black and white only.  Today, there are many colours available, we still choose black or white whenever there’s an appropriate occasion.

Reasons Why Black and White Interiors Look Classier?

Here’s why these two bold and beautiful colours are still chic for interiors.

01. Black and White Interiors Enhances Style

Black & White Chevron Style for Interior

Black and white colours are unique and tend to enhance the style of your room. It doesn’t matter if your curtains are black and your couch is white, or if you have a dark kitchen and the dining table is white. The two colours always add value to your room. You can mix and match the two with the furniture or you can add a splash of bright colour to jazz things up. Black and white design will always enhance any colour you add to them.

02. Black and White Colours Adds A Timeless Effect

a) Proficiency to Highlight

Highlighting an Object in Black Background

Imagine you have a white flooring in living room and you add a touch of black with furniture, it completely changes and transforms your room.

b) Black and White Design Adds More Drama More Inspiration!

Black Bathroom with White Bathtub

Black is the ultimate drama colour. Black walls and a white chair, or black flooring and walls in the background of a classic white bathtub, it gives so much more inspiration.

c) Black and White Colour – A Timeless Palette!

Simplistic Colour Palette of Black & White

Black and white creates a timeless effect. They are for people who are obsessed with colours or are colour phobic. Walls painted white, creamy, and ivory while the windows and frames are black; it all give a room a more luxurious touch!

03. Black and White Interiors Balances Light Shades

Black & White Patterned Murals

Just imagine being in a black king-sized bed and a room where all your interiors are all white. When you wake up in the morning, the sunlight will balance both the colours and make the morning that much more extraordinary!

04. Black and White Design Outlines the Structures

Sleek Bedroom in Black & White Theme

Imagine black granite in a room filled with white interiors or white lights in a room full of black interiors. They outline the furniture perfectly. Black by itself is striking and makes an ordinary space better and look more sophisticated.

05. Sense of Evergreen Colours

Combination of Black and White for Living Room

A combination of black and white is classier than any other colour out there. They are traditional and crisp and will never grow old and never go out of style. They continue to be a favourite colour for all seasons. Contemporary black and white interiors also use a splash of metallic fixtures to give the room a sleek appearance.

06. Relaxing

Relaxing Touch to Living Room

Home is where our problems end, for some time at least. When you return home from a travel, you feel peaceful and calm. That’s what the blacks and whites do. White floors and dark-coloured decoration can calm your mind. They also add a perfect bit of festivity to your environment. As mentioned by ION (Published in The Psychology of Colour for Interior Design), white colour creates a psychological effect to create a refreshing, neat and clean look in your home. Additionally, it creates an airy appearance which is quiet and pure.

07. Suits Any Side or Size of The House

It doesn’t matter if you want a black and white interior for your apartment, bungalow, a room or just a part of a room. These colours tend to suit any part of the house or place. Not just homes, but there are many cafes and restaurants that have bold displays of black and white interiors!

Have a look!

Modern & Cozy Living Room in Black & White Theme

It transforms and energizes the aura of a place.

Black and white can always transform any living aura. They exude that special luxurious touch which makes any room or even corner of an apartment attractive! You can imagine how seamlessly they improve the quality of a place. They help express emotions, create a subtle aura, and bring a calm environment with them.

Black colours also have different psychological effects. While some people are superstitious about the colour black, others are really into adding black to their surroundings. No matter how you feel about it, there is no denying that the colour is elegant and makes a bold statement overall.

As rightly said by Andri Cauldwell, “To see in colour is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.”

Similarly said, using black and white to decorate your rooms adds simplicity, while at the same time giving inspiration to more ideas.I hope you found the reasons why black & white looks classy for interiors and will surely implement it in your homes too. We also have quite amazing blogs for you related to this topic of colour scheme & colour guides for home.

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