Opt for Dark Kitchens: Popular Trend this Season!

Dark kitchens are now in trend. The dark colour contrast is applied in modern kitchen designing to create an affable look of the kitchen area. Besides contrasting with white, you can use several other dark colours for creating a friendly ambiance. You may create the kitchen floor in a contrasting white colour. There are, in fact, manifold ideas of highlighting dark hues in modern kitchen decor.As mentioned by Kitchen & Stone (Published in Kitchen Colour Trends to Look for in 2020), “dark colours can help define kitchens and give them contemporary, eye-catching aesthetics. Sophisticated and smart colours may help keep the kitchen cleaner, newer and tidier.”

Contemporary Dark Kitchen

Smart contrast and the velvety finish is the buzzword for a dark kitchen. The theme can be more embellished with dark coloured utensils and dark coloured kitchen cabinets. The combo of dark and light colour makes the kitchen ambiance friendly, warm, and stimulating.  But what is the specialty of the dark theme in kitchen? Take a look at the image.

Darker colour theme for kitchen

If you prefer darker coloured themes for your kitchen cabinets over the light shades, you have a sophisticated choice indeed. Would you like to give a more modern and dramatic look to your kitchen? The dark kitchen theme is definitely in trend but you need to create more focal points in the kitchen with black backdrop.Few Considerations to Keep In Mind When Considering a Dark Theme for Your Kitchen:

Size of The Kitchen

Dark Theme for small Kitchen

If your kitchen is a little small in size or is not well lit by natural light, a dark-coloured theme may look constrictive. In these situations you have to implement contrast colour effect. Pairing white and black colour together will make you happy and relaxed and your choice of black will be fully pampered.

Natural Light in Contemporary Dark Kitchen

If your house and your kitchen have plenty of natural light, then a dark-coloured item would be the right. Larger kitchens are the best canvas or a good match for a dark colour scheme usually. For instance, a black kitchen island, open shelves, and a two-colour tone can be used to incorporate a dark theme without overdoing it.

Heavy Duty Kitchen

If your kitchen bustles with heavy activities, remember that lighter-toned kitchens require a lot more looking after. Dark toned kitchens can hide the scruffs as well as the imperfection, which light-themed kitchens cannot. If you have children or pets in the house, it is better to opt for dark colour schemes.

The Home Owner’s Personal Discretion

Black Theme in Kitchen

Your personal choice is an essential factor to consider when choosing the colour palette of the kitchen. The colour scheme of your kitchen often reflects your personality, as well. A dark-themed kitchen can help you look bold and sophisticated. Black colour theme can add elegance in its layout.

How About A Combination of Dark and Light Themes?

A combination of the two can help you achieve a sophisticated look for your kitchen. For instance, black cabinets which are then offset by a backsplash of white, and it looks smart and classy. The theme helps in reducing the chance of one colour overpowering the other.

Combination of Dark and Light Themes

Another pointer is that light floors go well with dark cabinets. This layout, being coupled with lighter countertops, can help your kitchen look cool and comforting. It adds unique neutrality and an easy welcoming look that is desired in a kitchen.[

Brown Theme in Kitchen
Dark Grey Theme in Kitchen

A black/dark themed kitchen is not always about black. You can use dark brown, mahogany, dark cherry colour for adding a classy and bold look in your kitchen interior. Other than the use of the colour on the wall, you can use the dark shades in the kitchen accessories too. Prefer black in your kitchen chimney, oven, countertop, basin colour, and impose a contrast of light woody colour with them. The light effect will be illuminating but at the same time, the total colour effect will be of a dark kitchen.

Black Cabinets

Black Cabinets in Kitchen

Black colour if combined with a lighter tone will help you to achieve a striking contrast. It doesn’t always have to be a pitch-black colour, and it can also vary in shades and finishes. The planned use of the duskier hue will create the dimmer effect altogether with a touch of comfort in its display.

Black cabinets without any variation may look monotonous. You can combine woody panels with the black body in the cabinet design. This will create a dark theme with rectilinear contrast. You can accentuate this contrasting effect by adding black furniture in the kitchen that will look more textured that monochromatic black colour.

Contrasting Colour Cabinets in Kitchen

With small and assorted cabinets, black colour suits well if it is matched with its background. A lighter shade of black can suit traditional cabinets as well. If the light and jet black colours are coupled with contrasting light coloured countertops and tiles colours of the wall, it will surely add a sublime look of your kitchen.

If you want to select the ideal countertop for your house, here you have a perfect article to understand the material selection for countertop:

The Advantages of Having Darker Cabinets

● Comfy

They are comfier as compared to kitchens designed with lighter cabinets. Dark greys and black can help create an inviting atmosphere.

● Luxurious Feel

A distinct sense of richness and formality, as well as depth, gets added by designing your kitchen with darker hues.

● Classy Look

Dark colours are friendly in its effect. A dark kitchen is easier to maintain and it has a classic look altogether that goes well with minimalist approach. Users will find better comfort here because stain and spots are easy to wipe off. Same is applicable for darker cabinets in a kitchen.

● Various Possibilities For Design

Dark themed kitchens offer varieties of options for layouts. These unique designs offer scope for you to experiment with accessories in a way that lighter themes cannot. Dark kitchen cabinets are versatile in this way.

● Large Sized Kitchens

Large Sized Kitchens

Dark themed cabinets are well suited for large spaces, and they can accommodate both the option of ample and restricted amount of natural light. Dark cabinets, in contrast with light countertops, walls, and flooring, can comfort you naturally.

A Few Points for Working with Darker Colours:

Working with darker kitchen theme schemes can be a bit tricky. Here are a few guidelines that help you. Let black rule the theme but you can add other colours too that go well with the ruler.

Dark is Always Not the Black

Brown Theme for Kitchen

There are hundreds of shades to choose from and these colour shades are now available in the market. Although, when one speaks of dark colours, grey and black are the first options that come to the mind, there are blackish and brownish colours, which can create a dark themed kitchen artistically appealing.

If you are going for a luxurious look, then one of the best options is grey and black combo. However, if you have dark flooring, then colours like brown and black are good options. Less common colours include cherry brown, which has the colourful depth of giving your kitchen a unique darkish look.

It is crucial to figure out the colour that will work the best for your kitchen. Dark colours have a specific calming effect, thereby; they can add the friendly feel of the kitchen room if you can arrange it methodically.

Mixing Of Colours Can Create a Darker Colour Effect in Kitchen:

It is crucial to know how to mix and match colours while choosing the colour of your kitchen. You can follow the following tips:

Balance Lighter Colours And Darker Shades

Balance Lighter Colours And Darker Shades in Kitchen

Maintain a healthy balance between the two colours so that one colour does not overpower the other. If there is too much of the darker colour, your kitchen can end up looking gloomy. Add an appropriate amount of lighter hues to your kitchen.

Incorporate Other Dark Colours

Lighter Hues for Cabinets

Along with the colour of your cabinets, match and add different similar hues to the kitchen so that it does not seem odd.

Natural Light

Natural Light in Kitchen

Make sure not to reduce the natural light from entering the room, and there should be enough of it. Darker colours may make a room feeling smaller than usual. Thus, it is essential to make sure that the light is sufficient in the kitchen and it is overpowering the dark effect of the room.Black is always in style, so are the dark themes. Large, wooden panes of painted black make a stand in a stylish kitchen, highlighted by the classical ambiance of wood. Large windows let in light, an organized landscape and lots of symmetry in the décor is the ultimate objective of creating a kitchen décor, etc.

Trends set aside. You should go for the kitchen you would love to look at every single day. They should always make you feel at home and reflect who you are.

By creating a strong contrast of colours in your kitchen, you can make the look timeless, elegant, and stylish. Your kitchen will look exactly like a unique place as you always wanted it to be!

Dark kitchens give it a contemporary look and make it look sophisticated. Well, this was all about it, but to know more in brief about the functionality & planning the kitchen, you can read it here below:

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