13 Undeniable Reasons People Love Landscape Architecture!


Landscape Architecture is something that has the power of changing the way on life living. Nature comes with the power of changing the environment in a better way to make it more valuable. Are you aware of the fact that only 31% of the total land surface is covered by forest globally? With the help of landscape architecture, one can contribute to supporting the recycling of waste products too. Additionally, landscape architecture is also a single answer to urban crises. Today, as we are heading towards resources that are energy efficient and sustainable, landscape architecture is the key to a successful future in designing.

Why landscape architecture

Landscape architects are trained with various skills resulting in the best combination of science and art, and endless opportunities. Looking after environmental awareness and creativity, landscape architecture is sure to improve the day to day life. Today when buildings are replacing the greenery, landscape architecture would be one of the best ways to preserve it.

Why People Are Falling in Love with Landscape Architecture?

Are you also thinking if landscape architecture is something good to go with? Here are the top 13 reasons why landscape architecture is preferred by the people and they are falling into love with you would also not deny.

01. Landscape Architecture Allows the Path to Creativity

Creative Landscape

Creativity is something that pushes you to think beyond boundaries. And in return provides you with stunning solutions and productive thinking. And landscape architecture would allow you with all these throughout your career. With a combination of engineering and architecture, several designs are sure to crack your mind.

There are houses surrounded by small gardens or small plants peeping from the wooden and concrete floorings. It not only helps in supporting green earth but also gives nature a different yet attractive look while you protect them.

02. Give Your House an Appealing Look by Landscaping

Appealing Look with Landscape

What if you are asked to select a house from two out of which one is having a garden area and the other doesn’t. Which would you go with? The garden area one right! The home with an inviting look from the outside is widely preferred by many visitors compared to the traditional, shabby dwellings. The professional landscapes add to the value of your house. You can count on some extra amount at the time of selling the home, which can be around 20%. With different materials, colours, textures, etc. landscaping gives the house a complementary look.

03. Landscape Architecture Helps in Controlling Pollution in An Innovative Way

Innovative Way of Controlling Pollution

Yes, pollution is something that is disturbing everyone these days. Especially, the growth of industries and factories globally has increased pollution in all means. The continuous industrial growth and development have reduced the number of forests and trees, which is damaging the environment. With the help of landscape architecture, you can work on the pollution to a great extent. It also removes other negative effects on nature.

Do you know! In Australia, there are around 650 parks which covers a total land of 335000 square kilometers of the entire country. Do you know, why? It is because the trees and plants help in adding to the oxygen levels. Hence, add a landscape architecture to your outdoors and purify the air naturally and control pollution.

04. Landscaping Helps in Purifying the Air

Air Purifier vs Houseplants
Natural Air Purifier

We all know that the green trees and plants are the producers of oxygen on which we live. But they also absorb the pollutants in the air. The trees filter the air and make it pollution-free. However, people are more concerned about the pollution in the air outside, but the air inside your house is equally important. And the plants you have in your house are helpful in keeping the atmosphere and air in the house clean and pollution-free. Hence, one of the reasons why people love landscape architecture is having fresh and healthy oxygen at your home. So, why not replace the artificial air purifiers when you can have a natural one through landscape architecture! There are many air purifying plants which help in doing so. Along with this, they also absorb pollutants in the air. This filters the air before it enters your home.

05. Landscape Architecture Can Creates Artistic Outdoor Living Areas

Artistic Outdoor Areas

For many, the living areas are only limited to indoors. However, with the changes in technology today, people are now also creating functional outdoor living areas in different ways. Plotting few plants on the outdoor living spaces, designing live kitchen, etc. gives a mastery touch with incredible furniture, features, plants, etc. out there. There are many people who love to remain surrounded by the environment. Plants, trees, and flowers are what they love to decorate their outdoors. But why simply plant a garden out when the landscape architects can give it a new look.

06. Give a Trendy Look with Roof Gardens

Roof Gardens

Yes, roof gardens are something that is quite trendy these days. The lack of required space for garden areas has given a new thought of roof gardens that has given a new way of connecting to nature. Similar to the gardens or parks, the roof gardens are also providing benefits like an increase in biodiversity, retaining of the rainwater, cleaning the polluted air, etc. to the people living in the house and surroundings too. Roof gardens have proved to be quite beneficial for the people who are loving gardens and greenery but not having the required space for cultivating their interests.

07. Landscaping Helps in Managing the Water from Storm

Managing the Water from Storm

Surprisingly, landscape architecture helps in managing the water entering the city through heavy storms, rainfall, and even melting of snow. The water needs to get absorbed by the soil, and landscape architecture helps here in an effective way. It channelizes the water which is later used in public gardens and other parks for rejuvenating them. The innovative landscape designs can prove to be a liberator during storms.

08. Landscape Architecture Can Cleans the Water and Soil

Water Treatment

There is a good quantity of both water and soil that is polluted, and phytoremediation is one of the best ways of cleaning both. Through this process, everything like removal of plants, groundwater, sludges, water surface, sediments, contaminants in the soil, degradation, etc. is well looked after. This cost-effective process not only purifies the soil and water but also metabolized both to by-products that are harmless. Hence, through landscape architecture, working on purifying the soil and water becomes easy.

09. Landscaping Completes Management of the Land Resources

Management of The Land Resources

Every plant and tree come with different requirements regarding the water amount required, type of soil, pest protection, and much more. The landscape architecture considers every angle and factors for caring about the vegetation. Designing the landscapes also includes caring about the landscape and managing it well through techniques like geology, horticulture, aesthetics, hydrology, and much more. Hence, landscape architecture includes both supportable and tuneful aspects for creating beneficial landscaping designs to use the space in a decorative way.

10. Landscape Architecture Balances the Weather

Landscape Architecture

As the forests are now turning into concrete structures, the temperature is seriously getting affected leading to imbalanced weather. The summers are getting more and more hot and various other environmental issues are coming forward. And landscape architecture is the right solution to get the balanced weather back. Introducing pocket parks, small gardens, etc. to various locales can help in balancing the weather very well. There are certain modern landscapes that have also introduced other facilities like solar power for electricity to the street lamps, harvesting through rainwater, and much more.

11. Landscaping Provides Cool Surrounding from Hot Weather

Cool Surrounding from Hot Weather

What if you find a tree while walking in the warm weather? Relief! Right? This is what the landscape architecture would help you with during hot climates. The trees and plants in the outdoors help in controlling the heat and the density they have blocked the heat from entering your house. Pocket parks are also an effective solution to keep the house calm during summers. The shades not only protect you from the sun rays but also provide you with pleasant environs.

12. Landscaping Gives Psychological and Social Benefits

Landscaping Gives Psychological and Social Benefits

Spending some time with a green surrounding or in the laps of nature comes with a positive effect on the mood and mind of the people. Landscape building is not only limited to forming building structures. It comes with an increased benefit for the people, which is building relationships. Landscape building is a good replacement to the manipulating the social media, technology and media that is ruling the minds of not only the adults but the children too.

Be it the courtyard, backyard, or even the garden area; landscape architecture gets you to closure to nature which helps in improving the memory and boosts the mood. It gives you a peaceful time from the chaos of the city while you enjoy a pleasant time in the outdoors. It not only provides a healthy and valuable lifestyle but also helps in avoiding various health issues related to the mind like depression. Merely by sitting with some plants and trees surrounding you help you get connected to nature and also improves the physical and mental health. Here’s to know how:

13. Landscape Architecture Adds Colours to Nature

Landscape architecture Adds Colours To Nature

Landscaping architecture is a new way of appreciating nature and its beauty. By adding different colours and shapes, landscaping has come up with a new way to design the parks and gardens. People are adding new shapes, sizes, and colours to their gardens both indoors and outdoors through different flowers to make it look more appealing. Along with the roofs, green walls are also adopted by various people to give their homes or offices a unique and eco-friendly look.

Be it indoors or outdoors, landscape architecture is surely a perfectly planned, analyzed, nurtured and managed way to connect with nature and get engaged with it through lively facets.

I hope you found the reasons why landscape architecture is loved by the people. We have additional information regarding gardens and landscaping tips that you may like to know about:

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