Kitchen Platform Calculator

Know your cost at key stroke

This calculation is based on few limited inputs only. The exact cost will vary to the extent of plus or minus 10% to 15%. It has been workout on the following assumption which will vary from case to case. For 100% accuracy one need to workout details through expert professional after having detailed drawing and design.

The five categories assumed here are very general in nature and the classification may vary from person to person based on individual choices and life style.

The above classification is to give an idea about the range of prices based on range of materials, brands, available in the market.

The break-up of all major components into Materials and Labour has been given, so that the user can budget or can negotiate with the contractor accordingly.

The overhead cost, contractor’s profit & GST has been counted at 10%, 15% and 14% respectively. This will be applicable on materials cost also. Hence the — labour amount would be around 35% to 50% cost shown as total of Labour + overhead + contractor profit + GST. 

Estimate is based on the current prevailing market rates.

We have considered lower cabinet width of platform as 24” (600 mm) & height of platform as 33” (800 mm)

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