Best Location for Outdoor Unit of AC

Queryasked by Devendra

Now days, in any Bungalow or any Building AC with Compressor is Common. But ,,,, Obviously we spend money in concept of Bungalow or Building made by Architecture.
The Compressor makes beauty of Concept dull,

asking Solution to How to Hide Compressors and also makes Look Attractive

Solutionby Gharpedia

01. Standard practice, we suggest to install compressor on terrace which is the simple and easy way to hide it from general views and also from maintenance point of view. 02. The Spit ACs now becoming very common, the architects should actually plan while designing house itself. The location of all outdoor units, layout of its piping and also the drainage pipe. If it is not done, it will definitely create a problem. 03. From Architecture point of view, initially a separate space should be designed specifically to hang the compressor outside the wall which can be hidden by louvers in elevation.[ 04. To preserve the concept and aesthetics of bungalow we usually design the separate area which is enclosed in by creative covering in landscape as shown in figure below: 05. In Apartment buildings, a duct or a similar common feature, satisfying both the needs should be designed. If it is done in original plan, and if you want it nor it is really difficult to hide it later. 06. Further it should also be installed in such a way that it is easily reachable for repair and maintenance. 07. From Interior point of view, the ducting are taken into consideration during planning stage and can be executed before design of false ceilings, so that they are conceptually designed and are hidden in false ceilings. 08. If you still need the specific solution, you can send the drawing and photographs of your residence. We may suggest you some precise solutions/alternatives.