10 Architecture Trends to Watch for 2020!!!


A brand-new decade means brand new design opportunities for the architectural industry. And as we’ve seen in the last couple of years, the world is leaning more towards the environment and adopting eco-friendly solutions. This is evident in the case of using recyclable and recycled materials and equipment, green technologies, self-supplying buildings, and much more. Surprisingly, some of this equipment has been built to enhance productivity without harming the environment in the process.

But there are a variety of fascinating architecture trends for 2020 other than merely eco-friendly ones, and we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up some of the hottest ones here in this article.

Grab the Architecture Trends for 2020

01. Industrial Style In Housing Architecture

Industrial Style In Housing Architecture

This trend is known for asymmetrical forms in residential as well as urban infrastructures. It is defined by a mix of wood, aluminum, iron, and also recycled plastic, making construction more affordable. Simple lines and the lack of surface elements also represent the industrial style.

02. Maximizing Outdoors

Maximizing Outdoors

One of the architectural industry trends to look forward to involves reintroducing patios, terraces, and balconies as significant design elements. When and if installed carefully and taken care of, homeowners will be more appreciative of these elements throughout the year. Glass curtains will become popular, enabling spaces to open up during comfortable weather like swimming pools for summers. And portable stoves will increase in use during colder seasons.

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03. Indoor-Outdoor Living

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Indoor-outdoor living involves developing rooms that are more open to outdoors using Nanawall glass door systems, and where outdoor space is maximized, especially if it means going to the roof. According to a report from the American Institute of Architects 2017 Home Design Trends Survey, roof decks and outdoor living space were said to be two of the fastest rising in-demand home features.

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04. Virtual Reality Immersion

Virtual Reality Immersion

Virtual reality has been making waves in the last couple of years, not just in gaming but also in several other industries, including that of architecture and design. VR offers architects even better attention to detail in their work and provides opportunities for clients to experience spatial relations of room and building designs, months and years prior to when construction actually starts.

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05. Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology

As we’ve seen in the last decade, information and technology are becoming more ubiquitous, as we have seen with social media as well as smart phones and watches. And now, smart technology is finding its place in our homes with a voice-activated speaker or a smart phone like Google Home or Amazon Echo. With these, several appliances in our very house, such as lighting, cooling, heating, and security, can be controlled with a simple swipe or an in-home video panel.

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Not only are these features convenient, but they also ease the pressure on monthly utility bills. However, this poses a challenge to architects when it comes to creating spaces for any of the convenient mechanicals as well as the wiring for those mechanicals.

06. Sustainable Structures

Sustainable Structures

Since sustainability is the theme that many are going for these days, we can definitely expect sustainable construction to be one of the hottest architecture trends for the future. This is a vision of Austrian architect Anna Heringer, who is renowned for working with Mudd. With Lina Gothmeh on her side, we could be looking at the next generation of sustainable structures that will utilize a brand-new material focused mainly on sustainability; Earth.

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The US Energy Information Administration says that buildings, which consume almost half of all the energy generated in the whole country, lead to almost half of the world’s CO2 emissions. So, it’s no surprise that there is a spike towards the trend of developing more energy-efficient but also to develop homes that use, and leakless energy. The best take away about this type of design is that there is no net energy consumption. This is accomplished by not only reducing energy consumption but also by including energy creation on the site, usually with solar panels.

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07. More Focus On Baths And Kitchens

Architecture trends for 2020 will certainly put greater emphasis on baths and kitchens. As we have seen over the course of recent years, the kitchen has evolved to be one of the main focuses of the entire house. Even with the housing market on the path of recovery, designers and architects are willing to devote their time and resources more towards the kitchen.

More Focus On Kitchens with Islands

Kitchen are increasing its dimensions and connecting it more with living and dining. When you have this choice, set a central island as a water zone and a breakfast bar and visually divide the lounge area.

More Focus On Baths with relaxing place - Jacuzzi & bathtubs

As for bathrooms, they’re not just places where we can groom ourselves. In fact, bathrooms have evolved into two spaces where we can relax and rejuvenate after a long day’s work. This is evident from the increase in demand for jacuzzis and bathtubs, as many more people from around the world want to reserve time to disconnect from their daily woes in order to connect with themselves as they bathe.

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08. Natural-Disaster-Proof Design

Given what we’ve experienced in the last decade, it’s no surprise that natural disasters have grown due to harsh climate changes. Tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes are some of the usual disasters that pose a threat to infrastructures. As such, we shouldn’t be surprised to see a rise in natural-disaster-proof design later on.

09. Open And Multi-Purpose Spaces

Open And Multi-purpose Spaces

Other architecture design trends that we can expect in the coming months or even years include diaphanous and multi-purpose environments. This design solution allows homeowners to enjoy more meters, especially those that are acquired from eliminated partitions and provides practical spaces for the entire family.

For instance, integrating the living room and the kitchen is pretty common in flats that have only a couple of meters. But combining the bedroom with the living room or the terrace with the living room is also a good home design idea.

10. Less Noise And More Light

Less Noise And More Light

If you’re one of those who can’t stand noise inside or outside of your house, then you’ll be happy to know that several architectural design projects are focusing on materials and distributions that lessen noises within buildings. Furthermore, architectural technology is so developed that buildings find a way to allow more light to enter within the vicinity.

Final Words

Architecture is something that changes as living habits and requirements shift. People build their homes according to their needs and wishes. The biggest factor that affects architectural design is the reduction of space in urban areas. The aim of these designs is to completely use the free space, which looks beautiful and appealing. All these points talk of emerging developments that will boom over the next few years.

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