Plan Analysis of 2 BHK Row House (102

Query Received from - Aishwarya Gangwar

Redesign this plan for 22 ft by 55 ft area to make it more interesting and spacious. Thank you.

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We have received the query from Aishwarya Gangwar. She wants to redesign her given plan, here we have analysed her plan on basis of two criteria: Recommended and Not Recommended.

Home Planning and Designing

Building a home is not a quite easy task as many factors need to be kept in mind. One works hard all day and night to earn and save money to build his home. In order to have good utilization of area and to keep it within your budget, good architects and designers should be appointed for planning and designing of your dream home. They are the professionals who have the knowledge about the designing of home and various tasks which needs to be done during the construction process. They help in making the process quite easier for clients.

There are various areas in the home such as the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. They all serve different functions and hence the dimensions of each area differ. The professionals have the knowledge of the space planning and designing which helps in smooth functioning of any areas.

Here we have analysed and reviewed the design of 2 BHK Row House admeasuring 1100 Good features have been shown as recommended and undesirable features have been shown as “Not Recommended”.

Please note that the basic layout depends on basic local building bye-laws, local weather, lifestyle, your needs and of course your budget. Hence, these may not be universally true. It may vary from nature to nature, culture to culture and needs.

*R        Recommended

*NR     Not Recommended

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R1 – The front lawn provided makes good use of the margin hence making it a garden space for sitting and relaxation.

R2 – The parking area is having a quite ample amount of space which is recommended but the height clearance for large car needs to be checked out.

R3 – The variation in the thickness of the wall created a niche, which is useful when interior designing is done in that area.

R4 – The kitchen work triangle works perfectly well here due to the layout of the kitchen and is quite recommended.

R5 – The separate dining room provided with an ample amount of space is quite good especially when the guests arrive at home.

R6 – The niche provided for refrigerator helps in space-saving of the kitchen area by freeing up space.

R7 – The niche provided for wardrobe in the bedroom allows in saving the space of the room by fitting itself in the niche which is quite recommended.

R8 – The dimension of the toilet provided is quite in accordance with the recommended standard size of the toilet but the furniture layout is not shown so it becomes difficult to recognize the placement of bathroom fixtures, which is very important.

R9 – The furniture layout is quite good which helps in proper utilization of the bedroom floor area.

Plan Analysis of 2 BHK - Row house (102 sq. mt.)

*Not Recommended

NR1 – Provision of entry to the drawing room from this side can lead to a congested area on the entrance area.

NR2 – The two-seater sofa blocks the passage between the drawing room and dining area

NR3 – The foyer area and the staircase originating from here leads to congested space and need to be designed in such a way that space is free-flowing.

NR4 – The window provided for ventilation of the kitchen here is appropriate as the kitchen layout here only allows to provide a window on that wall but remember this is not sufficient for adequate ventilation.

NR5 – The way how a door is opening is not recommended. It should open on the other side.

NR6 – There is no need to provide any door in this area unless any plumbing services are provided and a door is needed for installing and their maintenance. One door of suitable size is sufficient in any room for that purpose.

NR7 – The O.T.S. of suitable size at the end provides lighting to all the adjoining rooms and toilet but is an unavoidable option due to dead walls around the plot, which seems a big limitation.

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