Plan Analysis of 3 BHK – Apartment

Here we have analysed and reviewed the design of 3 BHK Apartment admeasuring 801.00 sqm. Good desirable features have been shown as “Recommended “ (R)  and undesirable features  as “Not Recommended” (NR).

The road on which the Apartment abuts and the North have shown in the sketch.

Plan Analysis of 3-BHK Apartment 801

Things will be different for all “4 – flats”  as the wind direction as well as frontage and direction change for all flats. Hence comments which are  applicable for flat no. 1 may not be applicable for 2, 3 & 4 and vice versa.

*R        Recommended

*NR     Not Recommended

Flat – 1

Plan Analysis of 3-BHK Apartment 801

Flat – 2

Plan Analysis of 3-BHK Apartment 801

*R – Recommended

R1 – Windows in opposite walls are good for cross ventilation.       

R2 – Cupboard in internal wall is recommended. Cupboard on exterior wall are not desirable as they may get damaged due to moisture / dampness in wall. The plywood will soon get damaged due to moisture.

R3 – T.V. at desirable distance from sitting area is better.

R4 – Kitchen, Store room & Wash area are well located and connected and satisfy the concept of kitchen triangle.

R5 – The entry of the house is not direct to the living room providing some space for waiting, shoe rack, racks for wardrobe and other day to day things.

R6 – Good Storage space is provided adjacent to kitchen.

R7 – Concept of dry and wet space is maintained in toilets.

R8 – Good and adequate space for wash basin.

R9 – Good space for storage of shoes, umbrella & other necessary items.

R10 – The location of bedroom is in wind direction which is good for summers.

R11 – Balcony is in wind direction which is good for summers.

*NR – Not Recommended

NR1 – Living  room & kitchen does not have adequate ventilation. It will suffer for Natural light.

NR2 – 4’-0” wide balcony not  ideal for sitting, Square of 6’-0”x6’-0” or 7’-0”x7’-0” would have been better.

NR3 – Too little space for T.V.  show case, speakers.

NR4 – Not enough space nor good design for sitting arrangement.

NR5 – No direct ventilation in toilet.

NR6 – Bedroom is in opposite to wind direction which is not recommended for summer.

NR7 – The Bedroom window is visible from adjacent balcony and it would be visible for upper / lower floors too. Hence privacy of bedroom is not maintained.  

NR8 – Dining room would be dark as there is no direct natural light.

NR9 – Location of flat is in front of main road which can create nuisance.

NR10 – Bedroom location is not recommended as it is opposite to natural wind direction.

NR11 – The placement of wardrobe is not appropriates on this wall it should be on opposite inner dead wall.

NR12 – The wardrobe placement is critical it should be located on adjacent wall (next to toilet door).

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Flat – 3

Plan Analysis of 3-BHK Apartment 801

Flat – 4

Plan Analysis of 3-BHK Apartment 801

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