13 Things/Accessories an RV Must Have!

Must Have RV Camping Accessories

Getting a Recreational Vehicle might sound very intimidating, but if you have the right products with you, you can easily make the most out of your planned ventures along with your RV. After a good amount of research, we have figured out the top 13 things you’ll need in your journey to have the best time on the road – all through staying organized, mess-free, and safe at all times without the shadow of a worry.
Without any further talking, let’s get into our handcrafted list prepared especially for people with minimal ideas about how to get started on an RV for all the upcoming adventures and tours for both long term living and short trips.

RV Must Have Items

01. Specified RV GPS

When you’re on the road with your widely spacious RV, free GPS systems won’t be of much help. There are specified RV GPS, which helps you to determine locations and roads safe to travel along with your RV while considering its dimensions.
Many tend to complain about how free mapping software led them to hazardous scenarios that were extremely hard to get out of, especially with the beast of all vehicles – an RV. So, opt for RV-specific GPS.

02. RV Signal Booster(s)

RV Signal Booster

It’s very practical for places where you’ll be camping to be farther away from the signal towers, and you might lose connection to the entire world. Sometimes solitude might be nice, although it’s recommended that you opt for cell signal boosters as well as wifi signal boosters for safety.
You’ll be able to have an extended signal wherever you go and be free of the tensions of losing touch amid the camping adventures. You can also work from an RV when you have an uninterrupted connection.

03. Basic Utensils – An RV Must Have Item

Tool Kit for RV
Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Wherever you might be heading, it’s always better to be safe than sorry at times of emergencies. We suggest you get the best safety kits having multi-head screwdrivers, Pliers, Ratchet sets, Various tapes, Fuses, Power Adapter, Power Extension Cord, Gas Fuel Cans, Voltmeter, Safety Gloves, and so on.
You should also have a tire repairing kit and a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to make sure your wheels aren’t damaged in any way. We suggest you get a basic portable air compressor well, just in case you need it.

04. Two-Way Radio

Two Way Radio for RV

Two-way radios will be way more convenient to you than it sounds. If you have your car along with you and you’re going for a drive nearby, leaving your family with the RV, you’ll need to stay in contact with them. Or perhaps your RV needs a tire change, and you need to find a good mechanic nearby; the two-way radio will also come in handy.
Needless to say, whenever you’re completely out of network ranges, your two-way radio systems will come in handy and save the day.

05. Built-in RV Generator(s)

Built-in RV Generator

Most of the RVs come with inbuilt generators. But, we definitely suggest you have a handy, portable generator along with you for use at the times of the direst need. And as for us, we recommend you use the All Power America APGG10000GL, the best 10000 watt generator available on the market, which is easy to plug in and portable to carry around with you amid your ventures.
With the 10000 watts, you have no fear of not being able to crank up the AC because it’s simply more than enough. It can also be of great use whenever you need a power line for water outlets or electric sources.

06. Solar Panels

RV Solar Panels

One thing you’ll most certainly enjoy with your RV is the solitude on long trips. But the longer the trip, the more the power consumption – so you’ll definitely want to attach solar panels to your RV in case there’s a power outage, or you just want to save electricity in an eco-friendly manner.

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07. Dehumidifier for RV

When you’re going off the grid and stepping onto diverse environments, trust us – humidity can be painful! Hence, we suggest you carry a dehumidifier, which will make your entire trip more comfortable, dry your clothes faster, keep your food fresher for longer periods and help you feel more in your comfort zone.

08. Water Supply Materials

RV Water Tank

When you’re out and about on the roads, you’ll want a fresh drinking water supply at all times, and for this, water hoses are a must. There are different purpose water hoses, so make sure you opt for the verified ones to be safe for consuming water.
Along with a water hose, make sure to get a water pressure regulator, which will help you stabilize the amount of pressure you want flowing from your RV water tank. Don’t forget about getting water filters as well!

09. Multi-Purpose Instant Pots

Instant Pots

If you’re an individual who loves home cooked meals for hygiene and taste, you’ll want to have an instant pot with you throughout the journeys so you can do some quick-cooking starting from making a hot bowl of stew to roasted meals.
There are plenty of pots available in the market which not only boil food but also help you to fry on it – so definitely check those out and give them a try!

10. Defecation Pipes

Defecation Pipes

Make sure you get the pipes to empty out your black tank because they can be a mess to clean up without the proper equipment. Make sure to get the ones with a little extra length, as it can be very convenient while being in campsites.

11. RV Leveling Blocks

RV Levelling Blocks

Although they don’t sound as important after you start living in your RV- you’ll feel the need for this RV essential item. They can help you in resting upright as well as provide huge support to your kitchen machinery to last longer. Although they can be a little tricky to use, you’ll get the hang of it as you start to use it.

12. Portable Camping Stove

Portable Camping Stove

When you’re camping outside, you’ll need fire for cooking, having a little smores-chilling-session, and many for many other uses. The ones in the market today come with adapters so you can connect and use them, all on the go-so definitely get one!

13. Washing Bags

Washing Bags for RV

No, you definitely won’t get the essence of a washing machine with washing bags, but they’ll definitely save the day with at least the capacity of withholding one day’s worth of clothes, so you don’t miss your emergency Laundromat.


Every RV has it’s own specifications, and you might have different needs accordingly. Make sure you get what’s the best for you through a little browsing and research. That being said, we hope this article helped you find your way to getting your RV revved up. Happy RV-ing!

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