Plan Analysis of 4 BHK Duplex (177


Here we have analysed & reviewed the design of 4 BHK Duplex admeasuring 177 sq. mt. Good features have been shown as recommended & undesirable features have been shown as “Not Recommended”.
The road on which the house abuts and North have also been shown in the sketch.

Plan Analysis of 4 BHK Duplex 117 sq.-mt -Ground Floor Plan

R1 – Well Planned living with required furniture & T.V. unit. Very well use of entire space & also avoids cross circulation!
R2 – Separate W.C. & bath are provided as a common toilet with duct for tricky pipes.
R3 – Wardrobe is designed at the inner wall of the bedroom, which prevents moisture damages to your furniture, otherwise from exterior walls.
R4 – Separate area is provided for drying clothes & wash area near kitchen.
R5 – Dry & wet area are well defined in toilets!
R6 – Common ducts are good to collect all waste pipes for duplex houses!
R7 – Separate wash basin provided for dining area.
R8 – Pooja room oriented at East-West direction is good as per vastu!
R9 – Well planned layouts for all bedrooms!  
R10 – Well designed common space for all bedrooms with mini-lounge!
R11 – Kitchen layout is well designed with required store & also use optimum store space by avoiding a separate room.
R12 – Indirect entry to the bedroom indicates a good planning, from privacy point of view!
R13 – Center door to a rectangle toilets are good options to separate dry & wet area!
R14 – Centrally designed staircase is good functional from all rooms of the house!
R15 – Bedroom is in prevailing wind direction.                     
R16 – Good cross-ventilation in kitchen.
R17 – Good distance between T.V. & sofa in living room.

Plan Analysis of 4-BHK Duplex 117 sq.-mt. First Floor Plan

NR1 – Dining area is designed just opposite & adjacent to toilet area which is not desirable.
NR2 – Separate dress room should planned for master bedroom area in same square meter area.
NR3 – No attached toilet is provided for this bedroom, not even a common toilet!
NR4 – Parking area is very less, if it is required for parking a car!
NR5 – Verandah area is very less, cannot accommodate chairs or swing to seat outside!
NR6 – Staircase steps are going anticlockwise, which is mostly not preferred as per vastu!
NR7 – Instead of placing window in center it should be planned on opposite walls for cross ventilation
NR8 – Dining in center, obstruct the family members (which is most of the time used for communication) & dark (only source of natural light from stairs) with no natural ventilation!
NR9 – If the level of your balcony is same as your internal room, then there is a tendency  of water seepage into your room in monsoon. It is advisable to have some level difference to your attached balcony.

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