Advantages & Disadvantages of Blockboards


There are different types of engineered wood available in the market like plywood, MDF, hardboard, particle board, blockboard, etc. All these materials have their own set of distinctive properties, raw materials, manufacturing process, etc. Blockboard consists of a core made of softwood strips between the two layers of wood veneer. Before buying blockboard a homeowner must be aware of advantages and disadvantages of blockboards. Here we have given some advantages and disadvantages of blockboards.

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Advantages and disadvantages of blockboard are as follows:


  • Blockboards are lighter in weight as compared to plywood and thus can be easily transported to the end location, and also the cost of transportation is decreased.
  • In interior, they are commonly used in doors due to its light weight property.
  • Blockboards are cheaper as compared to plywood. Thus, they are used to lower the cost of interior if required.
  • As the blockboards are stiffer and resist the bending in middle, they are majorly used for making long pieces (i.e. > 5 feet) of furniture which are required in panelling, long book shelves, benches, tables, etc.
  • It is advisable to use blockboards for furniture, where thickness is required to be displayed as per custom design requirements.
  • Blockboards have good dimensional stability when exposed to humidity and thus resists wrapping and cracking.
  • Blockboards have more strength and durability as compared to MDF and particle boards. From carpenter’s point of view, it is easier to work as compared to MDF or Particle board.
  • Blockboards can also hold screws and nails very well as compared to particle board and MDF.


  • It is not as strong and durable as the actual plywood or good quality solid wood, as it is made by using softwood strips.
  • If small gaps are left inside the core, then blockboards may be difficult to work with! As the gaps are there, the screws or nails driven may go into the gaps instead of core. This may affect the strength and durability of the furniture. Thus sometimes, skilled carpenters may be required!

There are many application of blockboard furniture in the interior of the home. Although blockboard is less durable than plywood, but they are economical as compared to plywood. After considering the advantages and disadvantages of blockboard, the homeowner should take the decision according to his convenience and budget.

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