Clearing the Common Myths of Modular Kitchen


Jan 08, 2019

Once there was a time, we use to hear from parents how they would pour their number of hours referring through the catalogues and magazines of designs to select the design and finalize it. Then the process of selecting the right carpenter begins who is quite skillful to transform their design into reality. The bargaining for price, then waiting for the furniture completion to make the home cozier and more comfortable follows it.If you are thinking of buying mass-produced, factory-made furniture then from their point of view, then it is a big mistake if you do not adopt traditional way of buying furniture for home.

Factory-Made = Mass-produced = Bad. Wrong Myth!

The most important thing while deciding the furniture is the quality and materials and also the workmanship. There are various number of options to choose in furniture and various aspects to be considered such as budget, scale and use of space, etc. Larger space has quite less limitations as compared to small scale space. In case of small space kitchen, the furniture we use should fulfill the functional aspect as well as increase the décor value of the space to make cooking a joyful experience.

In present days, there is an increasing trend of modular kitchen and has emerged as a smart alternative due to its efficient storage facilities and user-friendly nature. There are myriad choices from materials to finishes, appliances to accessories in modular kitchen.

Modular Kitchen

While modular furniture has been trending in the field of furniture, misconceptions and myths regarding it also exist and come along way with it. Many furniture buyers mistakenly believe that modular kitchens do not offer the same potential of investment as site-built furniture. Here are some of the truths behind some of the common myths of modular kitchen to clear up the confusion.

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Common Myths of Modular Kitchen

Myth 1: Use of Low-Quality Material

There are various materials used in most of the modular furniture and imported kitchens in India such as interior-grade MDF and Pre-laminated Particle Boards along with Plywood.The misconception that they are bad raw materials for making of furniture is based on the fact that they can be worked only using specific machinery and tools present in specialized factories.

If furniture is made from this material using simple basic tools with the help of a local carpenter, it will chip and break off and this cannot be filled likewise as in traditional wooden furniture. There is an application of proper and adequate materials and technology that is enough for the proof of its quality.Also there is covering of six surfaces of the material which proves to be quite durable as it blocks the seepage and entry of anti- friendly agents to deteriorate its quality

Use of Low-quality material

Myth 2: It is Not Strong, Durable and Long Lasting

You invest a huge amount of money in it so it is understood that the quality modular kitchen provides is doubted. There is always a comparison of teakwood furniture with compared to MDF made furniture due to its lifespan and durability as well as strength. A weight of around 50-60 kgs can easily be carried by MDF and Pre-laminate Board. It is obvious you are never going to load your shelves with 60 kgs of kitchen stuff in the cabinet. So, what is the worrying thing? Sometimes when the modular kitchen is not installed well, the reason being that it is not properly installed as needed. There are special screws needed for it as the screw holding capacity of the modular furniture is different from traditionally made furniture.

Trained personnel

It is the lack of knowledge of installation, which puts you in situation that breaks modular furniture. So, the installation of the modular furniture is necessary to be done by trained personnel.

Myth 3: Kitchen Suppliers Lack in Service Support System

It is not possible for carpenter to give prompt service as the carpenter has a team of helpers usually small and unorganized. A professional kitchen manufacturer has a team of technical support and staff for installation of the kitchen and after sales service as they consider it not only as product but also as service-based industry. The staff is regularly trained to handle with various hardware brands for all types of sites and situations smoothly and with ease.

Service support system

Myth 4: Growing Place for Insects and Cockroaches

There is no scope for dark and inaccessible corners as the setup of modular kitchen is better organized and have cabinets with pull-out systems. This helps in better cleaning and up keeping of the kitchen. Whatever type of furniture may be, the insects and cockroaches generally in that spaces which are damp and dark. This type of spaces are eliminated by the use of modular furniture.

Growing places for cockroaches

Myth 5: It Cannot be Used Again After Dismantlingor No Scope for Customization

To help client relocate the modular kitchen easily without any troubles and worries is the main purpose of the provision of standard sized premade cabinets. The module which is needed to be replaced or renovated can easily be done without disturbing its surrounding parts or dismantling the whole kitchen. Therefore,it can be updated with latest appliances and accessories as and when required with quite ease and comfort.

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Myth 6: Only Plywood Makes Sense if You’re Going for Modular Kitchen

The most common use of material for furniture is plywood because it has a good reputation and people are used to it. This is created in the minds of people that plywood is the only suitable option when it comes to making of modular furniture. As stated earlier above in myth 2, materials such as MDF and Pre-laminate boards also have their strength in comparison to Plywood. There are various heavy density particle boards and MDF that are durable as well as strong and long-lasting.

Use of plywood for modular kitchen

Myth 7: Modular Kitchens is Not Resistant to Moisture

There are various qualities of wood in which warping is one of its kind. Generally, all types of wood- whether it is regular wood or dry wood – the degree to which it warps distinguishes it. There are various water-resistant MDF and Pre-Laminate Boards for making of kitchen cabinets which are more moisture-resistant than normal engineered wood boards. If budget is worrying you since the cost of water-resistant wood is more than normal wood then try to design the kitchen in such a way that that both the areas, wet and dry are clearly separated and there is use of specific materials.

Water-resistant MDF board
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There has been growing trend of use of minimalism and space-saving furniture as the spaces in which we are living and working are becoming smaller and smaller. Modular furniture is in the market to fulfill the needs so it is better to know the truth behind the myths of modular furniture and inform ourselves with the emerging trend. Above listed were the myths and their truth behind them. Hope so they were helpful in clearing the misconceptions regarding modular furniture. If you think some of the points are missed out, do comment in the box below.

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