Charm and Comfort: Transform Your Kitchen with a Country Kitchen Makeover


If you are rustic at heart and are wondering how to create a country kitchen, Gharpedia brings you certain tips that will help you achieve the perfect country kitchen that you have been longing for.

For most of us, country living is a bit of a daydream, and if there is one aspect we would like more than anything, it is the traditional country kitchen. The idea of sitting at a large scrubbed pine table with the fragrance of fresh bakes and jars of homemade pickles and jam on the shelves is very appealing. Don’t despair though, that country kitchen of your dreams may not be possible, but there is a lot that can be done to inject any kitchen with all the key ingredients. So, before looking at how to create a country kitchen, you must be aware of all the components of an ideal country kitchen. Begin by listing the top ten features that say ‘country’ to you, loud and clear.

Components of a Country Kitchen

Components Of a Country Kitchen
Components Of a Country Kitchen

 Below is a list of components of a country kitchen:

  • Gingham
  • Baskets
  • Pine tables and chairs
  • Old-fashioned sink with brass taps
  • A wooden dish drainer
  • Curtains instead of blinds
  • Open Shelves Or A Dresser
  • Solid-fuel cooker
  • Busy walls with a display of plates
  • Quarry-tiled floor

Realistically, your existing kitchen may be too small for a table and chairs. The floor may not be strong enough to support a solid-fuel cooker, and you may have to make do with your stainless-steel sink and the vinyl floor. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a country kitchen. There are lots of things you can do to make a practical modern kitchen feel homelier. Look at a few of the modern country kitchen ideas we have for you.

Natural Colours Make Country Kitchen

Country Kitchen With Natural Colours
Country Kitchen With Natural Colours

One of the best country kitchen ideas is to start with the colour, if it is bright white and shiny, it can be mellowed with a soft yellow wash, while if it is too boring and beige, it can be spiced up with rusty red. Country colours are never harsh and tend to echo nature and the countryside. Stencilled patterns make a very good background to the busy look that is so typically country. “More is better” when it comes to hanging pictures, plates, and kitchen utensils on the walls.

Install Soft Lighting To Country Kitchen Design

Country Kitchen Design with Soft Lighting
Country Kitchen Design with Soft Lighting

Lighting can also make a real difference while planning country kitchen design. Undoubtedly, a kitchen is a place where you certainly need to see what you’re doing and there is no denying that spotlights are useful, but they are also real atmosphere killers. A simple wrought-iron candelabra or frosted- glass shade hung low over the table will create a more relaxed feeling, especially when fitted with a dimmer switch to vary the brightness. Before finalizing any kitchen light fixtures make sure it is giving a country look to your kitchen.

Country Kitchen Cabinets and Display

Country Kitchen Cabinet
Country Kitchen Cabinet

A key aspect of the country look is to have lots on show. You may not own a large Welsh dresser loaded with crockery, but a couple of wide plank shelves above a base unit can soon be dressed up to look like one. Simply paint the wall, shelves and cupboard below the same colour, add rows of cup hooks below the shelves and brass drawer handles and then make a display of your kitchen crockery. You can buy rolls of self-adhesive vinyl in gingham checks, and use it to line drawers and shelves and give a country kitchen look. Invest in good quality, checked PVC tablecloth, look around for odd wooden chairs in junk shops and then paint them all the same colour to make a non-matching set.

Distressed Paintwork Makes An Ideal Country Kitchen

Country Kitchen With Distressed Paintwork
Country Kitchen With Distressed Paintwork

Distressed paintwork is still one of the key features of country-style kitchen ideas because it gives the impression of having both a family history and a relaxed attitude. Fake it by applying contrasting coloured paint in two coats and sanding away the top coat in places to simulate wear-and-tear. Use matte paint and finish it off with a top coat of beeswax polish, which looks and smells heavenly.

Cozy Touch for Country Kitchen

Cozy Country Kitchen
Cozy Country Kitchen

Country kitchens should also feel cozy in the evenings, so ditch the blinds and choose curtains instead. Shaker-style patterned fabric featuring ticking stripes, tiny checks, or plaid patterns will all look good in the kitchen, and if you have a sewing machine, a simple plain border and some hand-stitched button detailing will add a contemporary touch. Some matching curtain ties in the same fabric will complete the look.

Useful Pointers to Note While Planning Country Kitchen

  • More is better than less in a country-style kitchen so have as much as possible on display. Cover wall space with shelves of crockery, cups on hooks and small wooden cupboards and replace modern drawer handles with brass versions.
  • A pine table and chairs, a solid-fuel cooker and open shelves of crockery are features of a typical country kitchen.

So how about adopting some of the suggestions in this blog and renovating your kitchen to a country kitchen?

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