20 Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas to Transform Your Backyard

Eating outside always ensures a fun and memorable time. How about the idea of cooking outside? Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

The pandemic is over, and we are free to move around. What if we take part in our indoor activities outside and bring a subtle twist to the regular routine? With its promise of good times and the enticing aroma of delicacies, an outdoor kitchen is something to lust after. Let’s learn some amazing outdoor kitchen design ideas.

The conventional notion of outdoor kitchens having a griller has been transformed into a full-fledged kitchen design. The exterior kitchens now are no less than the indoor ones, with proper fittings, cooking equipment, sinks, and sturdy countertops. As exhilarating as the idea of setting up your outdoor kitchen sounds, choosing the layout and styling options could be a challenge. And that’s why we are here to help you with the process. Let’s review the best outdoor kitchen ideas to find the perfect fit for you!

20 Best Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

Why limit the cooking enthusiast within you to the interior kitchen? Take your cooking tools and step out of the traditional kitchen to explore the world of cuisines. See 20 stunning outdoor kitchen design ideas to get your adrenaline pumping.

01. The Grill Island as an Outdoor Kitchen

Grill Island as an Outdoor Kitchen

A compact outdoor space shouldn’t restrict the chef within you. Go for a kitchen design with a grill island and a side burner. Optimize the function by adding drawers and storage. Outdoor grill kitchen ideas will offer you the opportunity to explore your potential in grilling. Set a dining table next to this tiny kitchen and enjoy freshly-cooked meals. Does your potential grilling skill remind you for a barbeques? Here are some essentials for you then:

02. Compact Outdoor Kitchen

Compact Cooking in Outdoor Kitchen

Having a small space doesn’t mean you should compromise on the convenience of an L-shaped kitchen layout. Minimize the length of the grill and plan a long bar island to squeeze the design into a limited space. With storage provided on the bottom, you can optimize the space to get the most out of it.

03. A Natural Outdoor Kitchen

Natural Outdoor Kitchen

There’s nothing else exuding more luxury than a natural palette. Add a spacious outdoor kitchen with a mood board filled with natural stone and wooden flooring. The combination of these materials will make the kitchen space even more elegant and inviting. Set the kitchen up in such a way that you get to enjoy the natural scenery while cooking your favourite meals.

04. Cheerful Coastal Kitchen

Coastal Outdoor Kitchen

Add a splash of blue accents to bring coastal vibes to your outdoor kitchen. Pair the kitchen appliances and equipment with soft blue hues to make your cooking experience cheerful with a colourful touch to the ambience. Coastal outdoor kitchen ideas offer an inviting and relaxed vibe to your spaces.

05. A Secret Kept in Your Outdoor Kitchen!

Kept Secret in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Do you want to keep the outdoor kitchen more personalized and private? Well, how about owning a secret kitchen in your backyard?

Being able to create a sense of mystery can naturally get you into this kitchen theme. Tuck your kitchen by placing the counter and appliances within a tiny, shaded cooking space accessed by opening the sliding doors. The major advantage of this kitchen idea is that it keeps your appliances safe from harsh weather conditions, which increases their longevity. The doors will open up for you to create your magic for friends and family to enjoy!

06. Cook ‘n’ Chill

Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking can be made more exciting if you have someone to chill with. Set up built-in seats in your kitchen to enjoy a lovely conversation with your loved ones while you explore the world of spices. It could act as your getaway spot to relax.

07. A Fired Oven in Outdoor Kitchen

Fired Oven in Outdoor Kitchen

Does the pizzaiolo inside you need a space to experiment with different seasonings and toppings? A kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to have grills or burners installed. You can build your tiny kitchen with a fire oven, trash drawer, and refrigerator to store all the essentials.

08. The Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

The feeling of a rustic kitchen set in a natural shade and surrounded by natural materials is unmatched. Take the pocket of your lawn that feels the earthiest and set your cooking space in that spot. With a wood-fired oven, lounge space, and grill, these rustic outdoor kitchen ideas are admirably simple and easy to achieve.

09. Island Cooking and Storage

Island Cooking and Storage

To opt for outdoor kitchen storage ideas, go for the modern kitchen island and load it with ample storage space. Incorporate combo storage space with the cooking island to keep all the spices and tools within the workplace. The sleekness and eye-catchy design will inspire you to explore different cuisines.

10. Concrete Counter with Modern Bar in Outdoor Kitchen

Concrete Counter with Modern Bar

How does the idea of cooking and sipping your favourite cocktail sound? Perhaps serving your specialties with a glass of wine can make the dining experience better. One of the classy ideas to add sleekness to your kitchen is concrete outdoor kitchen ideas.

Compose a modern kitchen design by adding sleekness with concrete countertops and setting up a bar counter. A tiny nook can be occupied for cooking while the rest of the space can have a comfortable seating arrangement for added fun. With a grill, small refrigerator, storage, and a trash drawer, you’re all set to step into modern cooking.

11. L-shaped Pizza Hut

L-shaped Pizza Hut as an Outdoor Kitchen

The mouth-watering Pizzas are exciting enough on their own, but enjoying pizza fresh out of the oven while basking under the sun with family can add to the thrill. Setting up your outdoor kitchen with a mini pizza oven can jazz up the entertainment. L shaped outdoor kitchen ideas are beyond ordinary, with maximized utility and an appealing design.

12. Brick outdoor kitchen ideas with the Reclaimed Bricks

Reclaimed Bricks in Outdoor Kitchen

Adding reclaimed bricks to your outdoor kitchen can impart a rustic touch to the whole style. Go for a grill, refrigerator, and burner as per your requirements and have a wholesome outdoor cooking experience. The key consideration is to include a pull-out trash drawer in your list of requirements for ease of working and organizing.

13. Urban Outdoor Kitchen amidst Home Farm

Urban Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking and eating while being surrounded by naturally grown veggies can offer an unmatched ambience to the space. Place your urban kitchen within the kitchen garden to access all the fresh vegetables at arm’s length. Add sturdy flooring and resilient counters for the workspace, while the seating can be set on the natural ground.

14. The Fire Pit Cooking

Fire Pit Cooking

Cooking during chilly evenings can be a task, and to make it easier, here’s a fire pit cooking idea. Outdoor kitchen fire pit ideas add an additional element of ambiance and warmth due to the fire pits. Along with your outdoor kitchen setup, add a fire pit to make the evening a delight. The fire pit can be located in the center with an extended counter for family or guests to gather around, enjoy their creations, and at the same time, stay safe from the cold.

15. Mediterranean Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Mediterranean Outdoor Kitchen

You can add Mediterranean vibes to your outdoor kitchen by incorporating granite. Cover the built-in seating and counters with finished granite and enjoy the loveliness of this design language. Equip your kitchen with your expert tools, and no more obstacles will keep you from cooking outside.

16. The Central Chef Spot in Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

The chef gets center stage and most of the attention. Isn’t that what we all want while we’re cooking? Well, this kitchen layout gives you that golden opportunity to flaunt your skills. With a workspace in the middle, you’ve got all eyes on you and your talent!

17. Open-air Cooking

Open-air Cooking

Cooking under the natural sky is fun. Rather than enclosing the cooking area with an overhead shade or boundary walls, keep it all open and bright. Open outdoor kitchen ideas will impart a one-of-a-kind feel while cooking and dining. An open-air kitchen provides you with a great area to host gatherings with maximized entertainment.

18. Chalkboard Outdoor Cafe

Chalkboard Outdoor Cafe

Give your kitchen a cafe vibe by setting a chalkboard backsplash behind the counter. Whether you write down your secret recipe, keep track of groceries, or scribble your thoughts on the board, this idea can spruce up the space and offer you the feeling of sitting in a cafe while staying at home. Doesn’t this sound like a much-needed break? After hearing about the backsplash, if you are interested in kitchen backsplash ideas, here are some of them:

19. The Pergola Grill

The Pergola Grill in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Do you want a shaded kitchen with an essence of openness? Outdoor kitchen pergola ideas are your go-to option. This idea doesn’t confine you to boundaries and at the same time, offers you shade. Incorporate a long island that acts as a serving area, and orient your kitchen around the edges to keep ample circulation space under the pergola. The seating can either be added within the shade or outside, as per the area and your desires.

20. The Waterfront Cooking

Waterfront Cooking

Consider yourself extremely lucky if you have a stream of water running next to your abode. Take advantage of natural scenic views and open your kitchen to the sound and views of this magnificent stream. It could offer you a chance to have a waterfront cooking experience.

Considerations Before Building Your Dream Kitchen

Anything that can be cooked inside is possible to prepare in an outdoor kitchen. Rather, meals cooked outside taste better and offer a great lounging experience with family and friends. For an even better experience, your kitchen has to be properly set. Here are some ideas to make your kitchen more functional and provide you with a happy cooking experience.

01. The Challenge of the Space

Before you make any decision, decide where you want your workspace to be and consider all the challenges it may present.

Pro-tip: Keep your outdoor kitchen closer to the house so you don’t have to walk a long distance to fetch the ingredients.

02. Transient or Fixed?

Do you want the kitchen setup or cooking space for the time being, or do you want it to be a permanent structure? The length of time you want the kitchen will influence the setting and material choices.

03. Sneak Peek into Budget

Budget plays an important role in the construction of an outdoor kitchen. Invest wisely in the appliances and material palette and make sure it doesn’t shoot up the entire cost of the project.

04. What is the Preferred Style?

Do you want to grill, barbecue, or deep fry in your outdoor kitchen? Based on the cooking styles and cuisines you prefer, invest in the required equipment and accessories.

05. Natural Conditions

Based on your locality and the weather conditions you experience, go for sturdy and resilient equipment. The location of your outdoor kitchen will also be based on these factors. Don’t choose a spot that’s extremely sunny or windy, or else it will cause inconvenience while cooking.

The Yummy Project!

All set to light the flame and flaunt your skills?

All set to light the flame and flaunt your skills?

Compose your outdoor kitchen with a perfect style, function, and convenience blend. Then, choose one of the best outdoor kitchen design ideas to satisfy your inner cuisine connoisseur’s desires and rule the world of grills and spices.

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