Best Entertainment Room Design Ideas – Create Your Ideal Space

If there is a place where you and your family can be together, then it’s got to be the entertainment room. An entertainment room in the house is a wonderful place to sit and relax. An entertainment room design in a modern home is not just an idea anymore; it’s a fun-filled reality. It’s a place where everyone can go to discover both their skills and their hobbies, and also where you can enjoy what you love most.

Family members’ chances to connect socially can be improved by well-designed social spaces like an entertainment room. Reading, studying, playing games, and watching movies are all possible in an entertainment room, as explained by Anacker, B. K. et al. (authors of the book-Introduction to Housing).

6 Best Entertainment Room Design Ideas

Continue reading for the best advice on how to create the entertainment area of your dreams. You’ll find modern entertainment room ideas in each step of the list below.

  1. Entertainment Room Floor Plan
  2. Entertainment Room Design Elements
  3. Aspects of an Entertainment Room
  4. Entertainment Room Furniture
  5. Entertainment Room Storage Ideas
  6. Entertainment Room Decoration

Let’s have a detailed look-

01. Entertainment Room Floor Plan

Entertainment Room Floor Plan
Create a layout for your entertainment room

To design a good space, the layout is most important. The type of audience in the room should be the basis of the entertainment room floor plan. People who want to watch TV, people with a preference for music or those who just like to relax and watch a movie must be considered. An entertainment room design must match the house’s style.

When planning/designing an entertainment room in the house, its size should be considered according to the number of people who will use the room simultaneously. If the space is large, we can always divide it for different purposes.

02. Entertainment Room Design Elements

Elements of an Entertainment Room
Items of an Entertainment Room

If your entertainment room is designed with expertise, and you enjoy playing games with friends or starting up a lively discussion at the bar section, then it’s certain that it is going to be your favorite space in the home.

Homeowners, particularly those with big homes, are increasingly favouring home theatres and home gyms. A thorough understanding of the equipment and acoustics is necessary for the construction of home theatres and gyms, say Maureen Mitton & Courtney Nystuen (authors of the book, Residential Interior Design). We bring some modern entertainment room ideas and elements to make your little home fun and functional.

  1. Gaming Zone in Entertainment Room
  2. Home Theater Area in Entertainment Room
  3. Entertainment Room With Bar
  4. A Reading Corner in Entertainment Room
  5. Entertainment Room with Gym Area

01. Gaming Zone in Entertainment Room

Gaming zone in Entertainment Room
An entertainment room with a games section

Here are some game room design ideas for those who enjoy playing video games or board games. Enough space should be assigned to place a large console to create a gaming zone. This is an integral part of the entertainment room in the house. Chess or other board games, musical chairs, table tennis, and other games or activities you enjoy doing can all be included here. Kids will follow this event, and you will be able to invite your friends to join in.

02. Home Theater Area in Entertainment Room

Home Theater Area in Entertainment Room
Home theatre in your recreational room

When designing or setting up a home theatre, you should consider how the room will look, and soundproofing for the entertainment room should be taken care of. It is advisable to have a big couch that everyone will be able to get on at a time of their choosing. Pick a television setup that fits in your room. Ensure you buy a small one if the distance you will travel from your seat to the TV will be too small. Another good idea for your home entertainment system design is to set up a projector to watch football/cricket matches and long movies.

03. Entertainment Room With Bar

Entertainment Room With Bar
An amusing bar corner

A home bar can be a great addition to this versatility because it gives you a short break from any game, a place to pour yourself a drink, and a spot where you can enjoy some time with your family, friends, and co-workers. Also, add a small pantry to your entertainment room with bar so that you can easily cook in your room while hosting friends. Furthermore, read the following article for portable bar cart ideas.

04. A Reading Corner in Entertainment Room

A Reading Corner in Entertainment Room
Reading nook with quiet and comfort

You enjoy spending time with your friends, but there are times when you’d prefer to read a book and use your imagination to bring the fictional characters to life. Then you’ll need a library in the entertainment room in your house where you can display all your books and enjoy reading and relaxing while listening to some nice music.

05. Entertainment Room with Gym Area

Entertainment Room with Gym Area
Fitness centre in a recreation room

To live a balanced life in the comfort of your own home, modern entertainment room ideas will help you do so. Add gym equipment to use it in between playing video games and reading books. Your favourite books and video games will help you relax whenever you need a break from your daily activities, while a well-equipped gym will keep your body fit and energized.

03. Aspects of an Entertainment Room

The following aspects should be given top priority when designing a well-furnished and comfortable entertainment area.

  1. Soundproofing for Entertainment Rooms
  2. Entertainment Room Flooring
  3. Entertainment Room Lighting

01. Soundproofing for Entertainment Rooms

Soundproofing for Entertainment Rooms
A tightly confined entertainment room

Make sure the entertainment room’s walls, windows, and doors are soundproof if you want to play music loudly. There are sound-absorbing materials available, such as carpets, curtains, and acoustic panelling for the walls or zero-sound drywall, which can be used. You must get good sound quality inside the room.

Plan the entertainment room in an area with no windows. Soundproofing for entertainment rooms is vital, as it will help with acoustics as well as visibility. If you have a large space with a lot of windows, then try to get a room with the least amount of opening so that you can put the game area in the other part of this space.

02. Entertainment Room Flooring

Entertainment Room Flooring
Wooden flooring for sound absorption

Wooden home decor is one of the best decorating and entertainment room ideas on a budget. Go for wooden or cork flooring, which helps in sound absorption. If you have a small room and are designing an entertainment room, installing sound-absorbing flooring and walls is better. If you have a big room with more space, it will be difficult for you to think about theatre-oriented materials for the whole room. In that case, you should go for wooden flooring, carpets, or a wall-to-wall carpet with a cushion under it to absorb sound.

03. Entertainment Room Lighting

Entertainment Room Lighting
A well illuminated entertainment area

The lighting in the room is important. Entertainment room lighting should reduce the glare from the TV. If you want to watch a movie in the dark, use natural light as much as possible. Let your entertainment room shine brightly as you choose the perfect lighting. Above a billiards table, add spotlights or pendant lights to illuminate your prized gadgets and games. Designer floor lamps, wall scones, and chandeliers can also be used to create a good ambience.

If you are designing a home theatre room, you can paint the wall in a darker colour to act as a light absorber. You can always find materials that will help with light absorption in the entertainment room. Don’t use reflective materials. Go for materials that are not shiny. You can use natural light for your entertainment room lighting.

04. Entertainment Room Furniture

Entertainment Room Furniture
Important items of furniture for the entertainment room

The most important piece of furniture in an entertainment room is the couch. The colour of the couch should be determined by the wall colour in the room. Adding a centre table as your entertainment room furniture will allow you to serve snacks to your guests. It is a good idea to design a cabinet on the screen wall to give the big screen or television a defined space. This will also provide you with some extra storage space. You can also add a cozy corner for yourself to relax in and bring in more seating pieces for your guests.

There should be enough space for the equipment in your main entertainment unit. You would need a separate rack for the speakers in a music system. They can be held in different parts of the room. Curtains, carpets, and painting cushion covers can make wonderful entertainment room furniture that can help you transform the space into a cozy and pleasant spot.

05. Entertainment Room Storage Ideas

Entertainment Room Storage Ideas
Stunning storage space for entertainment room

An entertainment room can get messy as it is a space used by multiple people. If left unattended, wires, batteries, CDs, records, etc can easily add to the clutter; hence, entertainment room storage ideas are important. An entertainment room design should consider all the gadgets that you will have in this place. Envision their accessories and build adequate closed storage to keep them all out of sight. All wires can be concealed with smart storage options. Show off your eye-catching collections by using open shelving. You must also keep some extra empty storage for the add-ons in the future. Add a dustbin to the room to discard the waste and keep the room clean.

06. Entertainment Room Decoration

Entertainment Room Decoration
Classic furnishings and décor for a recreational room

Decorating a room is a difficult job, and you need to be an expert at interior design to make your space look stunning. Entertainment room ideas on a budget can use sports equipment as decor, such as an old snakes-and-ladders board or table tennis rackets on the wall. Use carpets, cushions, artwork, photographs, framed memorabilia, plants, etc, to make the room lively and interesting. Antique home décor furnishings bring a classic charm to your entertainment room, so go wild with your imagination and create something unique. You can also add an element of fun to the game nights by having a wishing wall or a scoreboard corner.

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Designing an Entertainment Room

By avoiding the common mistakes mentioned below, you can create an entertainment room design that is both functional and enjoyable for everyone who uses it.

01. Poor Layout

Consider the placement of seating, speakers, and screens when planning your entertainment room floor plan. A poorly designed layout can make it difficult for everyone to enjoy.

02. Overcrowding

Overcrowding the space can make you feel cramped and uncomfortable. It is important to remember that people will need space to move around.

03. Poor Lighting

Add dimmer switches or ambient lighting for a more comfortable viewing experience, as too much light can be distracting while too little can strain the eyes.

04. Inadequate Sound System

A good sound system is essential, so make sure to invest in quality speakers and consider the acoustics of the room when setting up your system.

05. Neglecting the Décor

Entertainment room ideas on a budget must consider the decor of the room. Never compromise on comfortable seating, stylish accents, and decorative lighting, which create a welcoming and inviting space.

06. Not Considering Storage

Entertainment rooms often come with a lot of equipment; therefore, planning for adequate storage and using entertainment room storage ideas to keep the space clutter-free and pleasing must be considered.

07. Forgetting about Comfort

Make sure to consider the comfort of the seating, temperature control, and other factors that can impact the overall comfort of the space.


We hope this article has given you some design inspiration for your indoor and outdoor entertainment room designs. Now that you have set up your entertainment room in the house, you are ready to sit back and enjoy. Apart from having a home theatre and home bar, an entertainment room will be another reason to love your home. You can decorate it according to your taste and have fun in your own home.

Entertainment Room Design FAQs

01. What should be the Ideal Size of an Entertainment Room?

The ideal size of an entertainment room depends on the number of people using it and the type of entertainment equipment to be installed. However, a room size of around 15 feet by 20 feet (300 square feet) is considered suitable for a home theater or entertainment room because it allows for comfortable seating and good viewing angles.

02. What Kind of Seating Options are Suitable for an Entertainment Room?

The most popular seating options for an entertainment room that will provide comfort and relaxation are recliners, sectional sofas, home theater seating, bean bag chairs and gaming chairs. However, several factors must be considered while choosing one, such as the room’s size, purpose, and style.

03. What Type of Lighting is Best for an Entertainment Room?

The best type of lighting depends on the specific use of the room. In general, a combination of ambient (ceiling fixtures or wall sconces), task (table or floor lamps), and accent lighting (track lighting or directional spotlights) is ideal for creating a comfortable environment. Dimmer switches can also help adjust the lighting levels.

04. How Can I Incorporate Storage Options into My Entertainment Room Design?

Incorporating storage options keeps the room clutter-free while still having everything you need within easy reach. Wall-mounted shelves, a built-in entertainment center, cabinets and an Ottoman with storage space can be considered.

05. How Can I make My Entertainment Room Visually Appealing while Still Being Functional?

To make your entertainment room visually appealing, choose the right colour scheme, use a beautiful rug, add live plants in artistic planters, and hang some fine-looking artwork, print, a quilt, a poster, or family photos. Apart from this, make sure you have enough light to see what you’re doing but not so much that it is overwhelming, and select furniture that is both comfortable and functional.

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