DIY Garden Pond Ideas for Making Outdoor More Aesthetic in Budget!

Who doesn’t love to watch life thrive in their little slice of greenery? Goldfish and koi ponds have been incorporated in gardens by aquarium enthusiasts since ages but many people often feel confused about the setup and budget for it. From lotus to water lilies, water rose to duckweed – there are several plants that you plan on growing but cannot due to lack of water feature.
Worry no more, as we have given these DIY garden ponds ideas/ water bodies, which can be installed easily, without spending a fortune.

DIY Garden Pond Ideas

01. Zen Container Garden Pond

Zen Container Garden Pond

The term ‘Zen’ in Japanese is related to meditation or calmness of mind –in your humble peaceful abode. You can add the gurgling sound of the water with a Zen pond. Add some Koi, Shubunkin, Ranchu or common Goldfish in a stone or concrete container. You can also dig one small pond in the garden and border it with concrete boundary or stones to create a seating area by the pond.
What makes these Zen ponds so soothing is the foot therapy by the fish and the gentle sound of the water trickling down. To create a continuous running water mechanism, you can add a wooden wheel that acts as a turbine to recycle the water or install a water fountain feature that uses the water from the pond.
Watch this video for DIY Zen container garden pond.

Foot Therapy in Zen Ponds

If you have a small place in your garden and you want water fountain in this tiny place, check Gharpedia’s article.

02. Repurpose that Plastic Storage Bin and Bathtub for Garden Pond

Repurpose that Plastic Bathtub for Garden Pond

Recycling plastic accessories is undoubtedly the most eco-friendly approach in adding a water body for your garden complex. You can repurpose the old kiddie bathtub or a large water container tub that is no longer in use.
Another idea is to cut a plastic water storage container in half to get two separate containers. Unused inflatable water pools or large plastic bins will also come handy if you reinforce those with necessary repair works.

Use of Plastic Container for Garden Pond

Fill 1/4th part of the container with clayey soil or sand and fill 2/3rd of the rest with clean water. Let the surface settle by leaving it covered overnight. Put a few water lily or lotus seeds – wait for those to germinate or add different aquatic plants like moss, duckweed, money plant etc.
You can also keep turtles and axolotls if the water does not have current and the containers are not too deep. It is better not to keep any delicate fish in these containers, as they might not survive without added oxygen mechanism.
Stagnant water might invite mosquitoes in these artificial ponds –therefore, change part of the water regularly and keep the surroundings clean with regular insect-repellent spray.

The common problem any garden owner faces is the pest in the garden. However, do not worry about it. We have solution for your problem. Check this blog.

03. Bring Out the Old Stock Tank for DIY Garden Pond

Bring Out the Old Stock Tank for DIY Garden Pond

Stock tanks are one of the most reliable garden pond solutions you will get and these come with sufficient space i.e. a length of 3-10 feet and a width of 2-3 feet or if round with the diameter ranging between 3-10 feet. You can colour this to prevent rust formation and place it anywhere on the ground or dig a hole where the tank can be inserted enough.
Maintenance of these artificial tanks is crucial as slime formation and mosquitoes are common, which can be prevented by regular skimming and installing mosquito nets or spraying repellents around respectively.
You can keep pots with large plants beside the tank or place it near somewhere with sufficient shade so that the metal does not get too hot. They come with spigots attached or you can add such mechanism for regular changing of water to maintain a constant temperature. Use it for aquatic plants, fishes or both.
If you want to know how to make a pond from the stock tank, this viral video can help you out.

04. Recycled Tractor Tire Pond

Recycled Tractor Tire Pond

Another fine example of recycling will be to use tractor tires for garden ponds. If you are planning on keeping axolotls, one tire will work and you have to make sure that the water does not have too much current. In case you want to keep different types of fishes, you can place one tire above the other horizontally and attach them firmly with the help of concrete. Either the base of these ponds can be made of concrete or you can insert part of the tire into the soil and layer the base with stones and sand above it.
You can also wrap water-resistant fabric around the tire body. For added decoration, you can attach colourful rocks and shells on the body or simply colour it according to your choice.
Place it near a tube-well or tap to keep a continuous supply of water and add spigots to help in regular changing of water. If you are adding delicate plants like lilies and lotuses, it is better to keep the speed of the water supply minimal so as not to make the water turbulent.

05. Backyard Fish Pond

Backyard Fish Pond

The backyard can be your slice of heaven with the incorporation of paving stones, rocks or concrete, as well as by digging a water body on the ground. You can locate where the water goes out of the house through a pipe and create a small pond below its mouth so that filling it up is easy just by turning the knob from inside your home.
Add some potted plants or sculptures by it and in case you need some current, add a fountain feature in the middle or at the side. An old hot tub or unused swimming pool can also be filled with proper base and water to create your private pond with different plants and fish.
Old in-ground ponds can be cleaned and converted into a backyard pond where you can add a DIY waterfall feature with old wooden barrels, tiered wooden planks and sculptures. For a more rustic look, you can add some seeds of tall grass or place some large boulders.

06. Repurposing Old Pallets for DIY Garden Water body

Repurposing Old Pallets for DIY Garden Water body

In pond landscaping and creating boundaries around a water body, the old pallets can be your most affordable bets. You can create a pond with the used pallets and place it vertically in line or just add a few planks around the water body.

07. Old Standalone Bathtub Pond

Old Standalone Bathtub Pond

Why not utilize your old unused bathtub into something livelier with colourful fish and vibrant plants? In case the tub is broken or cracked, you have to seal it properly with cement or putty, let it dry and then fill water. Use a filter and re-circulating pump to make water filling and changing easy. A ceramic fountain and sculpture also create a waterfall effect. Fill the surface with soil and sand for growing plants or you can submerge potted plants if you are keeping fish and turtles in it.
Follow the steps given in this video and make your mini pond from the old bathtub.

You can upcycle used products and even add a few new decorative to make the landscaping livelier. If you add light features, make sure the wiring is done properly to avoid contact with water. Cover the water tanks in harsh weather conditions and make sure you keep the surroundings clean of any weed, insects and dust. Regular washing and cleaning of the ponds are necessary to avoid odour, mosquitoes, bacteria and algae formation. These DIY garden pond ideas will help you to make your garden more aesthetic.

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