Efflorescence Paint: Most Common Defect in Paint

Painting is the most effective way to brighten up every corner of your house. A painting work carried out properly can protect your home by placing a preventative barrier against wind and water and other natural threats. However, when you are planning to paint, there are chances of several painting mistakes that might happen! which can often leave you with paint defects like chalking, blistering, wrinkling, efflorescence, etc. Among them, efflorescence paint is the most common paint defect observed on the painted surface.

What is Efflorescence Paint?

Efflorescence paint is crystalline (powdery) deposits, usually white in colour that is sometimes formed on the surface of brickwork, plasterwork, and other concrete type structures. It is the appearance of salt-like deposits commonly observed on masonry walls. It mainly occurs due to the presence of salts in the building materials i.e. bricks, mortar, sands or even water used for construction or curing. Efflorescence is not only of aesthetic concern as it can ruin the appearance and can also physically damage the paint layers.

Causes of Efflorescence Paint

  • The main cause of efflorescence paint is the presence of water or moisture in the substrate of building materials.
  • In the case of porous films like emulsion paints, the salt solution can pass through the film, crystallising on the paint film. It can be brushed off the film without any harm.
  • Accumulations of crystalline powder on the underside of the paint film which ultimately lead to paint breakdown, if the substrate is coated with an impervious coating like synthetic enamels.

Usually, efflorescence paint is the result of unrestrained moisture or water movement specifically caused by poor construction technique, poor design or poor workmanship. Before making an effort to remove efflorescence, the source of moisture should be eliminated. However, efflorescence can be removed easily by physically scrubbing with a stiff brush (easily available in market) and careful washing.

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