End of Tenancy Cleaning: What Tenants Need to Know?

Before you move out of your rental property, make sure to read your lease! Many landlords put in a clause that you don’t get your security deposit back unless you complete a deep clean. Post-tenancy cleaning is more than just vacuuming up all the cat hair and wiping down the countertops. A deep clean means are going through each room and making sure every spot is spotless and sanitized. You can do it either by yourself or take help from any professional cleaning services Dubai.

Tenancy Cleaning by Cleaning Companies

Deep cleaning takes a lot of time, which can be hard if you’re trying to move into a new property at the same time you’re moving out of the old property. Some renters turn to cleaning companies to help with checkout cleaning, but it is also possible to do it entirely on your own. According to ‘Consumer Affairs Victoria’, (Published in Renting a home: a guide for tenants), “as a tenant, you are responsible for monthly testing, annual dusting, reporting faults to your landlord, safe use of electric power boards, and so on.”

Post-Tenancy Cleaning Tips

Here are some of the post tenancy cleaning tips for the tenants if they wish to clean the entire house on their own:

01. Declutter

Declutter the unnecessary items in boxes

If you’re planning on leaving all of your unwanted belongings behind, such as broken lamp or outdated electronics, think again. Clutter the first thing that you’ll want to get rid of as part of your deep clean. Your landlord doesn’t want to inherit your junk and getting rid of it will allow you to clean the property better. If any of your unwanted belongings are still in decent shape, consider taking them to a thrift store. If the items are broken, throw them out or take them to the dump.

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02. Create a Checklist

Prepare Checklist

Once you’ve gotten rid of all the clutter in the house, start making a checklist of everything that needs to be cleaned. As mentioned earlier, a deep clean needs to go beyond routine cleaning. Remember to add tasks such as washing windows, dusting baseboards, and getting rid of soap scum from the shower head to your list. If you need help creating a checklist, consider looking online to find a preexisting one.

03. Go Room by Room

Kitchen Cleaning by Professionals

Doing a deep clean can be overwhelming. To help make it more manageable, go room by room instead of trying to do it all at once. It allows you to focus entirely on the tasks that need to be completed in one small space. There might be overlap between some rooms, such as a need to vacuum the living room and bedrooms, but you should still only focus on one space at a time. Once you finish with a room, close the door and move to the next one.

04. Start at the Ceiling

Cleaning the Light Fixtures

Save the floors for last. When you’re dusting off fans, window sills, and baseboards, all that dust is going to fall to the floor. If needed, grab a ladder and get rid of any cobwebs out of corners or wash down the light fixtures. You may even want to check the top of the doors to make sure they’re not dusty. Slowly work your way down. The last step you’ll want to take is vacuuming or mopping the floor.

05. Clean Under the Furniture

Clean under furniture with Vacuum Cleaner

If furniture came with the house, you’re going to need to clean underneath it. Many people forget to clean the floors under their couches or under their fridge, which results in piles of dust and debris collecting underneath of them. If you’re struggling to get under the furniture with the vacuum, consider moving the furniture or getting a specialized attachment for the vacuum that is small enough to slip under furniture.

06. Don’t Forget the Windows

Cleaning Glass Windows

Windows and other glass surfaces also need to be wiped down during a deep clean. Many landlords will want both the interior and the exterior completely clean. For outside windows, hose them down to get rid of dirt and debris. You may also need to use a squeegee. For interior windows, wipe up any visible dust with a cloth, and then use a spray mixture of vinegar and water and wipe with a soft cloth to get the windows streak-free.

07. Wash the Appliances

Cleaning the kitchen Appliances

Finally, don’t forget that you’re responsible for the appliances! If you open the oven, it should be free of any dirt and grime. The washer and dryer should be free of hair and lint. And if there’s a toaster, there better not be any crumbs in it. Some appliances are harder to clean than others. For example, when you’re cleaning kitchen appliances, you’re going to need to take the appliance apart so that you can clean all removal parts.

Professional cleaners

In a nutshell, completely your own end of tenancy cleaning may take some time, but it is entirely doable. If the task seems too overwhelming, make sure to hire a professional cleaning service instead. Don’t just leave the house dirty else you won’t get your deposit back from your landlord.

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