A Guideline to Maintain and Clean Your Swimming Pool

Swimming is the most popular activity among adults and children. People enjoy swimming, and it is also a great way to stay healthy and fit. As it is an energetic activity and you can continue it for a lifetime. It has both physical and mental benefits due to its low-impact. It is an enjoyable activity for people of all ages. Have you ever experienced that when you swim you feel good and relaxed?
Having an indoor pool is a fantastic idea. You can enjoy swimming whenever you want, but it requires maintenance and cleaning. A pool needs daily care, but you often neglect it when you have other pressing matters at hand. When you swim in a grimy pool, it can affect your health.
If you’re a new pool owner, you may not know how to keep the pool clean. Most of the time pool owners neglect the maintenance until the filter gets clogged and walls turn green. By establishing a regular swimming pool maintenance routine, you can save money and a lot more time.
Here are the pool maintenance tips for the beginners which will guide you on how to keep your swimming pool clean.

Pool Maintenance Tips

Swimming Pool

01. Buy Pool Cleaning Equipment

The very first thing you need is the pool cleaning equipment. Before you start cleaning, you’ll have to buy the following tools and store them safely for regular use.

(a) Skimmer Net

Skimmer Net for Swimming Pool Cleaning

Skimmer net is used to collect debris from bugs to twigs and leaves. It is used to remove the things floating on or under the surface of the water. There are two types of skimmers available in the market bag skimmer, and the other is a flat skimmer. Before choosing, make sure that it won’t break easily and it performs its functions effectively.

(b) Pool Brush

Pool Cleaning Brush and Skimmer Net

It is the second cleaning equipment every pool owner should have. It is used to scrub the pool’s floor, walls, and ladder to remove algae and dirt before it ends up with heavy expenses. Like skimmer net, you have to buy a heavy-duty pool brush that would not break easily.

(c) Pool Vacuum

Hose Vacuum for Swimming Pool Cleaning

The other tool you need to clean a pool is a manual vacuum. Most of the time pool brush and skimmer net fail to remove all debris. A vacuum cleaner can suck all dirt and waste settled at the bottom.

(d) pH Tester

Pool water has chemicals to keep it clean. Sometimes overuse of these chemicals can cause several negative effects. For example, an extra amount of chlorine in pool water has many disadvantages like eye redness, skin dryness, asthma, and allergies, especially in kids.
pH tester kit is used to check the level of chemicals in water whether they are within the acceptable range or not.

(d) pH Maintainer

If you find the high chemical level in pool water, pH maintainers will bring the pool’s pH level normal. There are several brands pH increaser, or reducers available in the market, but you have to purchase it from a trusted brand.
After buying these necessary maintenance tools now, you’re ready to make your pool debris free. Our guidelines will help you to make your swimming experience better and more enjoyable by keeping your pool clean.

02. Pool Skimming

The first thing you need to do is skim the surface of the pool. Remove leaves, solid particles, and other foliage that may have fallen into the pool. Skimmer net is an effective tool to remove these things to make pool clean. Do this practice regularly to keep your indoor pool healthy for swimming.

03. Use Brush to Clean the Pool Surface

Use a pool brush to remove the debris settled at the bottom surface. Clean tiles, floor, stairs, and walls with a brush. You can do this once a week to clean your pool from algae and debris.

04. Use Vacuum

Sometimes, after completing the first two steps, you still have debris on the floor. By using a vacuum, you can get rid of the trash. Whenever you brush the tiles and floor, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the pool.

05. Unclog Filters

Once you clean your pool, don’t forget to check your pool filter. Remove any dirt, leaves, grime, debris, and other solid particles that can cause filter clog.

06. Invest in Pool Cleaning Service

If you have a swimming pool at your place and you enjoy your swimming session then don’t forget to keep it clean. Cleanliness and maintenance of pool ensure comfort and keep it safe and clean for you to swim. If you don’t have enough time to clean it, you can hire a local pool service company to enjoy your swimming.

07. Automatic or Robotic Pool Cleaner

For most pool owners who are to busy with their routine life and cannot spare time to clean their pool, this is the best tool that can maintain and clean their pool with the help of Robotic pool cleaner. Robotic pool cleaner is an innovative, self-contained, user-friendly pool cleaner. It can filter, vacuum, and scrub your in-ground pool for up to 50 feet or 15m in length. We have written very good guide; so, read more about Robotic Pool Cleaner machine.

In last, if you are armed with the best pool cleaning equipment, the cleaning of swimming pool becomes very easy task. First, remove leaves, solid particles, and other foliage and then remove the debris settled at the bottom of the pool. Second, use vacuum and remove trash from the pool. Third, check your filters and unclog them. In last, if you don’t have enough time, you can use robotic pool cleaner or just hire a local service company that helps in swimming pool maintenance.

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