How To Paint Two Tone Walls In Neutrals? Step-By-Step Process


In the interior décor segment, styles fade away and then makes a comeback too! The two-tone wall style, which had disappeared, is now back in the picture and is all set to become a fashion statement for the walls. Through this blog, we share a step-by-step process of how to paint two-tone walls in neutrals.

This project is most useful in boxy rooms that lack an interesting feature to pick out. The idea is to create energy and interest by painting a wall in two-tones of the same colour. The two colours meet with a line at the height most complimentary to the shape of the room. Two-tone painting ideas for bedroom walls can help to make the room feel less boxy.

Art Educationist ‘Ellis A. D.’[398] in the book “A Practical Manual of House Painting, Graining, Marbling and Sign Writing” suggested some neutral colours for two tone wall paint ideas. Khaki and beige are to be considered for two tone colors wall paint design, which give a natural vibe, while others are shades of white, grey, peach and pastel tones of all the colours.

Two tone neutral wall with designs

The best way to paint two-tone walls in a tall room is to keep the line in a low position; while in a short one move it up and; in a long thin room it might be best to divide the wall vertically, with two-thirds of the wall painted in the lighter shade and the remaining third painted a few tones deeper. This will appear to bring the room more into proportion. Painting two walls in different colors create lively rooms. Even creating colors block walls in contrasting colours would provide more colourful twists to two-tone painting ideas.

Supplies Required to Create Two-Tone Wall

Following supplies are required to do a neutral two tone wall:

  • Decorator’s masking tape
  • Paint roller and tray
  • Pencil
  • Set-square
  • Straight edge with spirit level
  • Two shades of neutral tones
  • 5 cm paintbrush
Supplies required

The Step-By-Step Process Of How To Paint Two Tone Wall!

Taping the zigzag or other irregular patterns for two-tone painting techniques on the wall is the most time-consuming part of this project, but the result makes it all worthwhile. Let’s check out how to do two tone paint on wall:

1. Decide on the height where the straight, zigzag, other pattern or colour will meet. Then paint the top half of the wall in the lighter shade to roughly 2.5 cm below the lower point of the pattern. Leave this overnight to dry – this is important painting tips for two-tone walls in order to prevent the masking tape from lifting the paint as it is removed.

2. Measure the height to the top point of the pattern and make a mark. Do this along the wall, and draw a soft pencil line to join the marks. Check it with the spirit level.

Creating design on wall

3. Place a strip of masking two tone tape a wall in the desired shape and size of the pattern on the wall. Here is the painting trick for two tone wall in Zigzag pattern. Put a tape at a forty five degree angle from the line to the wall edge. Now place another one at 90 degree to the first. Each following piece is placed at 90 degree to the previous one and trimmed to give a neat point.

Masking with the tape

4. Editor ‘Fiona B’[386] suggested an interesting procedure in ‘The House Book’ to paint a two-tone wall. Paint the lower section of the wall using a small roller or brush to paint over the edge of the masking tape. Once the paint is almost dry, lift the masking tape carefully; breaking off and disposing of manageable sections as you go along. This way, you are less likely to become entangled in a web of painted tape! Use the paintbrush to touch up any pencil guidelines that remain on the lighter shade to create a two-tone wall painting.

Finishing the paint

Finishing Touch

Final product

How to paint two tone wall is no more a question. It has been made easy here so that you can get a splash of your favorite neutral tones! Now…isn’t painting a two-tone neutral wall a child’s play?

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