The Importance of Using Flow Meters for Your House!

Nowadays water crisis is a major environmental issue, and several people are suffering from the water crisis. It affects the various industries as well as the household. So, it becomes necessary to keep your eyes on water consumption.

You might be thinking how it is possible, let us know about flow meters and its importance & uses.

Flow Meter: As per the definition given in ‘Lexico Dictionary’ the flow meter is an instrument which measures the flow of liquid and gas through a pipe. It is also known by various names such as flow indicator, flow gauge, liquid meter, flow rate sensor, etc.

Flow meter not only measures the water flow, but it is also used to measure the flow of gas and other fluids like oil etc.

Flow Meters

In the world of real estate and property-owning, every property owner must have his or her own flow meters for their properties. For residential purposes, flow meters help owners read the pressure of the water supply they’re receiving. Having any irregularities might mean that the water supply is having trouble, or it may mean that repairs on the pipes should be done.

For residential uses, flow meters often provide ways for the homeowner and their family to look up their water consumption and how to save money on utility bills. As mentioned earlier, it could be a way to find out if their house needs repairs or not.

In commercial uses, flow meters are critical tools that can mean life and death for a company. Take, for example, an oil gathering station. If, for some reason, there aren’t flow meters around, owners simply wouldn’t know how much oil they’re losing. In the first place, these types of businesses won’t even be possible without a flow meter.

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Importance of Flow Meters

01. Safety Purposes

Flow meters aren’t solely used for liquids. Some meters also measure gas build-up, flow, and pressure. Gas meters are specifically designed to measure the volume of fuels used inside a home. Commonly, most households use natural gas and LPG or liquefied petroleum gas.

In the past, these gas meters were installed inside homes. Nowadays, you can find these gas meters outside the house. Most of the flow meters from smart measurement and those from other companies are installed outside because of city ordinances and sound planning.

These meters are crucial for safety because they can tell a homeowner or any person about dangerous gas build-ups that could be happening. Although most can tell a build-up is happening by smelling the air around them, there are cases that Propane and Butane become odorless. All it takes is a small spark to ignite that build-up and cause massive destruction due to fire or explosion.

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02. Accuracy in Reading

It’s a common scenario every time of the month where landlords and other property owners scratch their heads because of burgeoning utility bills. Having a flow meter and knowing how to spot irregularities can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Irregularities in readings can mean that there’s something wrong with the pipelines inside your property. Once you do repairs and find that the readings are regular, then you can be sure that your bills won’t be as high. It’s important to know that you’re paying the right money for the right amount of water or gas you’re consuming.

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03. Functionality

Some places are known to be low water pressure areas. It means that the water pressure they get is very weak and that the flow of water takes a long time to supply a household. Low pressure doesn’t automatically mean there’s a water shortage. Flow meters can help by providing readings on water pressure.

For property owners who own duplexes or buildings with more than two stories, a flow meter can help define the right pressure needed to supply water to the upper floors. A weak flow of water in the upper levels are common problems that most home and property owners overlook.

Low water pressure may indicate clogged pipes or using pipes that are too small or too big. Plumbing fixtures may need repairs, as well. If there are still problems with pressure, most homeowners and landlords use pumps to get the water to higher stories. All of these measures won’t be even possible without the help of a fully functional flow meter.

04. Aesthetics

When it comes to a beautiful house, a homeowner must focus on their yards and gardens. Sprinklers and other sources need ample water supply is needed to maintain a lawn full of healthy grass. For those who want to wow visitors, friends, and family, most homeowners put in fountains in their yards.

Fountains are excellent focal points because they look good and natural. They also attract birds that bathe and drink from it. Watching these birds often provide a relaxing feeling from time to time.

To get your fountain to display correctly, you need an adequate flow meter to know which pressure is the right one for your fountain. Too little pressure would cause your fountain to drip and flow like a faucet. Too much, and you’ll wet everyone near your fountain.

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Takeaway, whether it’s an industrial facility, a house, or an apartment, having flow meters is essential nonetheless. On the industrial side, flow meters keep track of pressure and flow, which could mean profit or loss for a company.

On the residential side, however, flow meters can help homeowners in regards to their safety. Flow meters don’t only measure liquids; they can also be used to measure gas. These meters also provide accurate readings, help determine proper pressure for high rise structures, and help with the functionality of most garden/law fountains.

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