What Is The Importance Of Windows In A House?


Windows are considered to be one of the most important and exceptional components of a building through which light, air and sound reach a space. It is through windows that the interior space of a house connects with the exterior space, thereby helping the occupants of the house enjoy the exterior environment. The houses are incomplete without windows. Gharpedia therefore describes here the importance of windows in a house.

What Is The Importance Of Windows In A House?

Let’s learn why need windows in house, functions of a window in a house, advantages of windows in house uses of windows in buildings:

Window Admits Daylight into Interior Spaces of House

As a human, we all need natural daylight to survive. The presence of natural daylight in our house helps to cheer up our mood, increase our productivity, and improve our health. Thus, it is very important that our interior spaces get enough daylight and this can be achieved by the means of windows, which can be an opening formed in a wall or a roof by means of some transparent or translucent material fixed in a window. Hence, windows are a must for allowing natural light in the house.

Window daylight

Windows Offers Best Natural Ventilation

Windows allow the fresh air to penetrate into your space. This improves the ventilation of the space. Windows are not the only source of ventilation for our houses, but they are vital components for ventilating our interior space. There are two ways for making a house ventilated: natural ventilation and artificial or mechanical ventilation. Apart from windows, a normal cut-out or an opening can work as an alternative for ventilation.

Windows offering natural ventilation

Window Lets Sunlight Inside the House

The sunlight has healing powers and it is essential for our hygiene as well as therapeutic and biological processes. Along with this, we can expect reductions in utility bills due to the presence of sunlight in a house. Thus, for enjoying various benefits of sunlight, we can increase the space’s exposure to sunlight by means of windows, and can easily get the natural light and warmth of sunlight in the house. Before locating windows for the admission of sunlight in a house, it is necessary to pay proper attention to the orientation of the building for avoiding harsh direct sunlight. Please note that we need different types of windows for different climates.

Window for sunlight exposure

Along with the above-stated reasons, the functional requirements fulfilled by a window also increase the importance of windows. So let’s have a look at these functions of windows.

Windows Enhances the Aesthetics of Your House

Windows are the vital elements of the house that can raise or ruin its aesthetics. There are various types of windows available in the market and this article will help you in selecting the best suit for your house. The right selection of window can complement any other element of the house in its own manner.

Windows Enhancing the Aesthetics of House

Windows Provides Safety and Security

As discussed earlier, there are other alternatives for ventilation of your house, but these elements are just an opening that may let any unwanted elements into your house, whereas if you have provided a window for ventilation purposes, you can lock the windows and be safe comparatively. Thus, for boosting the safety and security of your house, opt for made-to-measure windows and maintain them well so that issues like jemmying do not occur.

Safety and Security with windows

Windows offers Convenience to Home Owners

Depending on the location of windows, they provide a lot of convenience to the users. A window placed in a kitchen lets smoke, odors, and hot air escape the kitchen. A window located in a bathroom enables the escape of steam and helps in drying the bathrooms faster. The window allows you to interact and pass on the messages from two different areas – interior or exterior, without venturing into particular spaces.

Windows offering Convenience

Windows Enhances the Privacy of Internal Spaces

Windows enhance the required privacy and give moments of solitude to the home users whenever they desire as per their interests. This privacy can be achieved by using opaque or translucent glassor by using window treatments like curtains, shades, etc in windows depending upon the required privacy by home users. 

Windows enhancing the Privacy of Internal Spaces

Windows Provides Energy Efficiency to Your House

Nowadays, the homeowners are looking for various ways that can make their house energy-efficient. To increase the efficiency of the interiors of your house, you can go with uPVC windows that offers a lot of advantages. Most importantly, they are energy-efficient. These windows keep the heat away during summer and retain the heat inside your house during winters, which will eventually reduce your electricity bills.

Windows providing energy efficiency to House

If you are interested to know the importance of uPVC windows in a very simple way, have a look at our article:

Windows Increases Resale Value of Your House

Before selling the house, many homeowners upgrade their houses with products having lasting guarantees to make profits while selling. So, if you install high-quality windows or double or triple glazing windows, you can increase the overall value of your house. An attractive house with well-designed windows helps in increasing the value of your house.

For enjoying all the benefits of windows for your house, window orientation plays a very important role. So, let’s have a brief look at the placement of windows.

Window Orientation

Windows should be located keeping sun path as well as wind direction for an entire year in mind. It is important to consider the window placement in house, window placement in small house, window position in wall i.e. direction of windows. facing the sun and their solar access while deciding the orientation of windows. So, let’s have a look at characteristics of windows oriented in various directions that is very well described by non-profit organization Green Built Alliance that educates the people on health and environmental impacts of design and construction.

North Facing Windows

North-facing windows are most desirable for day-long light. For best daylight results, provisions of overhangs should be minimal yet balanced with protection from the rain. These windows are the worst for heating performance, as they contribute almost nothing to heat gain from the sun.

East Facing Window

East-facing windows are mostly preferable for the kitchens. However, it is a preferred direction for placing the windows for bedrooms of those who rise early and appreciate the morning sun. These windows have an almost neutral effect on the overall energy performance of the house depending upon the number of windows, SHGC, porches or overhangs, shadings, etc.

South Facing Windows

South-facing windows are important for maintaining the heating performance of the house. By increasing the south-facing windows and SHGC, you can increase the free daylight and heat in the house.

West Facing Windows

West-facing windows contribute the most towards overheating the interiors, which eventually creates discomfort for users. Thus, it is advisable to provide fewer windows in the west direction. However, if provided, they should be treated with deep overhangs and window glass with a low SHGC rating so that it creates a favorable atmosphere inside the house.


There can no longer be any doubt that how the windows are essential for the efficient functioning and aesthetic of the house after knowing various aspects depicting the importance of windows in a house . Thus, to enjoy all these advantages of windows without any hindrance, make sure you choose the right alternative of windows, keeping in mind the effects of orientation of the windows as per sun path as well as wind direction.

For more information regarding windows, have a quick glance at the complete guide on windows on Gharpedia that are stated below so that you don’t miss out on any important aspect while choosing the right window for your house.

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