How to Take Care of Furniture During Rains: Expert Tips for Monsoon Season Protection

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The monsoon brings great respite from summer’s scorching heat and nerve-wracking humidity. But, as much as this season has been romanticised, there are many snags that monsoons bring along that may prove disastrous to your wooden furniture and furnishings. The good thing is that you can fight it easily, and your weapon is ‘care.’ In this article, Gharpedia talks about some amazing furniture care tips that will help you know how to protect your furniture during rains like a pro!

Have you ever wondered why your exquisite wooden furniture go dull, shineless, and deglamorised during the monsoon? Blame the moisture!

Your wooden furniture and costly furnishings require extra furnishings care during the monsoon so that their sheen and elegance stay intact.

How to Take Care of Furniture during Rains?

Wood furniture care tips are no rocket science. It will hardly take time, and with this little time investment, the outcome will be worthwhile. You will have sparkling, clean, and lustrous wooden furniture at the snap of a finger.

Let’s have a detailed look.

How to Take Care of Wood Furniture?

Despite being expensive, wooden furniture stand out because they are classy and long-lasting! They also add elegance to your space and reflect noble taste.

You must be extra careful with the wooden furniture during the monsoon and follow monsoon care tips and take all precautions to protect them from rain. However, this requires some preparation so that you can accomplish the task perfectly.

01. Mind the Edges

Seal the cracks, joints, and corners of the wooden furniture (if any) with the best coatings and sealants.

02. Use Pesticide Deodorants

You can use pesticide deodorants like camphor tablets and naphthalene balls. They are good moisture absorbers and keep pests away.

Gharpedia has written about some amazing home remedies for pest control in monsoon. This will help you control pests in the rainy season.

As stated by Vishal Malhan, Senior Vice-President, Pidilite Industries, neem leaves, and cloves are efficient natural deodorants and can absorb moisture quickly. You can adopt these methods this rainy season.

03. Keep Furniture Away from Wall

To protect furniture from rain, move all the wooden furniture at least six inches away from the wall. In monsoons, the walls accumulate moisture, which can damage the wood furniture. It is good for the walls as well because the concrete structures get the space to breathe and get rid of the humidity.

04. Keep the Doors and Windows Open

Keep the doors and windows open when it is not raining outside. In the daytime, it will help you receive sunlight and fresh air inside the room. It will reduce the feeling of clogging, humidity, and a foul smell indoors. The moisture content will reduce when sunlight and fresh air circulate inside the house. We all know that moisture dies in a well-ventilated space. This will help you protect furniture from rain.

05. Dusting Using Dry Cloth

One of the basic wood furniture care tips is to use a dry cloth for dusting it. Wet or moist cloth may damage your wooden assets. The moisture promotes the growth of mould, which is harmful for you and your wooden furniture. All in all, the mantra is to keep your wooden furniture away from damp clothes.

If you want to know more about cleaning and maintaining furniture, click on the below link:

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06. Keep Doors & Windows Hinges Oiled or Waxed

Furniture care in the rainy season is a priority because during this season, the wardrobe, doors, and windows usually produce a creaky noise. They seem jammed and do not operate smoothly. If, somehow, they get stuck, don’t rush or exert extra pressure! To avoid the hassle, oil them or get them waxed before the onset of the monsoon. This will keep them in working condition through the wet season.

07. Avoid Buying Wooden Article

Don’t buy wooden articles during the rainy season. Make it a point to either buy them before the monsoon season or after the rainy season is over.

08. Maintenance Instead of Renovation

Never take up renovation work during the monsoon. Carpentry work, painting, and varnish work require dry weather to get better results. The monsoon is apt for indoor area maintenance work, but the season is not suitable for remodelling.

When it comes to monsoons, leaky roofs are the most common trouble for households. But don’t worry, Gharpedia has some roof maintenance tips here:

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09. Avoid Transportation of Your Furniture

Don’t transport your furniture during the monsoon, especially the wooden ones. That is one way to protect furniture from rain. Your furniture may get damaged due to the damp weather during transportation. If unavoidable, make sure the furniture is packed safely, leaving no room for damage.

10. Varnishing

Varnishing can be an effective process for furniture care in the rainy season. You may apply varnish to the wooden furniture one month before the monsoon season. It saves furniture from moisture and gives a rich look to your collection. Varnish acts as a shield of protection against termites and ants and thus adds to the durability of your woody assets.

11. Buy Cane and Bamboo Furniture

Cane and bamboo furniture items do not require much attention in the monsoon. If you do not have an option but to buy furniture, you may add some cane pieces to your purchase list. It is going to be worth it.

12. Avoid Drying Clothes on Furniture Pieces

One more important wood furniture care tip is to stop drying clothes on pieces of wooden furniture and railings. It is one of the practices followed in most households during the monsoon. People conveniently put damp clothes on furniture pieces or staircase railings for drying. Well, that is a bad idea if the railing and furniture are made of wood. Always make sure you have enough clotheslines in your house for monsoons so that your furniture does not bear the brunt of damp clothes.

Now, don’t think about where you will dry your clothes when it’s raining outside; here are some fantastic ways:

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Next come the home furnishing items in your sweet home. They need more attention in this wet and humid season. To fight the increasing humidity level and moisture content, you need to take care of furniture and home furnishing accessories alike.

How to Take Care of Your Home Furnishings?  

Follow the below-mentioned tips to take care of your home furnishings:

01. Plan Your Upholstery and Furnishing

Planned upholstery and furnishing will add glamour to your home and space. So before buying, plan in detail and shop accordingly.

02. Change Window Curtains

You may change all dark and heavy curtains to lighter shades and lightweight material, which can let in more light and breeze and also dry easily. The rule is applicable especially for the window curtains and the door curtains, which are prone to receiving a splash of rainwater. This will also support the process of furniture care in the rainy season.

03. Use a Lightweight Cotton Bedsheet

The same goes for bedsheets too! Consider using lightweight and cotton bedsheets for your home, which can dry easily, even indoors, while it is raining outside. If it does not dry, moulds and fungus will develop, which can start spreading around, leaving behind a foul smell. Mould and fungi are detrimental to our respiratory health too.

04. Use Light Upholstery for Sofa Sets

Use cotton and lightweight upholstery for your sofa sets and other furniture during the monsoons. Family members or guests can land up at home drenched in rain. When they sit on your upholstered sofa, it is obvious that the furniture will absorb the moisture. It is easy to wash and dry lightweight upholstery.

05. Remove Carpet and Rugs from Floor

Remove the carpets and rugs from your floor before the onset of the monsoon. Roll them up and keep them stored in big polythene bags. Keep naphthalene balls or cloves to ward off the ugly fungus infestation. It is difficult to maintain rugs and carpets during the monsoon, as these are all dirt catchers. It is difficult to keep carpets and rugs clean without a vacuum cleaner. If the carpets and rugs demand a wash, drying them will be a challenge.

06. Keep Polyester Carpet

If you wish to keep carpets, go for polyester ones, at least in the rainy season. This polyester variety is easy to wash and dry, and it is easier to vacuum clean.

For a better understanding of types of carpet, like its material and texture, read our blog: Which Types of Carpet Goes with a Modern House Design?

07. Keep Your Window Nets Clean

Clean the window nets before the arrival of the monsoon, or else dirt will clog the pores, providing safe breeding grounds for insects. The clogged net will cause an interruption of airflow too.

08. Use Humidifier

Now it’s time to get a humidifier for your home. It can check the humidity in the home and is good for the respiratory health of your family. Using a humidifier is an easy way to keep the foul odour of dampness away. This too will contribute to protecting furniture from rain.

An initial spell of rain can rejuvenate our mood and spirit, but continuous rain and cloudy weather may dampen our mood negatively. Whatever the case, you must take good care of your home, kids, elders, and the health of all. If you follow the above-mentioned wood furniture care tips and some tips to care for your furnishings, you will surely be able to protect your furniture from rain.

Like John Wesley said, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” Besides a sparkling clean ambience, a monsoon cleaning spree of furniture and furnishings will keep the infections at bay.

Summing Up

The monsoon may demand staying indoors. You may engage in indoor games, cook healthy food, and enjoy time with your family during this season. A little care of your home décor will help you stay away from monsoon snags. Taking good care of your furniture and furnishings is an integral part of home maintenance. During monsoons, the necessity of care becomes more intense. So, go with the flow of the season and stay organised. We hope this blog has been useful, and now you know the A to Z of furniture care in rainy season.

Happy Monsoon!! Enjoy the freshness of the water and the greenery around you, and rejoice because you now know how to take care of furniture during rains!

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