How to Take Care of Your Furniture & Furnishings in Monsoon?

Monsoon is a great respite from the scorching heat and nerve wreaking humidity of summer. The sweet smell that oozes from the ground after the fresh spell of rains is really very soothing. It pacifies our mind, body, and soul, and even nature gets refreshed and energized after the showering rain spells.

But monsoon is not free from its snags. Besides the infestation of bugs and insects, fungus germination and intrusion of moisture control is a sheer demand of this rainy season. Moisture intrusion in your premise may call cold attack and flue infection, but have you watched that your costly wooden furniture and furnishing often get dull, shine-less, and deglamorized during monsoon?

Yes, it’s true! It’s not your cleaning mania Indeed! Wooden furniture and costly furnishings of your house may need some extra care during this monsoon period to keep their sheen and shine intact.

The good thing is that you can fight it easy! Only be careful and take good care of the furniture and the furnishings in Monsoon along with self-care to stay lively as always you are!

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Monsoon Care Tips for Furniture and Furnishings

Monsoon Care Tips for Furniture and Furnishings

Monsoon care tips are no rocket science. For your wooden furniture, it is like arranging regular care with some specific preventive measures. It will hardly take time but with this little time investment, you will get to maintain a sparking wooden ambiance! No dullness on wooden beauty is ensured!

How to Take Good Care of Wooden Furniture?

Wooden furniture is costly enough but they are ecofriendly, classy, and quite long-lasting! And yes, they add a note of elegance to your home. Wooden furniture always speaks of your noble taste.

You need to be extra careful with the wooden furniture in monsoon, and you should prepare yourself a bit beforehand to get the job done perfectly.

01. Mind the Edges

Seal the Cracks in Furniture

Seal the cracks, joints, and corners of the wooden furniture (if any) with the best coatings and the sealants.

02. Use Pesticide Deodorants

Use Naphthalene Balls & Camphor Tablets as a Pesticide Deodorants

As said by ‘Avinash Subramaniam’, “Use pesticide deodorants, such as naphthalene balls and camphor tablets. They are great moisture absorbers, and it will keep the pests away.” As stated by ‘Vishal Malhan’ (Senior Vice President at Pidilite Industries), Neem leaves and cloves work as an efficient natural deodorant and can absorb moisture quickly. You can opt for any one option from the list to take care of your home and the woody furniture.

03. Keep Furniture Away from Wall

Keep Furniture Away from Wall

Move all the wooden furniture at least six inches away from the wall. In monsoon, the walls accrue moisture, and it can damage the wood furniture. Even it is good for the walls as the concrete structures get the space to breathe and get rid of humidity.

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04. Keep the Doors and Windows Open

Keep Door Open

Keep the doors and windows open when there is no rain. In the daytime, it will help you to receive sunlight and fresh air inside the room. It will reduce the feel of clogging humidity and foul smell inside. The furniture will be aired, and moisture content will be reduced!

05. Dusting using Dry Cloth

Dusting using Dry Cloth

Use a dry cloth for dusting furniture else it may damage your wooden assets. The moisture will help the moulds to develop, which is not only detrimental for the health of wood; it is harmful for the dwellers. Keep away from damp, don’t wipe your wood furniture with damp clothes.

06. Keep Them Oiled or Waxed

Oil or Wax on Furniture

In the rainy season, the wardrobe, doors and the windows, etc. usually produce a creaky noise and pose difficulty in operating.  If somehow, they get stuck, don’t rush or exert extra pressure! To avoid hassle, oil them or get them waxed for smooth opening and closing.

07. Don’t Buy Wooden Article

Don't Buy Wooden Articles in Monsoon

Don’t buy wooden articles during the rainy season. Either buy before the monsoon season sets in or else after the rainy season is over.

08. Maintenance Instead of Renovation

Maintenance of Home in Monsoon

Never indulge in renovation during monsoon: the carpentry work, painting and varnish work require dry weather to get better results. Monsoon is apt for the indoor area maintenance work but the season is not suitable for remodelling by any chance.

09. Avoid Transportation

Avoid Transportation of Furniture

Don’t move wooden furniture in monsoon via transportation. It will cost you more because there are chances of damage due to damp weather.

10. Varnishing

Varnishing of Furniture

You may give a touch of varnish on the wooden furniture one month before the monsoon season. It saves furniture from moisture and gives a rich look to your collection. Even it saves from the dreaded termites and ants, which is a definite advantage to your woody assets’ durability.

11. Buy Cane Furniture

Buy Can Furniture

Cane and bamboo furniture items do not require much attention in monsoon. If you are planning rigidly to buy furniture, you may add some cane pieces in your purchase list. You will be at better peace of mind.

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Next comes the home furnishing items in your sweet home; they are the right choice indeed. But they need more attention in this wet and humid season.  In order to fight the increasing humidity level and moisture content in, you need to take care of the home furnishing accessories accordingly.

How to Take Care of Your Home Furnishings?

Follow the below-mentioned tips to take care of your home furnishings:

01. Use Upholstery and Furnishing

Use Planned Upholstery and Furnishing

Planned upholstery and furnishing will add glamour to home and space. So before buying, plan in detail and shop accordingly.

02. Change Window Treatments

Change Window Treatment

You may change all dark and heavy curtains to the light shades of pastel and in lightweight material which can easily get dry. The rule is applicable, especially for the window curtains and the door curtains prone to receive a splash of rainwater.

03. Use Light Bedsheet

Use Light Bedsheet

Same goes for bed sheets too! Consider using lightweight and cotton bed sheets for your home, which can easily get dry in the shade while raining outside. If it does not dry, moulds and fungus will develop they will start spreading around an unpleasant foul smell. It is bad for your respiratory health too.

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04. Avoid Decorative Furnishings

Avoid Ornamental Furnishings

Avoid ornamental and decorative upholstery and furnishings in monsoon season. It is difficult to maintain and take care of these intricate and stylish materials if your home is not fully ventilated with light and air. During monsoon, simple furnishing will be easier to maintain. Go for it!

05. Use Light Upholstery for Sofa Sets

Use light Upholstery for Sofa Sets

Use cotton and lightweight upholstery for your sofa sets or seater during monsoon. Regardless family members or guests, if they are coming from outside may get water drenched. There is a chance that your sofa will be affected by the rainy effect. Your sofa covers may get damp. Lightweight upholstery can be washed and dried easily in the washing machine, which will ensure better peace of mind.

06. Remove Carpet and Rugs from Floor

Remove Carpet from Floor

Before monsoon starts smiling on the sky, remove carpets and rugs from your home floor, pack and roll them in big polythene bags, and keep aside. Keep naphthalene balls or cloves to ward off the ugly fungus infestation. It is difficult to maintain rugs and carpets during monsoon as these are all dirt catcher items. It is difficult to keep them clean only with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

07. Keep Polyester Carpet

Use Polyester Carpet

If you wish to keep carpets, go for polyester ones at least in the rainy season. This polyester variety is easy to clean and dry, but these carpets are easier to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

08. Use Beanbags Instead of Carpet or Rugs

Use Bean Bags

You can use beanbags in a place where you can remove the carpet or rugs. Beanbag is easy to move around and is a low maintenance home decor item, look smart and cozy to use.

09. Cleaning of Window Nets

Cleaning Window Nets

Clean the window nets before the arrival of monsoon else dirt will clog the pores and can be a breeding ground for insects. The clogged net will cause the interruption of airflow too.

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10. Use Humidifier

Use Humidifier

Now it’s time to get a humidifier for your home. It can check the humidity of the home and is good for the respiratory health of your family. Using a humidifier is an easy way to keep the foul odour of damp away.

Initial spell of rains can rejuvenate our mood and spirit but continuous rain and cloudy weather may dampen our mood in a negative way.

But you require to take good care of your home, kids, elders, and health of all.

Follow above-mentioned tips for furniture and furnishings during monsoon to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in your home. Well quoted by John Wesley – “Cleanliness is next to godliness”: besides sparkling clean ambiance, monsoon cleaning spree of furniture and furnishings will keep the infections at bay. A clean home is a happy and healthy home for the dwellers.

Summing up, monsoon may demand staying indoor. You may engage in indoor games, cook healthy food and enjoy the time with your family during this season. Little care of your home decor will help you stay away from monsoon snags, which is indeed a great advantage at a little price.

Taking good care of your furniture and furnishings is an integral part of home maintenance. During monsoon the necessity of care becomes more intense.  So, go with flow of the season and stay organized.

Happy Monsoon!! Enjoy the freshness of water around!

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