Paint Bittiness: Common Defect in Paint

Painting is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways that give a new look to a room or an entire house.  It makes surrounding more attractive, live and vibrant. But after spending time and money on painting on your walls, it’s important to that it won’t develop any defects. Defects of paint can occur due to so many reasons. Defects in paint can make your life miserable. Several paint defects arise either during painting or sometimes after the painting, i.e. chalking, blistering, bittiness, flaking, etc. Among them, paint bittiness is one of the most common paint defects seen on the painted surface.

Bittiness in Paint

Bittiness is a condition in which small particles project themselves out on the surfaces of the film of paint or varnish yielding a rough surface. Paint bittiness is mainly caused due to dirty brushes, dirty surface, dusty atmosphere, and also by stirring skin in the paint.

Causes of Paint Bittiness:

  • Bittiness in paint is caused due to dust and dirt from the atmosphere and air settling on the paint surface.
  • Sometimes brushes or roller are inadequately cleaned that can also cause bittiness.
  • It also caused by using dirty equipment, utensils and brushes or rollers. Often small parts of the dried up skin of painted surface get stirred in the paint bucket. (Mainly because of negligence of unskilled labour.)
  • Applying paint on dust loaded areas can cause paint bittiness.
  • Moreover, applying glossy paint over the old painted surface without using an undercoat can cause bittiness.
  • This paint defect is usually visible on the exterior surface of the house, and often it is more visible while the surface is painted with oil paint, i.e. Window Grill of House.

After the painting is completed, it is important to maintain the painted surface so that the building remains/continues to look good. Even also, extra care needs to be taken while mixing and applying paint on the surface.

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