General Precautions For RMC Plant

A ready-mix concrete (RMC) is the concrete that is manufactured in a batching plant according to the design mix. After the concrete mix is ready, it is delivered to the site and then used in concreting without any additional treatment. RMC plant can also be set up next to site if you have enough space on the site. Nowadays, there are various RMC plants established which manufacture ready mix concrete and deliver it.

The production of ready mix concrete is carried out in an RMC plant. Manufacturing RMC in a plant has significant advantages as compared to manufacturing of concrete at the site. Concrete of higher standards with utmost safety can be manufactured by following quality and safety precautions for RMC plant.  Here we have given brief information on precautions for RMC plant.

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(a) Quality Control Precautions For RMC Plant

The quality control in RMC plant can be divided into three categories:

  • Forward Control
  • Immediate Control
  • Retrospective Control

01. Forward Control:

These are the precautions, which are taken before starting the production in the RMC plant are known as forward control. This will involve:

  • Storage of adequate materials
  • The quality testing of the materials and its monitoring
  • Mix design modifications (as per in-charge engineer)
  • Pre maintenance of the plant
  • The equipment calibration procedures must be carried out to achieve the higher accuracy as per design mix.
  • The condition check of plant and transit mixer
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02. Immediate Control:

This will involve actions taken at an instant either during the production period or during the delivery period. This involves the following measures:

  • Accurate weighing of the batched data
  • Testing the produced concrete both visually and by tests. This is done during the production and the delivery. The check is performed for uniformity, workability, and water adjustment.
  • Bringing changes in the plant either manually or automatically so that the reported issues can be minimized

03. Retrospective Control:

These are the precautions that are to be taken after the production. This will involve:

  • Sampling of concrete for further testing
  • Results are tested and monitored
  • Stock control of the raw materials
  • Diagnosis and correction of the faults that were identified
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(b) Possible List of Errors in RMC Plant Production

The major errors that are observed after the production can be avoided by:

  • Proper training and managing the designers who come up with calculations and drawings.
  • The specifications have to be correctly specified in the tender.
  • The responsibility must be properly defined from both the management groups.
  • There must be good communication between the parties (client, producers, PMC and TPI).
  • Technicians and the labour on the site have to be properly trained.

(c) Safety Precautions For RMC Plant

RMC plant, unlike normal concrete (manufacture on site), will require a large facility. It will include assembly of tools, cement batches, conveyors, and aggregate bins, cement bins etc. Half the production is carried out within the plant and the second half is done outside the plant. Even though RMC is an industry that is growing and gaining popularity, it faces some issues with the occupational safety. The labour and employer sector face risk both during the manufacturing and delivery at the construction site.

Mentioned below are some of the safety precautions for RMC plant:

01. Installation of a RMC plant whether small or large must have properly placed lines. This will prevent

  • Damage during the work
  • Prevents accidents
  • After each work, the machine have to be checked for fastening bolts and screen the rope clips.

02. Always check the accuracy and the reliability of the indicator light shown in the main switch.

03. Always switch off the air and let a guard to stay before going for an interior inspection. This will prevent occurrence of any accidents.

04. The machine unit is not allowed to stop during the production. In case of power-cut, the material must be taken out from the outlet.

05. People should not be allowed near the working area or near the material outlet place.

06. Check the hopper-lifting upper and lower limit switches that they are working properly before starting the production.

07. Even if the RMC plant is small, people must not be allowed to enter the orbit hopper or allowed to stand in the track.

08. Before installation of RMC plant, lightning protection facilities must be checked.

The aforementioned precautions for RMC plant will help in the safety of the workers, as well as in controlling the quality of the ready mix concrete manufactured.

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