7 Uses of Particle Board in Building Industry

Particle board is gaining popularity as a building material due to its varieties of application and cheap rates. Particle board is an eco-friendly material as it uses wood wastes such as wood chips, sawdust and wood shavings mixed together with a resin to form boards. They are sometimes used as an alternative to plywood or medium density fiberboard to lower down the construction cost. Particle board has a wide range of applications, which a homeowner must know, before buying it. Here we brief about uses of particle board in building industry.

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There are various uses of particle board in the construction industry which are as follows:

01. Uses of Particle Board in Flooring:

Particle board is used as a flooring material in temporary structures where there is less application of loads. Also it is widely used as covering for hardwood floors, as hardwood boards have low resistance to scratches to protect them. Wood veneer particle board or laminated particle board is used in flooring where finished aesthetic look is desired.

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02. Uses of Particle Board in Flooring Underlayment:

Particle board is extensively used as flooring underlayment or as a base for parquet flooring, wood flooring, or for carpets. For this purpose, the particle boards are treated with special chemicals and resins to make them waterproof or termite proof.

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03. Uses of Particle Board in Partitioning or Wall Paneling:

Particle boards are used in wall partitions, as they are non-load bearing members in the structure. For cost-effective options, particle boards can be used as they have thermal and sound insulation properties. Laminated particle boards are extensively used in wall panels as they give finished walls. You can select from a variety of design in laminated particle boards for wall panels.

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04. Uses of Particle Board in False Ceilings:

Laminated particle boards and cement particle boards are widely used in false ceilings.  Due to their thermal insulation properties they are extensively used in false ceilings for centrally air-conditioned rooms. Particle boards are extensively used as ceiling tiles for auditoriums, computer centers, cinema halls and theaters and in as display boards in commercial establishments. In building construction it is used in false ceiling and paneling due to its thermo-acoustic insulation properties.

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05. Uses of Particle Board in Core Material for Doors:

Particle boards are also used as a core material in solid core doors as well as in flush doors. Particle core is the most commonly used in manufacturing doors, as it provides flat and smooth surface for bonding with the door skin. It also has good screw-holding capacity for fixing hinges, unlike medium density fibreboard.

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06. Uses of Particle Board in Furniture:

There are numerous uses of particle board in furniture industry. Particle boards are extensively used in residential as well as office furniture. Wood veneer particle board are gaining popularity as they are durable and perform better in moist environment as compared to plain particle board. So they are used in kitchen areas and bathrooms in the form of modular kitchen cabinets, storage units, countertops, table tops, wardrobes and dressing units. Plain particle boards are useful in interior areas like bedrooms which have beds, wardrobes, storage units, etc. It is also used in making shoe racks, computer tables, book shelves, television cabinets, etc.

Nowadays office furniture is mass-produced by using particle boards. Readymade units of office furniture are directly supplied to the offices with decorative laminated particle board tops.

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07. Uses of Particle Board in Commercial Industry:

On commercial scale, particle boards are used in television, speaker boxes, sewing machine tops, display boards, automobiles’ parts and in other products which requires furnished surfaces. Wood veneer particle boards are very extensively used in this industry.

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